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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. kuebler
    When having a - roughly - 1'000% margin on production cost (as we can derive from knowing China fakes), then this sort of service sure does not constitute a commercial problem for them... [​IMG]
  2. DoctaCosmos
    Wow I'm kinda at a loss for words regarding the Dior Homme collection. I'm very much into colognes and my community are probably going to freak out when they see this. Is this real or is it an April fools joke?
  3. jwbrent

    The Sennheiser rep posted these are the real deal. Aesthetic improvements only.
  4. jwbrent

    You may want to try tightening the tip by squeezing the back of it all the way around. On first appearance, due to the hardness, it may not look obvious that this can be done, but it can. Worked for me, anyway.
  5. Audioguy94

    Haha, very true. Still though, they didn't have to replace both earpieces and give me another cable.
  6. Audioguy94
    Im going to write a proper comparison later between the IE800 and SE846
  7. Riley Beale

    I would love to hear it.
  8. cellarbro
    Just got the ManderinES in the mail and put them into my IE800. They fit and can snap on to the IE800 but I would still be careful with how they are handled.
    Overall, they feel somewhat like foam tips to me maybe a little harder due to the silicone shells. They hold up much better than the stock tips because they are lightweight but sturdy. 
    The stock tips always felt like the housing was pulling a bit on the fit of the seal on my ears. They somewhat felt like they were 'hanging' out.
    I dont get that feeling from the ManderinES.
    As far as sound quality I cannot comment yet because my IE800 are brand new after I had them replaced. They sound okay but there is still a little bit of burn in that I need to do. Overall sound quality sounds close to the stock tips but maybe a slight edge to the stock tips.
    Comfort wise, the mandarines takes the cake.
    The only problem I have with the mandarines is that after placing the order, I made a comment about including two mediums and one large tips (which was left in the comments to do) the seller/owner sent me the standard small/medium/large variety which essentially means I only have one usable pair for $18 bucks. That kind of was a let down but I am hoping that he is able to work with me to maybe get a pair of extra mediums out to me.
  9. Dobrescu George
    Very interesting thoughts! 

    I am curious to give them a spin! Also Spinfits seem a great option! 

    All in all, after trying many tips, I guess I settled on Stock Medium round tips [​IMG]
    All in all, I only had some problems with the stock tips in the first month of usage. And that was mostly user error on my side. Afterwards, all problems have been solved. 
    This, and I still have a shirt clip from ie8 [​IMG]
  10. Dobrescu George
    Sennheiser is one of the best companies when it comes to warranty. That much is sure! 

    I was welcomed with a lot of friendliness even after I made a mix up on my own mistake [​IMG]
    Totally recommend working with them!!! 

    Also, excellent service on AVstore Romania who assisted the process for me [​IMG]
    I think it is real! 

    Don't they look just so nice? I mean, I love the actual ie800, but just look at the new ones! Senn is just coming at us with great options all over! They also kept the small size factor which means that they'll work for everybody. This is especially important as lately I've discovered that big IEMs don't really work well with me [​IMG]
    What is impressing is the size of the soundstage ie800 has even though they're so small. Many BIG IEMs don't get nowhere close to ie800, not to speak that uie800 alone beats too many headphones in soundstage size and almost every headphone on instrument separation. Tested against other flagships, i800 is a flagship sound regardless whether you're putting them against a full headphone, open back headphone or IEM. 
  11. gerbi
    Well, after debating (mostly with myself) I've ordered another pair...this will be my 3rd as I've sold the other 2. Since I've had my last one there are new options on the market for tips (even customs!) and I'll make sure I keep this pair. I was considering the Vega, but without the opportunity to try them and at more than twice the price I've had to be sensible!
  12. Dobrescu George
    This is the main option [​IMG]
    Once you use ie800 for a while, it becomes the IEM [​IMG]
  13. les_garten
    The IE 800s are very good, so good that they kind of re ignite some peoples quest for the Ultimate.
    When I heard them, I fairly quickly thought, "WOW, maybe I should get some JH Audios.  Wonder how much better they will sound?"
  14. Duncan Moderator
    depends what you want from your sound, I was very happy with the IE800 for a whole year, without the thought of changing, then I bounced quite quickly to the SE846 and then the Layla...

    The IE800 is definitely an IEM for those that like an upfront presentation, as is the SE846 with the white filters, the Layla's take it back a notch...
  15. Dobrescu George
    I actually heard a ton of headphones to date and ie800 is still the kind of IEMs for me [​IMG]
    Also curious about JH IEMs, but I have a little thing where I love treble and some JH IEMs have been said to be smooth [​IMG] I want me treble to shower me in energy and details and ie800 totally has both energy and details! [​IMG]
    I haven't heard either, but both seem like interesting options.
    I like energy in everything, but ie800's attractions are also their instrument separation and details. Also the soundstage. I'm really one who loves a good soundstage for everything [​IMG]
    If there'll be a tour or something similar for any of the alternatives, I am extremely curious by nature, but for the moment, ie800 has been my fav, and it's been over 2 years now [​IMG]

    The journey in music and high end audio is an endless trip of fun and discovery! 
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