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Shanling M5s now with TIDAL - Dual AK4493EQ DAC, fully balanced, Wi-Fi, 2way LDAC BT, 3.2 Touch screen, FW 3.5

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Aug 14, 2018.
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  1. tim0chan
    my bad, didnt read carefully
  2. Vimtoman
  3. paddler57
    @Shanling I'm guessing you have typo and meant to say standard "3.5mm" jack and not 2.5mm.

    I remember when something of this size would have a full screen and do audio and video. Of course that's a bit more work than just creating a premium audio player. Just funny how this resurgence of DAP's has had the market do a loop back to the beginning where features we took for granted are now afterthoughts and are requested updates and so on, but the internals are leaps beyond what the players of old were.
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  4. paddler57
    They should make an update to the M1 that's half as thick with the touch screen and hard buttons and call it the M007. Get product placement in the next Bond movie as he gets a morning run in on some beach and uses it as a remote listening device, detonator or sticky bomb.
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  5. abitdeef

    Yep I remember all kinds of players that you could do video, photos and even flash. Heck even Zune - but the iPod Touch did it better and now we have smart phones for that stuff.

    I’m glad tbo that they’re concentrating on sound first and foremost now.
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  6. maira
  7. newtophones07
    I own a few shanling devices, as I love the smooth software. I would have preferred 4.4mm (vs 2.5mm also), as In have already sold all my 2.5mm cables, and I don't really like to use adapters/dongles when out and about . I understand the size issues though.

    I sure hope they can find a "hiby type" alternative. Two way LDAC is awesome though.

    I wish I had some insight as to why almost no devices are using the 4997, even after its been out for quite awhile. Too expensive and power hungry?
  8. ConcreteSnake
    Try looking up for Cowon Plenue 2
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
  9. crabdog
    Most of them still have s****y battery life though! :grin:
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  10. golov17
    OS: MTouch 2.0
    DAC: AK4493 EQ Dual
    display: 3.2 inch touch screen
    PC connection: USB Type-C
    wireless: Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n compatible), two-way Bluetooth
    memory card: microSD 1 slot 512 GB compatible
    output terminal: 3.5 mm headphone (unbalanced), 2.5 mm headphone (balance)
    output: balance 300 mW @ 32 Ω, single 130 mW @ 32 Ω
    battery: 3700
    mAh DSD 256
    SN ratio - 121 db
    The price is a target of 3,000 yuan or less
  11. Astrogoth
    I hope Shanling paid the big bucks for one of the new A&K SP1000 DAPs. Took it apart. Studied it in depth. Learned all the magic tricks that A&K uses to get their sound quality.
    Put all the magic it can afford, and not get caught copying, into the new M5S. Please!
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  12. peter123
    For £180 is think most people in here would get it :wink:
  13. Thearcade12
    I think every chinese company does this exactly. This enhance their level of quality. I don't mind it particularly because we all want good sound at best price possible. I don't expect sp1000 level of performance but i think shanling may very well surprise us with it's sound quality.
  14. abitdeef

    I sure as hell am surprised at the sound of the tiny M0, so I expect this ‘flagship’ to give all the other flagships a run for their money. And that includes the sp 1000 and Sony nw wm1z.
  15. Luke Thomas
    Does shandling offer a dap that can stream?
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
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