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Sennheiser RS185 Review by mark2410

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mark2410, Apr 25, 2015.
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  1. mark2410 Contributor
    a receiver, you mean as in an AV receiver???
  2. AtrafCreez
  3. mark2410 Contributor
    erm why? i can think of no reason why a reciever would be a the answer to you current situation, im confused, have i missed soemthing?
  4. AtrafCreez
    1st  I don't have a great grasp of tech things.  My priority is connecting my Sennheiser RS 195 and RS 180 to optical rather than analog and I only have a PC  so i ordered this hping it will have an optical connection? -font-b-Converter-b-font-Digital-font-b-Optical-b-font-font-b-Audio-b.jpg
  5. mark2410 Contributor
    well theyf have optical but would appear to be optical inputs, not outputs which is what you want.  things like the two items i suggested at the bottom of page 4
  6. AtrafCreez
    I'm getting the idea. I can get something similar to this that you mentioned :USB to S/PDIF Converter not Firestone but another.  You also mentioned an Asus 5.1 gaming card. If I buy an EXTERNAL audio card 7.1 channels back.jpg
    can I expect to hear the RS 195 in finer audio than an external 5.1 card?
     I hope I am not bothering you.
  7. mark2410 Contributor
    erm why do you particularly want an external soundcard?  i mean that diamond one would work but why?  you gain nothnig over it than from using a cheaper optica out solution.  you see your buying with that more bits, chips, dacs than your going to use.  the 195 / 185 have internal DAC's so if its just for use with them then you really want as cheap an optical out os you can find really.  optical is just pure digital so there is no difference from a cheap one to an expensive one.  usually the bit you want to improve on and pay more for is the DAC and amping components but they already exist inside the RS185.
    or is it that you want to also be able to use it with other headphones too?
  8. AtrafCreez
    No just fir the RS 180 and RS 195 to use optical
  9. mark2410 Contributor

    in that case id say go with the cheapest option, so id take the internal sound card with optical out (most do have it)  it gets you a nice easy, optical out and you dont have te deal with with USB.
  10. AtrafCreez
    Thank YOU Mark !
  11. mark2410 Contributor

    np, its what here is for after all.
  12. AtrafCreez
    Would any of these  work?
                 which is better?
                                          Thank YOU
  13. Partlys4int
    Since I see that no one replied, I will do so. That second link (with the Redkey USB coaxial adapter) will fullfill your needs. That having said, I don't know if it's good. But judging by features alone, it will do the job and get you an easy way to use the optical cable.

    Something like the first link won't work, because it says that the output is RCA and not optical/ coaxial. You need the output to be optical/ coaxial in order to use the optical cable.
    AtrafCreez likes this.
  14. Partlys4int
    Also, may I suggest this item:

    You will find cheaper converters, but Sennheiser recommended this brand (CYP) to me personally, so it will be a good match for your headphones.

    I've posted this in another thread today, but come to think of it, it will suit your needs too. It has 'RCA in' and 'optical out'. The only thing you would need in addition to that is a '3,5 mm to RCA' cable, in order to connect to your computer (which has most likely a 3,5 mm audio output like almost all computers). Like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Audioquest-Evergreen-Audio-Interconnect-4inches/dp/B005VQGQE2/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1470863348&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=audioquest+evergreen+3.5mm+to+rca+cable&psc=1&smid=AKR88PAWTQVN2

    I believe this is the easiest way to solve your problem and get good quality audio.

    Best of luck.
  15. AtrafCreez
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