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Shanling M0 - Nano size, touch screen, LDAC & aptX BT, USB DAC/transport and ESS Sabre ES9218P, FW 3.2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Shanling, Mar 16, 2018.
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  1. david8613
    im excited and cant wait to see what they release tomorrow, anyone have an idea what it might be?
  2. paddler57
    The M0 is the first one with their new OS. It has been out for a few months, and already has had multiple firmware updates. It does so many things well despite its few glitches. Sorry you're on the frustrating end if some of them at the moment, but it is still leaps and bounds beyond any beta firmware I've tested on beta devices in the past outside of some release candidate firmware. There's only so much testing that can be done, and people in the forum can throw a ton more scenarios at it that they couldn't begin to test for.

    You're either willing to deal with the a new device and new OS as they work out the kinks or you're not.

    And I'm 47 and have been around tech since I was in my early teens. I also religiously would get on Sandisk for butchering their Clip line every generation, right up to them screwing up playlists on their latest BT one. Maybe you're just letting your Fiio frustrations out on Shanling because you're having issues with the M0. I don't expect them to have all the kinks ironed out on their first product with a brand new OS only a few months after launch. But they've already had two updates. They have the most active company rep in this thread passing along our issues and wants and giving us updates. The new OS will carry over to their future models so it should be safe to say (as previously mentiined) they will all share the same base OS going forward. So updates should be consistent across the line.

    They haven't given me any reason to be skeptical at the moment. I've been happy with it so far, and I don't really have a plethora of options for a clippable BT player of decent quality. So I'm in for the ride.
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  3. georgelai57
    61 with none too dexterous fingers and the M0 has its own m.o. (modus operandi) and it suits me fine.
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  4. fish1050
    Sorry if I came off a little harsh, we all have good and bad days and this so far hasn't been great. Not to mention my wife isn't into this stuff as much as me and constantly being asked if the M0 thingy's will be fixed soon gets old very fast. :L3000:

    Let me respond as nicely as I can, very early on in this thread and right after I bought my M0 @Shanling was asked about adding replaygain. The response was something like we were not aware this was an important feature we will look to add it at some point. The response wasn't sorry we can't add replaygain, if it had been I would have returned my M0 right away. So understanding they would look to add the feature I kept my M0. Then I posted about the accuracy of the touchscreen, @Shanling acknowledged that it was not as accurate as it could be. Again the response wasn't sorry but the screen accuracy can't be improved. If it was I would have returned my M0. These two things being added or improved would address my two biggest issues with the M0. Thus I still have the M0 and still awaiting with hope that these things will be addressed in the next firmware or soon after. So despite what people on this thread may think I am not totally unhappy with the M0. If I turn it on and listen to music continuously no complaints. It fits my needs for portability, for power and even battery life. It supports LDAC a must have feature for me so happy, happy, happy.

    As I have mentioned I sold audio gear for many years and users doing their own firmware updates was unheard of at the time. Times have changed obviously but not necessarily for the better in my opinion. So my displeasure with the M0 is isolated to two things both of which have been addressed by @Shanling in this thread. As for Rockboxed DAP's I very briefly considered an xduoo DAP the model I can't recall. My feeling at the time and still is any DAP that requires third party assistance to make it work properly is not a DAP I want to own. As it stands I bought the M0 and I can't return it, trying to sell it will cause me to lose money. My wife handles the finances and her position is better to live with it than lose money on it. On the off chance neither of my issues is addressed I will make do with it until next year and then get something else. I was hoping to pass on my Sony A17 to my nephew who thanks to me has developed an interest in higher quality audio. But I may have to hold onto it for now if the M0 stays in its current state.

    Perhaps I didn't handle it the best with some of my posts but the only way that I know of to get problems fixed and needs addressed is to bring it up in a forum like this that is being curated by a manufacturer's rep. Posts on how great the M0 is and how it is fine the way it is doesn't do me any good, what works for some doesn't work for all. I follow the adage "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". If a distributor or parts supplier isn't cooperating I nag them until they do, just part of doing business. Sometimes I forget that constant nagging isn't the best approach in a forum like this. I will try and do better with leaving my nagging voice for business only!!
  5. ThEvil0nE
    Now if only the belt clip would clip and not slip off easy out of pocket lol :mountain_bicyclist:
  6. fish1050
    Glad it is working for you, but if Shanling can improve it then no harm no foul. Until we see what they are able to do no sense in settling for the status quo, improvement is always a good thing as far as I am concerned. I have spent many years poking around inside computer hardware and pulling cable on a daily basis and it has taken its toll on my hands. Just hoping Shanling can make the M0 a little easier for me to use. If not then next year hopefully I can find a DAP with hardware buttons and the features I need that I can afford. Was really hoping the M0 was the answer and maybe it still can be with a little tweaking as hardware wise it fits my needs quite well.
  7. abitdeef
    Fish lol be glad you didn’t buy into the hiby R3- talk about not keeping promises of features (still no LDAC ) , well just say Shanling and them are night and day when it come to firmware updates and customer support.

    This is my second Shanling and believe me they will try to make the M0 the best they’re able to. Hopefully the hiby link like software will come out sooner than later and you’ll be able to control M0 over your dumb phone (if you have one) :)

    Btw 56 years on this terra firma and I have no trouble controlling M0. But honestly I do have very big hands, but great dexterity. It took me a bit to get used to the speed of the scrolling but smooth sailing now. I quite actually like the snappyness of the scrolling now that I’m used to it. I’m actually amazed that I can navigate this thing so good with the tiny size.

    Plus I’m an album guy so I don’t fiddle with the controls too much. I did make a couple of playlists on M0 and they work fine. Hopefully the next firmware update will make things easier on you and yours.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  8. paddler57
    20180712_202850.jpg 20180712_202720.jpg
    Mine is nice and secure :slight_smile:

    My old pair of MTB shorts had a velcro topped pocket that did the trick. The elastic in them went. I use my one pair of running shorts that has a center back pocket. Can clip it so the player is in the pocket.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  9. geagle
    No worries mate, as I said, I do get you :) . I honestly did not recall that you asked here both about replaygain and the touchscreen, received assurances (or at least not a flat denial :) ), and that influenced your decision not to return the device. Which does help understanding your frustration better. If Shanling said they'd address your concerns (I'm not doubting what you said - since they're not features that are too important for me, I just did not memorize Shanling's answers on that), I expect they will - they seem to be people who keep their word, and who care a lot about their client base (as evidenced by the continued presence and support here, for instance).

    As for xduoo/rockbox, I have the Xduoo X3 (which is the one I expect you might have looked into). It's nice, but the M0 is way ahead on lots of things (size, color, touchscreen, bluetooth and, me, I also prefer the sound of the M0). Plus, when it came out, it had a pitch problem that NEEDED rockbox to get fixed (the first gen, at least, which is the one I have), which is definitely not cool. It DOES do replaygain with rockbox, ofc :) (plus it accepts 2 simcards and rockbox, as distinctive features, which are good things, especially if one LIKES rockbox). But if/when Shanling addresses your concerns, the M0 will be a much better solution for your use scenario, I think.
  10. abitdeef

    I’m jealous :wink: I need to find a cool clip like that to put on the back of my case. Actually I’m jealous of the cool red M0 in the black case instead of my boring black one ha ha. But hey it was all I could get at the time since my first one (purple) was DOA.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  11. paddler57
    I really wanted the tan leather case, but it wasn't in stock, sadly.

    Ask your friends about those clips. Acco discontinued them for some reason. People seem to have some around as they were quite popular. I just used some crazy glue and rubber banded it for pressure overnight. Didn't have epoxy or gorilla glue handy which would be even more secure as it would fill in the raised areas for more adhesive contact.
  12. AudioBear
    My ears are too old to be doing any more audiophile reviews. I honestly can't tell the difference between wired and wireless WH1000MX2 using LDAC. As I said, the headphones themselves may be the limiting factor here. Maybe I am lucky I like the Sony's sound. I have only had the M0 for a day and have about 6 hrs of listening. I'll keep comparing and report back if I detect a difference.

    I have to add that I worried that my old fingers wouldn't be able to manage the touch screen GUI on the M0 but so far no problem. Yes, sometimes I have to repeat a touch once or twice but no big deal. Of course I am one of those who cues up a bunch of albums and listens for hours without touching the M0.

    I still think Shanling did amazingly well with the M0. It's got to be challenging to cram all this functionality into such a small space and sell it for $109. Is it perfect? No. NO DAP is. Is it the best at what it is trying to do given it's size and cost limitations? I'd say yes. I look forward to any improvements that come along.
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  13. fish1050
    I know there was mention earlier about the new M5 flagship model being the next release. Probably in time for the IFA show so it would make sense to announce it before then but who knows maybe they have another one ready to go
  14. abitdeef

    Thnx maybe I can find a clip at the DIY store, Or find one of those Acco, which looks to be the perfect size.
  15. ThEvil0nE
    I have the poly plastic to keep the bulk to a minimum and am not confident of it's grasp on the M0 and the flimsy clip is almost useless for what it's supposed to do BUT I do have some grip-tape heading my way. A few strips of thin grip tapes on areas that matter should address my issues... hopefully
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