Sennheiser's new dynamic flagship?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by erik701, Apr 27, 2017.
  1. Whitigir
    It may be Hifiman this time, and using that references, we will see $8200 Headphones ...judging from the number HD820! loL
  2. Alcophone
    Is it well known what exactly makes open headphones sound better to most people? Physically, it seems that with closed headphones, you always get positive and (with a slight time and intensity difference) negative pressure from any movement of the driver (because of reflections), while open headphones take that extra pressure away, dissipating it into the room (and it's not loud enough to be reflected back into the headphone). That should reduce distortion as well.
    So the more you can absorb that pressure instead of reflecting it, the more open the headphones should sound... right? Essentially you have to build an anechoic chamber around the driver. A more effective one is possibly bigger, so I wouldn't be surprised if such an attempt resulted in large (deep) earcups.
    I am so not a physicist, though :) It seems so obvious that something's probably incorrect about it.
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  3. Alcophone
  4. FlyingWing
    It would be great to see Senn release something that puts HD800-Technicalities into a closed-back form.

    The experiment failed if its performance is at or under CFA Andromeda-level.

    I just wish Sennheiser releases a closed-back HD 800 that doesn't lose a dime to a stock HD 800 in Resolution, else Sennheisers dynamic-driver master race has finally come to it's end after 21,9 years of dominance. (HD 580 / 1996).

    Thank you Ken Ball for putting Sennheiser High-End dynamic-Treble into IEMs, it was long overdue.
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  5. erik701
    Anything new on HD820 seen on Sennheiser's presentation slide?
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  6. Whitigir
    I can't wait for this :D
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  7. Alcophone
    Sennheiser's San Francisco store is opening tomorrow. Still hoping for a nice surprise there, but they probably would have announced it by now.
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  8. HoloSpice
    If not CES
  9. daltonlanny
    I guess it was the HD660 S...
    Just kidding :D
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