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Shanling M2 DAP

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Aug 21, 2015.
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  1. 1TrickPony

    a shozy?
  2. golov17
    Seahf LD3.0 320 Ohm & 400 Ohm :wink:
  3. Lohb
    If anyone is moving on up to M5 etc, and has a black M2 for sale, fire me over a PM....
  4. originalsnuffy
    Enjoy the M2.  In my view, this unit breaks all the rules.   It holds its own with much more expensive units.  I would go so far to say that this unit represents "entry level": audiophile.  I have heard very good units at this price point; but not exceptional.  This unit is exceptional in my view.
    Now whatever you do don't try this out with the FLC8S.  Your wallet will never be the same.
  5. walfredo
    Dude!!!  Don't tell me these things... :)
  6. 1TrickPony

    it's an official statement. I tried the combo myself. it's vivid. imagine picturing one whole stage of presentation, then add another layered stage. holographic and seamless. such details just flow and you just pick away at it like some hawk with clear vision. Vocals...well...that's where it's at with the FLC8s.
    originalsnuffy and Lohb like this.
  7. originalsnuffy
    Does anybody have success in sending DSD files to the M2 unit in DAC mode?  All I seem to get is "diginoise".   I can use the same Shanling Windows driver with the UP and can send DSD files after some serious monkeying around with JRiver.  But those same settings do not work with the M2.
    Also, anybody know why the version of the Windows driver is 2.x for Shanling but 3.x for FIIO ?  It is the same german vendor (Thesycon or something like that).  At least the Shanling and FIIO drivers are signed.  At one time in FIIO land the Windows driver was not signed and took quite a bit or work to install.
    Mac users; please refrain from telling me how superior the Mac is for music files.  I already know that.   That said, I bet you can't send DSD files via the Mac either.  But if you can....that is a good sign the problem is in software not hardware.
  8. Focalor
    I don't know if someone in E.U. is interested in M2 but I'm currently selling mine due to DAP upgrade.
    Anyone with some interest can PM me:
  9. Tokyoghoul
    Does this dap support inline remote control?
  10. duo8

  11. 1TrickPony
    Very portable. Just need getting used to scroll/wheel. Very handy and relative user friendly.
  12. originalsnuffy
    Anybody using this with the LZ-A4?    I love the M2 with the FLC8S but I have this problem with toys.....
  13. 1TrickPony

    ask Lohb - iirc, he should get his shortly. I auditioned this and the M3 last year. Fell in love with the Shanling house sound. I reckon you get more mids in general, give the bass a slight back seat. The M2 will provide strong rich details especially in the upper mids though the the lateral width might take a little blow.

    curious on you a4 impressions if you do pair them up.
  14. actorlife
    Hi does this player do real dsd?
  15. originalsnuffy

    Yes, it natively processes DSD files.  There are different levels of DSD nowadays.  I have only extacted DSD files from older SACD rips using ISO2DSD (think that is the name) and a few with JRiver.  Those are less complicated DSD files; I think they are are called something like DSD64.   You would have to go to the Shanling Website to get the full specs of what flavors of DSD are supported.  I do not think the unit can natively play ISO SACD files however (for example the FIIO X3 II can do that).  Sometimes I have encountered track change related noises when playing individual DSD files; the ISO approach avoids that.
    Native processing is "real" DSD and the M2 can do that.
    Many units on the market just transcode DSD to PCM on the fly,.  Frankly many of us would never know the difference when using on the fly units, an example is the M1.   Or the original FIIO X3.
    That on the fly conversion does make is somewhat silly to put the huge DSD files onto the valuable microSDXC storage space when a file that is 1/3 the size would end up being processed by the unit the same way.
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