Sennheiser's new dynamic flagship?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by erik701, Apr 27, 2017.
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  1. VandyMan
    Another gap is a high-end wireless model since the RS-220 was discontinued. Is the 20 in 820 a coincidence? :wink:
  2. Fastnbulbous
    I don't know why they used the HE 1 in the ad at the beginning of this thread but it is legit, it came directly from their own Facebook post. I was hoping they'd finally trickle down their electrostatic knowledge into an affordable one, like an HE 666, heh. But it looks like it will be just another closed dynamic, sadly.
  3. Fastnbulbous
    I say sadly only for personal reasons -- I feel no need for more closed headphones, other than the new MrSpeakers Aether I have coming that I'll use for work. At home I prefer open, my K701 for movies, my beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro, and eventually the MrSpeakers Ether E electrostatic. There's certainly no shortage of solid new flagship closed headphones between the Ether C Flow and new Denon and Sony models.
  4. xxx1313
  5. JaZZ Contributor
    False allarm! That's the HD 280 Pro (a typo in the title).
  6. Malfunkt
    I know Sennheiser can (and has) create a TOTL closed-back. I haven't heard the HD630vb but have owned HD25 1-II, HD280, and Amperior. Recently, I acquired a vintage mint condition Sennheiser HD250 Linear I 600ohm. Not many people would now about these, but they were one of Sennheiser's first forays in Diffuse-Field equalized headphones. I would have to listen to the rest of Senn's closed offerings, but I think it is a safe bet to say the HD250 Linear and Linear II are really Senn's last great TOTL headphone.

    They are easily one of the best balanced headphones - closed or open - that I've owned to date. A bit like an HD650 with more extended and present bass, less mid-emphasis, and a slightly brighter yet linear high-end. For a closed can, they do sound quite open and I attribute this to their DF tuning. Many people rave about their beloved HD580/600/650s, and I empathize, but really the driver technology was already present and being used - in this case in Sennheiser (at the time) TOTL studio / reference cans such the HD530, 540, 560 and HD250 Linear. Like the 580-series, it isn't just the technology, but the tuning that allows them to subjectively compete with TOTL cans. Even from a technology stand-point these dynamic drivers are very good.

    I'm quite excited by the prospect of a new Sennheiser flagship, especially closed. While closed backs have some challenges, they also have some advantages - the ability to generate high SPL and bass-performance among them. My only slight worry is tuning. Back in the 80s you could get away with a more reference tuning, but with modern music tastes, I'm not sure if they'd opt for that. I adore my HD700s and they can create vivid almost 3d performances, but my experience with 650 and now the 250 would have me admit that the 250 is eminently more natural.

    If the tuning is close to the DF equalization of the 250s with the technicalities of the 800 they'll have something for studios and a reference audience.
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  7. ahmadfaizadnan
    HD 820!? this is exciting. :beyersmile:
  8. YesThisIs
    This might or might not say anything about what see at the Munich but:

    A) We are not going to see the so called "HD 820" in Munich
    B) The "HD 820" isn't an acutal flagship product to replace HD800S (It is closed-back version)

    But it's a weird move to not show anything in Munich... Considering it is THE hi-end show of the year and it's held at Germany.....

    Well only few days until that so we shall see.
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  9. raypin
    Mm...that kills off the rumor of a new flagship HP. Maybe next year.
  10. HoloSpice
    Or maybe this year. :)
  11. wink
    Or, maybe not....
  12. HoloSpice
    It's going to put those 4-6k flagships to shame. :wink:
  13. erik701
    @HoloSpice Do you have any leaked information from the roots?
  14. Whitigir
    Utopia and SusVara ? LOL! Good implications. Hope the new Sennheiser is priced around 2K as that is just a little more than 800S, using your implications of course ! But will Sennheiser really do it ?
  15. erik701
    Maybe they will announce it on IFA this September. I'm curious if we will see HD820, closed back version of HD800S or HD850. Sennheiser determines the refference value in headphones world for years already, so I'm excited.
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