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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. endgame4
    It stopped being 'some' quite a while ago. I like it to be somewhat M0 related.
  2. Nikostr8
    will i be able to use the m0 armband in my wrist? i find this position more comfortable for me.
  3. barondla
    Has anyone put lyric files on their M0? If so what software program was used to do it? M0 is my first dap to support lyric files. None of my music files have lyrics.
  4. J Kelley
    I would still like to know if anyone is having problems with long m3u playlists on the M0.
  5. Shanling
    It's designed as armband, so it will have some limitations and you will need to figure out best way how to carry it as watch.
    So far, what works best for me - go with strap through ring, wrap it once more around wrist, underpass strap(creating X on bottom of your wrist) and connect velcro. Not the fastest way to put on, but seems most secure and most comfortable.
    I bet other people will find even better way how to wear it.
    Since armband case is using standard leather case for holding M0, it fits so snug inside, taht opening of case can face down without any worries.

    If your activity allows it, you can switch it, put M0 on bottom of your wrist and then your screen will face you nicely when you will need to use it.

    Here are quick snaps from this morning:

    You will need some program that will automatically created external LRC files.

    Tested on playlist with 300 files (at which point I run out of files on my testing mSD card) and it still seemed to work fine. Can choose any song for playback, shuffle goes through all the songs.
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  6. fish1050
    Can you blame them, I mean selling iphones for only $2000.00 their profit margin must be so thin they can't afford to pay Qualcomm, poor Apple.:triportsad: :deadhorse:
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  7. neodante
    We need a new firmware soon ! The 2.3 worsened the previous.
  8. davidcotton
    Yep poor Apple suffering their "Darkest Day" a while back, give me a break :p :)
  9. _daRK
    Could you be more specific, please ? What is worse than in the previous firmware ? I was pretty sure in some time that FW2.3 was worse than FW2.2 in sound quality. But Shanling did some tests and as we were told he heard that same sound quality. So I gave up and updated to 2.3 (again) because I hope his ears are better than mine. :)
  10. neodante
    2.3 have characters issues ( Spanish ) and a worse battery duration for me.
  11. fish1050
    I did the firmware update and I don't notice any difference in the sound at all. As for the battery life being worse I noticed the battery meter is worse than before. Have you actually timed a full battery drain to confirm it is worse? I mean the battery lasted me over 4 hours on zero bars to full drain.

    I haven't seen that many posts about a change in sound quality from others on this thread. It would be interesting to see how many experience this to see if it is isolated to a few units.

    It is stuff like this that makes me wary of DAP's needing frequent firmware updates. One bad update has the ability to mess with a good DAP like this one if in fact that is the case here.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019
  12. tjl5709
    Any links on how to order or get this? My search turned up nothing.
  13. fish1050
    What would make the M0 work on your wrist is a clip case with a rotating clip. If you could turn the clip then you could have the DAP face you.
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  14. jelbo
    So, I've tried playing some music on a friend's no-name BT speaker and while it connected fine - I had a lot of stutters and pauses. That was on official firmware 2.2. Their Apple and Android phones had no problems.

    After updating to 2.3 I tried connecting to my Creative Muvo 2c. It took 4 attempts to get it to connect. But the good news: it stays connected so far, no stutters.
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  15. 329161
    Does the line out mode bypass the amp section or does it just set a certain volume level?
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