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SGS or ipod+dac/amp to replace Cowon j3?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by johnnyarks, Jun 17, 2012.
  1. johnnyarks
    Hello all... 
    So.. I just received my new se535 replacements, and started using my j3 again for the first time in a month and realized how crappy a UI/Syncing is (playlist/podcast issues)...I've had my j3 for 1yr+...and while it sounds fantastic paired w/ my shures...I long for the days of Zune Desktop UI... so much easier to sync...
    my question: is it possible to pair an ipod w/ a portable dac to sound as good or better than a Cowon J3? 
    (maybe some combo of rockbox'd ipod 5gen w/ dac?) 
    FYI, I have a Samsung vibrant w/ a ICS rom that has voodoo sound... I may consider this if someone could suggest a music app that would sound better than the J3 BBE.  (Tried poweramp, close but naa..)
  2. kalibar
    I really like the sound on the Samsung Vibrant/Captivate/Nexus S with Voodoo Sound and Bass Boost enabled within Voodoo.  It seems to fit the Shure SE530/535 just right.  I actually just got 535's back from Shure to replace my 530's.
    I wish all smartphones sounded this good, heh.
  3. johnnyarks
    while I think the sgs sound is good, it's not better than a j3... and I don't think syncing music with Android devices is a seamless experience. I have a 16GB vibrant & 32GB sd card. If I have 40gigs of music, I've yet to find a desktop client that will view this as 1 logical device, instead sees it as 2 completely different devices which makes it a pain(impossible) to sync...everything has to be manual drag and drop...
    Judging from the lack of responses not to many ppl own ipod+dac/amp & J3 to compare ?

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