So what's the word on the new Ultrasone HFI-780????
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Does anyone know where I can get Beyerdynamic 250 ear pads in Europe? Absurd as it is, I really can't find replacement parts from a German company in Europe...

You can get them here
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A beauty pic to keep all interested in a great (after mods) can!

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Just heard these a few days ago at the Philippine meet. Very nice closed cans. Much better than the proline 750. They are more engaging than the 555 but they also have their own weaknesses just like any headphone.
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I am using them with my laptop, external DAC (turtle Audio Advantage) and Little Dot Micro + (laptop volume all the way up, using LDM+ to adjust volume) and after some initial pink noise and almost daily listening over a few months, they are friggin awesome sounding. I think I have found my nirvana.
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After a little more than a year of usage, I had to take my set to the first "service".
The pleather pads were worn. They developed cracks here and there and the foam itself got pretty "stiff". The new pads I put on make me remember how nice and comfortable this set was when new, they're much softer and more appealing.
Actually I like them so much that even after a year I didn't find the opportunity to send them out for a re-cable
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How much did it cost to have new pads? Pro 900 pads costs $33! I decided to just wash them as advised by head-fier mrarroyo. Pretty good results, not as good as brand new pads but amazingly firm again lol. Pads seem to be very important in Ultrasone headphones and they have a tendency to wear in. Ultrasone should put pleather pads for sale so HFI owners can personally do that.
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Does anyone know any cheap places to buy these that ships to Canada(aside from Amazon)? Forgive me if anything has already been mentioned, but I can be bothered to go through 144 pages.


You check ebay? You can get some steals from the Far East, save enough that with shipping its less then retail.
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Does changing the pads affect the sound?
I am thinking of doing it on my ALO 780.
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You check ebay? You can get some steals from the Far East, save enough that with shipping its less then retail.

I've been trying ebay 5x a day for the past few days praying for something to come up. Also been e-mail every second company that sells them, hoping to hit a soft spot. I'll get them one day..
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I love the "save this search" feature ebay offers
You don't have to search around yourself anymore after you set your searches at the larger ebay sites and you'll receive a notification when there's a hit somewhere. The saved time can be used for f/s searches in common forums then

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