SMSL M8A (ES9028Q2M)

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  1. Triplefun
    Note that to process DSD upsampling you need a decent CPU and clean processing environment to do it properly. I think a lot of issues people are experiencing has more to with limitations with their systems than the DSD upsampling. If you want to try something different I highly recommend you give Daphile ( a go. It is free, can be loaded from a USB stick, runs in memory, does not disturb your windows environment, and being Linux is very efficient in its processing. Also it does not require specialised drivers and supports a wide range of DACs out of the box. Well worth a try.
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  2. chongky
    I'm talking about DSD being 1 bit, and not about the DAC. It's true all Delta sigma dacs nowadays are multibit, but DSD still remains a 1 bit audio format.
  3. chongky
    To experience true native DSD, you need a DAC that can decode DSD, and select native DSD files. This means recordings that have not been mixed or edited to go through the "PCM narrow" processing. In other words files which are one take studio recordings or live recordings (mostly classical).

    I've heard native DSD recordings of country music and classical music, and I must say the country music file was particularly uncanny in its realism. Something is gotten right in native DSD, was it the lack of filters and processing, I don't know...But subjectively I actually prefer native DSD over most PCM files, especially when the DSD sampling rate is high. But of course it's all subjective, it's hard to argue that native DSD recordings are hard to come by, most have already been adulterated by the PCM processing.
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  4. Jimster480
    Yes that is true, its 1-bit at a very high sample rate.
  5. yangian
    Yeah, I see. I don't know my DSD files are native DSD or not. Anyway, I don't have many DSD files. So I don't think a native DSD DAC is imperative to me. I can wait for when I want to update my whole system, when native DSD files might be popular or something much better will have poped up.
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