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    My humble rig: iPod Video 5.5G 30GB (running Rockbox) -> Passive Crossfeed Filter (Modified Linkwitz, Low Z version) -> Creative EP-630)
  2. scrypt

    New iMod for the iPod 5G: A Red Wine Audio/ALO Collaboration

    I've just returned from the Home Entertainment Show and will post my thoughts on same in the Member's Lounge. However, this couldn't wait: The biggest news of the show for Head-fi members. Vinnie Rossi is about to offer an iMod for the iPod 5G in collaboration with Ken Ball of Audio Line Out...
  3. Jackcell

    iPod 5th Gen Questions

    So for the past few months I have been using the forums to educate myself on the would of HiFi sound. You guys are really great.   So imagine my excitement when I was looking around my house and found an unused ipod 5th gen. 60 gb. It was my fathers but he never used it so he GAVE it to me...
  4. Rockem

    iPod 5th or iPhone 4S + E11 for HD25-1 ii

    I have a new set of HD25 which I like except for the harsh sibilance on some songs    I want to have a slight warmer and better out of it, what option do you think is the better one for me?   Thanks, Eli
  5. johnnyarks

    SGS or ipod+dac/amp to replace Cowon j3?

    Hello all...      So.. I just received my new se535 replacements, and started using my j3 again for the first time in a month and realized how crappy a UI/Syncing is (playlist/podcast issues)...I've had my j3 for 1yr+...and while it sounds fantastic paired w/ my shures...I long for the...
  6. anthony81212

    30GB iPod Video (5th generation) [please read details]

    Hi everyone,   About the iPod: I originally bought this iPod from eBay. On the eBay advertisement, the seller said that the screen LCD did not have backlight (you can still read everything on the screen, but there is no backlight so it is hard to read the screen when it is dark).   I bought...
  7. TheFlash93

    Ipod video 5th gen will not Rockbox.

    So I recently got a iflash mk2 adapter and SDXC Kingston 128gb card for my iPod Video 5th gen. And every time I try to Rockbox my iPod it will stop half way through the downloading process and my computer won't recognize it anymore. Can somebody please help me?
  8. beyondwind

    Rockbox for iPOD Video 5th 5.5th mSATA SSD MOD

    I just patched up Rockbox firmware it runs very well on iPOD Video 5th/5.5th mSATA SSD MOD.    iPod 5th/5.5th, 32mb/64mb ram all modes tested to be working. JM20330 based mSATA to Zif adapter Crucial m500 240GB SSD   Maximum aligned 1MB transfer: 40MB/s Battery run time: 25hrs with my...
  9. Reima

    Looking for a Higher Capacity Battery for 5.5g 30gb Ipod

    I am looking for a higher capacity battery for my 5.5g 30gb Ipod. It currently has a 540mah battery. Does anyone have any experience with the following batteries?  ...
  10. starcraft2

    Best match for Ipod 5th

    Hello everyone,   I am looking for a nice match for my new acquisition - and 80gb ipod 5th gen witj rockbox. I am not shure if I should get an amp, DAC or both. I think ipods dont allow inter DAC bypass. Correct?   What options should I consider?   Fiio? What elese?   Many...
  11. Apple 30 GB iPod with Video Playback Black (5th Generation)

    Apple 30 GB iPod with Video Playback Black (5th Generation)

    Includes: iTunes for Mac and Windows, earbud headphones, & USB cable. iPod - The iPod is known around the world as a premier digital audio player. Then they added a color screen and photo support. Now they complete the trilogy of multimedia features with a new 4x3 2.5" color widescreen display...