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Sennheiser mm-550x?

  1. ch00b1f13
    I have a $500 budget to spend on headphones. I don't have an amp and NEED noise canceling for the my headset, are the mm-550x's my best option at the moment? How is their sound quality? How is the noise canceling? Are they worth the extra money compared to the mm-500x's?
    Any help is appreciated. 
  2. soundstige
    Why do you NEED noise canceling?
  3. ch00b1f13
    It's not a need really, its just something that I NEED to be included in my headphone of choice lol. 
  4. soundstige
    Yes, and why?
  5. ch00b1f13
    its something that i want in a headphone. when i am listening to music, i dont like the background noise as i feel it takes away from the sound; hence, i "need" the noise canceling to be a feature in my headphone.
  6. soundstige
    Now that you've explained why you think you need it, and not just saying that you need it, I can tell you that it would be a much better choice to get a high-isolating pair of headphones, or even a good pair of IEMs that isolate well. Active noise-canceling deteriorates sound quality and is really only necessary for constant droning noise like buses. For people talking, television, other peoples' speakers, etc., a pair of closed headphones that isolate well are a better choice in all respects. Just remember for the future, try to be helpful to those from whom you seek help.
  7. ch00b1f13
    Ok thanks, what do you recommend for my budget?
  8. ch00b1f13
    Ive been doing some research, the bower and wilkins p5 seem to be great for me.. I think I will get them. Any last recommendations? 
  9. kmhaynes
    Most any headphone that fits around your ear will be decent at blocking outside noise, esp when you start playing music.  You are basically looking for "closed" headphones.
    But without telling us what your musical/audio preferences are, it's hard to make a suggestion for you.  Do you like lots/little/balanced bass?  Smooth vs. aggressive sound?  Wide vs. intimate sounstage?
  10. ch00b1f13
    I LOVE BASS but i dont like it to be overpowering like the beats by dre. something like ultrasone hfi-580's which i currently own are good. smooth sound is good and a wide soundstage is amazing as well.

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