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SM3 v2 or IE8 with TWAG custom cable?

  1. Phoosh
    Firstly, I apologize for being another thread amongst a sea of "help me choose" threads - but I am pretty much a rookie.
    After a few months, several actually, of wading through, trying to save for the jh16's/J3A - and failing miserably at it, I've decided to go with a much more affordable (in comparison) alternative.
    Now, I've narrowed my two top tier choices to the subject - an IE8 or SM3v2 - but after sifting through both appreciation threads, and critique threads, I guess I'm looking for a bit of advice as to which to go through for my personal taste -
    I guess the two most important things are vocals, and that the headphone I pick is fun to listen to.
    I really like hearing detail, like noticing things I haven't heard in songs before - and like a bass whump to go with the songs that need it.
    I think by this description, from the pro SM3 crowd it delivers all of this - however I am a bit worried about the "veil" that everyone keeps talking about - having listened to unamped HD650's, and amped hd650's and finally balanced hd650's to get a sound that was desirable, I don't think I'm big on putting up with a huge sonic veil.
    I was also wondering if the custom cables did much for the IE8's - haven't been able to find many reviews on the TWAG stuff, but from what I can tell Craig is a great guy and does great work.
    Just looking for a bit of guidance,
    (Musical tastes are all over the board, instrumental, power/pop punk, indie rock, hip hop, folk, etc)
    Thanks in advance,
  2. The Larch
    Don't be a fool, forget the Twag and get both. Sure the twag is nice cable but it is not going to change the sound of the iems. Both the ie8s and sm3s come with fine cable.
  3. caracara08


    dont be a fool? geesh a little harsh lol
  4. throzen0303
    Instead of IE8 yo might want to take a look at JVC FX700 most people thinks it's better than IE8
  5. KaliKot
    I suggest the UM3x for your requirements personally: Detail, Vocals and the bass is there when it's needed
    If you are going for the SM3 then you should audition them first as it is probably a love it or hate it situation with that IEM
  6. Phoosh
    Thanks for the replies everyone.
    I don't know much about the FX700's - however I've heard the UM3X are similiar to the SM3 but from what I've read more prefer the SM3 to it -
    As for getting both, I don't think I can afford that at all - I think I'll have to settle for one or the other.
    Has anyone heard both the IE8 and the SM3 that can recommend either for my tastes?
    It's alot of money to not be careful.
    In the meantime, I'll read up on the JVC's.
  7. KaliKot

    Trust me, I've been there. If you look at the UM3x thread it's been out longer and it's more universally loved than the SM3. The only thing similar with them is the sound signature. They are VASTLY different when it comes to presentation. 
    The FX700 is another awesome IEM, thats IF you can live with the non-isolation and the short cord. Its very natural and spacious, and it has great but a bit uncontrolled bass response.

  8. zer0hero
    Hey there Poosh. 
    I've just got my IE8s after considerable deliberation between the SM3 and the IE8.
    After some auditioning, I felt that the SM3 excels in the field of pop.
    The liquid mids and deep, fast hitting bass made pop sound really good.
    However upon switching to rock, the separation between the instruments were too distinct for my liking...
    It's like the whole song's been segmented and broken up into pieces.
    The IE8 excels in this area however, managing to maintain cohesiveness.
    One added improvement: The soundstage of the IE8 is simply amazing. It's still opening up via burn-in as I speak.
    However I have the same question in mind: Do Whiplash's TWag cables help to improve their sound?
    Anyone can provide some reviews? Thanks.
  9. Poetik
    I don't think many have tried a whiplash cable with an ie8 because at that price you're probably better off just buying a custom instead. I did buy an ebay cable for my ie8's and noticed some positives in the sound though. 
  10. go0gle
    I was in the exact same situation 2 weeks ago.. debating b/w ie8 and the sm3v2 :) not an easy choice for sure. In my case, I was looking for good isolation, and a good balanced sound across the musical spectrum, so I went for the SM3v2. The isolation (at least in my case) is simply amazing.. I work out a lot, and good precise fit with good isolation is essential for me. I should mention that I use shure olive foam, but the stock biflanges are also very good. 
    Can't give you any specifics on the sound signature, because I am not familiar with the terminology.. but I can tell you that I've never enjoyed my music so much. Miles Davis, Sasha, 2Pac, Tool, Underworld, Bonobo... anything I throw at them, they deliver. Bass is something I was really worried about, because I do listen to a lot of house music, but it is perfectly fine.. plenty of it. They also respond very well to EQ.. and you don't need an amp. 
    I really want to try the IE8, maybe in a couple of weeks I can borrow my friends pair.. we will see 
  11. lee730
    Guess this is an old thread but I'll revive it non the less lol. If you are going to buy an upgrade cable for the IE8 make sure it is a silver cable and not a silver plated cable. The IE8s are much better than they were stock with this cable and with the right EQ and source I find them superior to my past Sony EX1000s and even my current pair of FX700 (although I really love the FX700 as well). Now that is saying a lot, stock cable I would not prefer the IE8 to the EX1000 or the FX700. I definitely hear a big difference in the Sound signature of the IE8 with this cable, caracara also noticed a difference as we both confirmed this on the IE8 appreciation thread. Not sure if his cable is a silver cable or a silver plated (I sure hope its silver cable though at the prices twag charges). The Silver cable makes a very noticeable difference in the treble, more forward mids, and tightened bass response. This with EQ (the IE8s still need major EQ on mid bass and bass IMO) and with the bass knob turned on max these IEM become mid centric audio nirvana with amazing reverberation. The Sound stage has widened and detail and clarity has improved. I've always found that the Vocals should lead the song and be distinctly separated from the other instruments, then bass should lead the other instruments but not overpower or color the mid range and highs. The other instruments should follow the bass's lead.
  12. basketball
    I am on the same boat as this guy. I want to buy the ie8's with a twag cable but I am curious on what advantages the cable gives. Seems very little people oh this forum own the twag.
  13. spkrs01

    Was just about to post something similar to you, when this thread caught my eye just now. Great analysis lee730. Excellent advice!!!

  14. basketball

    Hi can you build on what lee said?
  15. lee730


    Skip the IE8 and go for the IE80. You don't need to use EQ with the IE80 and it doesn't have the flaws the IE8 has (mid bass hump, cloudy mid range) and it is more upfront. It still does have a nice improvement from the Silver cable as well.

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