SMSL M8A (ES9028Q2M)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by vaki, Mar 30, 2017.
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  1. Triplefun
    yes, my bad. But upsampling 'all media' on daphile for output to the smsl m8a gives me my best experience.
  2. Jimster480
    I honestly doubt it as DSD is mostly just a dead and pointless format.
    They probably buy it due to the actual good reviews and its ability to resolve music very well for its modest price.

    There are also no upsampling capabilities built into the DAC, you doing taxing SOFTWARE upsampling is not the same thing and honestly can be done on basically any DAC.
  3. JDUBS
    The troll is back!!!

    Guys, don't listen to anything he's saying here as its just a bunch of misinformation. DSD is not "mostly dead" (lol) - the truth is literally the exact opposite of this. More and MORE DACs are supporting DSD because people WANT it! People want it because either a) they're upsampling their non-DSD material and / or b) they have a growing library of native DSD music.

    Upsampling is a VERY intentsive process. It cannot " done on basically any DAC".

  4. Jimster480
    I never left this thread, as I was the first person to order this DAC and talk about it on this forum basically.

    DAC makers are supporting DSD because the chips are all natively supporting it these days and its easy to enable it and throw it on marketing. No major DAC provider is actually touting DSD support as something that anyone actually cares about.

    There are basically no native DSD tracks period, most of the DSD music available is converted from PCM for people like you who believe it actually matters and are willing to spend money on it (read: money pit and easy profit for webshops).
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  5. Triplefun
    Please have a lot at the work NativeDSD is doing ( and try the samples for yourself. And I quote ... The word "Native" in NativeDSD Music means offering music files that are sourced as early in the production process as possible. The key word is Native. Unlike the majority of download service sites today, unless otherwise indicated, NativeDSD offers only DSD Edit Masters, sourced from DSD session recordings, and not ripped files from optical media. The much abused term “Studio Masters” has little relevance when the source of a sites download file is from the same optical media available to the consumer. To put this into perspective, this is most important for recordings that contain the fragile low level spatial and instrument detail content of acoustic recorded music. That is music recorded in an acoustic space at the highest technical level available, with the intent of transporting the music performance to the listeners’ room at the highest degree possible.

    And there are a number of DSD only DACs with particular mention of the PS Audio DirectStream DAC which was product of the year in both Stereophile and TAS, Darko Knock Out award, Editor’s choice and Golden Ear awards.

    And here is yet another DSD vs PCM comparison from a seasoned Audionirvana contributor ..

    "When upsample to dsd 512 there is now magic it's dsd sound but more important it's analog like presentation"
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  6. Jimster480
    I will check out the site and some files and see if I can notice a difference.
  7. Triplefun
  8. Jimster480
  9. yangian
    Yes. From the same recording, I can hear difference of 16bit and 24 bit, but I cannot hear any difference at 24bit with 44.8khz sampling rate or 192lhz sampling rate.
    However, I have some .wav file which sound obviously better than almost all my .flac or .ape file. But those files sound better on any dacs. So I think the first important is recorded file. A better DAC might be able to improve some low quality recording like MP3, but no matter how much better your DACs are, it cannot make a bad recording file sounds better than a good recording file through a common DAC.
  10. Jimster480
    Yes that is true, the quality of the recording matters the most.
    16 and 24 bit recordings are different based on the mastering.
    What the article talks about is how a oversampled 16 bit recording already has more spectrum than we can possibly hear. And 24 bit is used for the purpose of "ease" and laziness since its easier to fit in 16b of data when you have 8 bits to play with in the noise floor.
    If they do a poor job of going from 24->16 then the 24 could sound better.
    If you are not using an oversampling DAC you need to have 24 to get the same performance that you can from oversampled 16-bit.
  11. chongky
    DSD does sound slightly different from PCM, but PCM at 24-bit sounds excellent as well. So to cater to both parties most dacs nowadays have the capability to play both. And that's good enough. It's a personal taste thing, so i think there's no point trying to convince someone that DSD is worse off, just like preference for vinyl or tubes.

    That said there is definitely merit in having a higher sampling rate for native dsd as they need to oversample to compensate for being 1 bit. My impression though is very few recordings are really native dsd. Because at 1 bit you can't really dither or mix it most dsd files are really multibit in provenance.
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  12. chongky
    Interesting, your experiences mirror mine too. I cannot really hear the differences between 44.1 and 192, but can tell minute differences between filters and bit rates (16 to 24). As for FLAC files, have you tried encoding them uncompressed (the advantage being that you can tag them whereas for .wav files you can't, the file sizes are the same)? I too seem to hear a difference between wav and compressed FLAC, whereas the differences between uncompressed FLAC and .Wav files are minimal and not that audible to me. I used to think it was my ears only.
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  13. yangian
    Nice to know someone has the same experience.:beerchug:
    No, I never uncompressed flac or ape file. And those wav files I have have much larger sizes than those flac or ape files.
    I also have some dff files, their sizes are super large. But I don't have a native DSD player. The Xduoo X3 claims to be able to play DSD, I don't think it's a native DSD player. On X3, those DSD files sound nothing impressive.
  14. Jimster480
    The DAC isn't 1 bit. Modern DS are not 1-bit.

    If you read the link I sent it explains the sample rate and bit depth overall. Most DAC's are doing DSD over PCM anyway so many people swearing by DSD are listening to PCM....
  15. Triplefun
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