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Sennheiser RS185 Review by mark2410

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mark2410, Apr 25, 2015.
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  1. tapedeck

    Thanks Mark.
    I find the RS180 hardly leak if I hold it one foot away and it is hardly audible..
    So I am asking if the RS185 leakage the same,  worse or very bad.
    Would appreciate you could be as precise as possible.
    Thank you. 
  2. mark2410 Contributor
    they are very similar.  as sclose as tomake no real difference.  the 185 being more of a flatter sound id say makes it a tad less noticable than the 180 but if i was in bed next to someone with them, they would be swiftly told to get out or turn them off.
    so leakage is practically identical.  if you got away with the 180 id expect you would be fine with the 185 too.
  3. tapedeck

    Hi mark2410
    When you say "   the185 doesnt quite leak the same as the 180   "    do you mean it leaks proportionately less OR proportionately  more ?
    Would appreciate if you could kindly elaborate as for eg. whether it leaks much more by 10 or 30% all things being equal.
    I have been using RS180 for past 3 years and leakage was hardly heard by my wife. When I take it off and move it 1 foot away I could hardly hear any leakage in the middle of the night.
    Thank you.
  4. tapedeck

    Sorry mark2410.
    Did not read your reply before I posted to ask further.
    You have already answered my query.
    Now I find that the RS185 and RS195 has a not so much price differential on AMAZON.
    You mentioned that the RS195 is purposed built for Tv & Movies.
    I watch Tv and Movies .
    So would you  recommend RS195 over RS185.
    I need clarification from forumners here on following :
    1--What is the weight without batteries of RS180 , RS185 and RS195   ( I am currently using RS180 )
    2--My TR180 has an ordinary cable to Tv Receiver.  My Tv Receiver has only the usual Headphone output but no Optical output.  so if I buy the RS185 or RS195 how would I be able to connect unless the RS185 and RS195 have 2 options ie ordinary cable and Optical cable.
    3--The RS195 is closed back. So is it tiring to the ear after 4 hours of using and is the sound more natural.
    4--IS the RS195 sound much superior to the RS185.
    Thank you
  5. cyphers
    Got the 185 a couple months ago to replace a 180 from 2010.
    Overall, relatively happy with most aspects. The inability to decode any digital format is pretty broken and suggests the left hand (put a digital audio in port on it) has no idea what the right hand is doing (but don't give it the ability to decode anything digital), but I have worked around most of that with a combination of analog and digital and needing to manually switch from time to time.
    The *real* issue however is the clamping force. I really cannot wear these for more than say 90 minutes without a 5 minute break. I thought this would go away but it hasn't. When I go back to my 180 for just a moment, it is such a light clamp it almost feels broken compared to the 185 which is nearly head crushing. But the "broken" clamping of the 180 feels beautiful to me now in retrospect.
    I can't tell if the headband of the 185 has a metal interior or plastic. Does anyone know if it is safe to bend these significantly such that they form into a less head numbing clamp?
    I am actually considering this a deal breaker though it is too late to return. This is my last gasp effort. I am probably going with an Oppo HA-1 and Oppo PM-2 with 25 feet of cable. Then I discovered they don't sell a 25 foot cable so I am trying one more time to get the 185 to be comfortable.
  6. Sennheiser
    Hi cyphers,
    Compared to the HDR 180, the HDR 185 has a more durable design. Like your HDR 180, it will take a little while for the HDR 185 to be 'broken'.
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Sennheiser https://twitter.com/SennheiserUSA http://www.instagram.com/sennheiser https://en-us.sennheiser.com/
  7. GiacomoHoldini
    I'm currently using an HD 598 with a Schiit Magni/Modi combo. I enjoy them very much, but like the idea of a wireless setup. Is anybody familiar with how the RS185 compares with the HD598 or something similar?

    Also, nobody seems to be complaining about dropouts with the newest RS series. Did Sennheiser manage to correct the problem they'd had with the RS220?
  8. mark2410 Contributor
    hey, sorry i totally missed your question back when you asked.
    1  err dunno.  the 185 is more than the 180, the 180 always felt super duper weightless and rightly or wrongly a bit fragile.  the 185 feel more sturdy.
    2  yes you can use a normal cable as you do just now but you wiss out on the potentially biggest benefit of getting the 185
    3  no idea, closed stuff usually does after a while but thats me.
    4  dunno, not heard the 195 but....... they wont be.  1 closed are never better sounding than open as a rule, 2 they arent meant to be awesome they are meant for TV use so id bet they are tuned with spikes to make certain things stand out.  however im just educated guessing but im pretty sure at best the 195 is nearly as good as the 185.
  9. pcgamer
    How is the clamping force of the 185 vs the 180? I know what people are talking about when they bring this up, I hate headphones that do this. How are the 185's in this regard? This may be the deal breaker that has me siding with the older 180's.
  10. pcgamer
    I just picked up the RS 185.

    I have it connected directly to the TV's optical out using PCM. I do notice a little noise at high volume and I was expecting the volume to get a little higher than it does. Is there a fix for this? There doesn't seem to be any settings that I can adjust. Basically plug and play.

    Range through walls is excellent, I can roam the entire downstairs and most of the upstairs without losing signal. The person who is using this headphone is hearing impaired and they love the comfort and sound. We charged the batteries for about half a day but that was not long enough so we are using standard AAA for the time being.
  11. Hammy
  12. mark2410 Contributor

    what i suspect your encountering is that tv signals are ratherlike films in that they have a large dynamic range, they include the peeks of an explosion and acordingly normal speaking is very much lower.  if memory serves isnt there a dynamic volume adjustment option on them?  if so put that on and it should elevate the quiet vocals.
  13. AtrafCreez
    Hi Mark.  Ihave RS 180 and RS 195. I use of course the RS195 for film listening and they also seem much better than RS 180 for audio music.  How are the RS 185  for music comparred to RS 180?
  14. AtrafCreez
    Great in-depth review again Mark.  I have the RS 180 and RS 195.  Being that you mention that the RS 180  has no DAC why yet it still sounds so good?
    Secondly and you can tell i know little, on the RS 185 as in my RS 195 there is a digital Optical plugin possibility, also analog and the little toggle switch, what does that do?  In the RS 195  I am connected to my desktop pc with 2 jacks.  Is there a way to connect and have better audio?  And how should I toggle it?
    Thanks  from  the permanent newbie.
  15. AtrafCreez
    Yeah, I am crazy about Sennheiser wireless. I could have bought the sennheiser 800 for 3 times what I paid for Sennheiser RS 195 wireless, but I had constant conniptions when using a cable even a few feet away from my music source. *%$>/Pull *@!)>:}  Tear away  ?^%@)>< my whole head jerks and the experience of music is ruined.
    I amcertainly NO audiophiliac , i can't even spell it so great sounding wireless is heaven for me.
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