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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Cann3dh33t
    I’m very impressed with the ie800.
    I find myself spending more hours with them
    then my HD800. Currently driving them off an iPhone and AQ Red. My curiosity is going to get the better of me because I feel
    there is more detail hidden in there that the Red cannot expose. Currently trying to track down a different mobile source.
  2. singleended5863
    That is why I still keep the original IE800.
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  3. Rob80b
    You may have just inspired me to take mine out of hibernation...didn't want the cable cracking due to lack of humidity and -20 winter weather ...... I actually have them all boxed and posted for sale...but no offers...can't compete with US pricing...so I just might have to keep them...lol.

  4. tomi1976
    Just a quick note and praise on Sennheiser customer service:
    I sent in a ie800 with the cables gone stiff, and that beyond really being usable. I had them for several years, very low serial, and had no waranty left. I expected I price estimate, but instead received a free replacement, now with s/n 51xxx
    very very impressed!
    I assume, that new batch wont have the cable issues anymore?
    anyways, Thank you Sennheiser!
    Cheers from Frankfurt,
  5. Velomane
    Thx for the post Tomi. It is always nice to hear these sorts of stories. It keeps my cynical side in check.
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  6. Rob80b

    Mine were/still under warranty...but it was a pleasant surprise to receive a new unopened box for replacement.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2018
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  7. matias271983
    Hola a todos, actualmente tengo el ibasso 03. ¿Estos son mejores y en qué aspectos?
  8. Dobrescu George
  9. Mr Makarov
    Hola Matias. Lamentablemente no te puedo proporcionar la comparación directa ya que no tengo los Ibasso IT03. Sin embargo prefiero los IE800 sobre los Shure SE846, Senns HD700, Philips FIdelio X2 y HifiMan HE-400i. Y por mucho. De lo que he leido sobre los IT03 - no se me antojan porque ya tengo Sony XBA-4 que tienen una signatura similar pero ni se acercan a los IE800. La claridad y naturalidad de sonido es lo que resalta además de escucharse como auífonos abiertos. La desventaja radica en las limitaciones del diseño, específicamente en que los cables no son removibles por lo que tienes que tratarlos con sumo cuidado. A manera de como yo lo entiendo y tomando en cuenta la información que he leido al respecto, los IT03 suenan con menos "vida", menos naturales, con menos detalles, mas cerrados y con peores bajos que los IE800.
    Es solo mi opinión y espero que te sea de utilidad alguna.
    --quick version in English: I have not heard IT03 personally, but given what I have read I am not sure they can be compared to IE800. I seriously doubt they (Ibasso IT03) can compete with open-backed cans like HD700 and HE-400i (and I have some serious doubts about them being comparable to SE846), while I prefer Senns IE800 to those two (to me IE800 sounds noticeably better and even soundstage is comparable). It is just my personal opinion and since I have not heard IT03, take it with a huge grain of salt.
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  10. Mej35
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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  11. jwbrent
    That’s quite an upgrade! I believe as you use your Sennheisers more, the initial distraction will subside ... not to say you won’t continue to enjoy the IE 800 immensely, but the wow factor will settle. Congrats on your first post and your entry into the wonderful world of high end audio. :beerchug:
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  12. Mej35
    Thanks. I'm already thinking about pairing these up with an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
  13. jwbrent
    Keep an eye out in the classifieds here under both Amplifiers and Sources for a Chord Mojo. I’ve see them sell for as little as the low $300s, and in my opinion, it mates up with your IE 800 beautifully—I own this combo myself. The Dragonfly Red is a good DAC/amp for $200, but the Mojo is a huge step up, worthy of your $800 iem.

    What have you gotten yourself into now? A little lighter in the wallet but a blissful time listening to your favorite music, that’s for sure!
  14. lmfboy01
    I got a mojo for sale if interested lemme know!
  15. nevrsumr

    Where did you get them for that price?
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