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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. lmfboy01
  2. Rob80b
    Nice to have a day or two to relax….but instead of reaching for my usual HD800S’s and the Bryston BHA-1 I when I’m at home I found myself unexpectedly chilling out to Igor Stravinsky conducting his “Petroushka and Le Sacre du Printemps”
    Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.01.05 AM.png
    followed up with Dead Can Dance’s live offering “Toward the Within”
    Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.27.04 AM.png
    with the ie800 and FiiO X3II. Normally this combo is reserved for when I’m out and about with some EDM or something similar to compete with the outdoor ambient noise….but when used in a much tamer environment I really got to appreciate the ability to bring forth the finer nuances of the recordings with the usual wonderful dynamics. Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.28.34 AM.png
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2017
  3. jwbrent
    I love Dead Can Dance and have most if not all of their albums. Great stuff! Also, Lisa Gerrard from DCD has a few albums that are definitely worth checking out.
  4. thefitz
    I decided to go crazy and put HiFiMAN RE-400/600 filters on both the ear tips and the in-ears themselves. Totally different beast - I recommend this to anybody. It's a cheap, reversible mod, and you can buy the filters on eBay.
  5. Dobrescu George
    I don't think you understand, I do not want any more filters on ie800, that is the least thing I would ever do to this amazing IEM

    There are many IEMs out there, for each signature taste, ie800 is perfect the way it is :smile_phones:

    Joking aside, I do feel that you can have more granular control using EQ than physical filtering
  6. thefitz
    Indeed, but system wide EQs aren't flexible on my mobile sources.
  7. Swiftfalcon
    I feel the beyer dt770pro80 ohm has very similar signature to ie800. V shape, huge sub bass, substantial treble, wide soundstage. Ie 800 may be more resolving though.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  8. tsunami0102
    Price of IE800 dropped to $529 recently, tempted...
  9. peeweedogue
    I just received my ie800's yesterday. All I can say is wow !! I am hearing things in songs that I didn't know existed. I don't wish to argue with anyone, but I can't understand what all the fuss is about regarding the fit, treble and cable length, I don't have one single issue with anything. Fit is 100% perfect with stock Med tips. Cable length is 100% perfect, the cable on my current Sennheiser PXC-450 cable is waaaaay toooooo long, it gets caught on everything. Treble is 100% NOT bright or harsh, maybe some people are used to muddy, dull sounding iem's....? There are some microphonics, however I don't make a habit of touching the cable. I took my dog for a walk, no microphonics and the earphones stayed 100% perfect in my ears. Bass seems just right, obviously it's all dependant on the recording.

    I previously owned Sure se530 (I believe) and they were very un-comfortable. These are so light and small, perfect !! Hopefully the cable hardening issue is solved, my serial # is 49xxx. I live in Canada. I am using the ie800's with FiiO X3ii paired with a Practical Devices XM5, plenty of power. The set-up sounds good to me. I'm sure there is better, but for now...... I am listening to MP3 44.1KHz/16 Bit via my iTune library from cd collection.

    Just one pointer for inserting the tips:
    1- with left arm, reach over your head and grab the top of your right ear and pull up on it
    2- insert right tip while still pulling up on your right ear
    3- hold right tip in place while you remove your left hand from your right ear
    4- continue to hold right tip in place for a few seconds
    5- same idea for left ear
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
    Swiftfalcon likes this.
  10. Rob80b
    First....welcome to head-fi...glad there's another user who finds the cable the perfect length...must be a Canadian thing... I also have the same pairing with a Fiio X3II......
    Haven't taken mine out on some of those -20C wind-chilled days tho...thinking that if anything would cause my ears to freeze and fall off would definitely make the cable dry out and loose its suppleness.... : )
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  11. Sc00p
    I like the cable length too. But I am short :) longer iem cables tend to loop out of my pocket.
  12. marvinong
    Good day!
    I’m currently in a bind whether to replace my ie800 with a JH Audio Roxanne. If anyone has impresssions comparing these two, I’d love to hear them.
    As a backgrounder, I also have a JH16 pro v1, so maybe a comparison to that would be nice as well.

    Thanks for giving this post some attention! Your opinions will help me to decide which one/s to keep!
  13. singleended5863
    I have and still want to keep my IE800. I have also own the Angie II, UMM and Spartan’s CIEM but still fall in love with the SQ of IE800 every time I listen to them regardless their stiff cables and always fell off my ears...
    Dobrescu George and marvinong like this.
  14. marvinong
    I think i'll feel the same. Nothing matches the airiness of these.
    What do you think is the difference from the SQ of the ie800 vs something like the Angies?
  15. singleended5863
    The sweetness midrange and deep bass of IE800 that are something makes me addicted especially with every DAP I own whereas Angie II sounds more smoothness and expending soundstage.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
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