Shanling M2s Hi-Res DAP with AK4490 + MUSE8920, Bluetooth, & USB Out

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Apr 7, 2017.
  1. B0FF
    Yeah, I know. I meant to write "18 seconds to flip through it". thanks anyway
  2. typhoonoz
    I've been using M2S for 4 months and happy with the performance. It seems to go well with my Ibasso IT03 (a bit dry but detailed) and my Mee Pinnacle P1 (Rich but not so detailed).

    One slight concern is that the knob feels a bit loose after a month and the click function sometimes turns to be "double click". I brought it back to the local store where I bought it from, but the seller said they could not help file a claim for me because it's still considered "functioning".
    By the way, I'm in Thailand and bought it from a local store. The store claims that the stocks come directly from Shanling company but I doubt it.

    Nevertheless, HiByMusic is super convenient and I'm fine with the loose knob as long as it doesn't pop out.

    Just one question, I just bought Onyx Studio 3 speaker today and had them paired. Shanling M2s shows capital "S" letter on the top right and I could not figure what it mean. Could anyone tell me what it may refer to?
  3. eaglesgift
    Out of interest, do you mind telling me from which store you bought it in Thailand?
  4. typhoonoz
    I've just sent you the name, eaglesgift.
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  5. Shanling
    With wheel problems, there is always possibility to ship it to us in China for repair.

    Regarding your Onyx speaker, S on M2s shows that connection is using lower quality SBC connection. As I checked Onyx speaker, it seems it doesn't support higher quality aptX codec.
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  6. kamisu66
    Hi! I was wondering if the Shanling M2s is able to play protected m4p files from iTunes? Thanks! :)
  7. Ivan TT
    Finally found it! :)
    I highly recommend iBasso IT01, fantastic synergy with M2s, especially with short-slow filter.
    Refer to the dedicated thread for more information and impressions:
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  8. aaDee
    TFZ Exclusive King are also excellent choice. It has wonderful bright signature with 3d soundstage.
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  9. mark88888
    Hello M2s fans and happy holidays!

    I have a couple of questions about this player.

    1. Could anyone explain standby to me? (I have the newest formware, 3.0) . When does the player go into standby mode and what is it? Is this something different from the "auto-standby" option I see in system settings, or the same thing? (If I set that on "off", then is there no standby mode?)

    2. What is "automatically resume playing" mode?

  10. Shanling
    1. Stand by mode, after you pause music playback, after set time, device goes into stand by / hibernation mode. Can last long time in this mode, yet is ready to continue playback second after you wake it up with power button.

    2. After set time, if you are in menu and doing noting, player goes into now playing screen.
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  11. mark88888
    Thank you!

    I also have questions related to sound.

    1. How's the high gain setting? Does it degrade the sound at all? How about compared to the same volume at low gain setting?

    2. Also... I am curious about the equalizer. I can see that there was a debate about it recently. I have experimented with it and even so I am not quite sure what it does. For sure it drops the sound volume. But... what else? To my ear it does muddy the sound as most have reported. In a sense I like that as what I'm try to do is reduce the edge of the treble a little bit. But...? Raising the bars on the left or right don't actually seem to raise or lower the treble as you'd expect. The sound just gets a little muddy. So I guess my question for Shanling is, is the equalizer functioning correctly? Or is it just best avoided for now?

    3. Are there any other settings I can play with to help create a "warmer" sound, with less edge on the treble?

    4. So, to try to have a warmer sound, with less edge on the treble, I'm using the new "short delay slow" setting, which does seem to do that to some extent. Is that right... or would you recommend a different setting here?

    5. Also, is it best to completely avoid using high gain while the equalizer is turned on?
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  12. Shanling
    To your questions:

    1) Definitely no degradation of sound, just some slight effect on battery life. I personally think it sounds little bit better with high gain, so that's what I use on my players.

    2) EQ works as good as is possible on current HiBy software, nothing much we can do with it. Some people say it has small effect, some says it works as they want.

    3) Can I ask what headphones / IEMs are you using with M2s? What player you were using before? I think most people takes M2s as quite warm player already.

    4) Here you have explanation of filters directly from AKM. To me personally Short delay slow does the opposite, making sound most energetic and most neutral.


    5) High gain has no effect on EQ.
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  13. mark88888

    Thanks for your response! Some follow-ups...

    1) Wow, so there's literally no downside other than more usage of the battery? I'll use it then.

    2/3) I'm using Etymotic ER4XR. The other DAP I use is the Sansa Clip+. I am thinking that perhaps it has an even warmer sound than the M2s and that's the difference I'm hearing. And of course the M2s has more power, and is a bit more detailed. In any case I feel like I want a bit of a slight warm veil over the sound. When I turn on the equalizer and move the 3 sliders on the far right down a couple of notches, it does achieve this, so I'm thinking that it does work.

    4) Oh! So actually the Sharp filter is what I should be using if I want to take a little edge off the treble...? (I did test them and to me the sound is almost indistinguishable between them. But yeah I suppose I do hear that when I use the Sharp filter)

    5) Thanks. I had read that using both the equalizer and high gain at the same time might introduce clipping...? But it may have been for a different player.
  14. Joe Caldino
    Looking for other people who likes reggae and other genres that I like and trying to discover new bands that I haven't heard of yet. :)
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  15. gordolindsay
    Anyone using Periodic Audio Be's with the M2s? How is the combo?

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