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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Roybenz
    I didnt hear any difference between my iphone 7 and mojo. And i really tried for a long time. Because i was hoping and expecting a big difference. Using tidal hifi.
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  2. kuebler

    A very rare voice, worth to endorse...
    I think we both know what is the simple explanation: psycho acoustics...   [​IMG]
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  3. Dobrescu George
    I've tried ie800 + mojo and it sounded a bit cold to my old ears. 

    While iDSD BL adds warmth and sweetness, gives the sound energy and instrument separation / details, Mojo didn't change the sound that much compared to FiiO X5ii, And this is kinda something like a shock because ie800 + Hugo was a great combo when I heard it last time.  As things are right now, I would either go with iDSD BL or Hugo. 

    FiiO is cooking a new X7 as well that might be interesting, but my top choice only sound wise would be iDSD BL right now. 
  4. AndrewH13

    George, if you think the mojo combo is too cold, I think your Fiio X5III listening has swayed you to the dark warm side :)

    Mojo is significantly warmer than Hugo with ie800s.
  5. Dobrescu George
    Actually, the one I heard actually and literally sounded cold [​IMG]
    But not bright, I can hear what we would name warm, the mids had a weird //cold tonality. 
    Since it kept disconnecting and didn't even bother to connect to my mi max, I have a serious feeling that the one Mojo I tested was broken. If it was broken, then there's nothing I can do. Nobody who heard it didn't really like it so that particular unit might have had a problem [​IMG]
    Also, don't worry, I'm still in the neutral area. I don't have X5-3 [​IMG]
    Right now I'm playing with iDSD BL from iFi, and I think it sounds nice. No roll-off, no treble smoothing, the cymbal energy is all there, but the mids have a sweetness to them that's hard to put in words. ie800 presents the same kind of mids sweetness naturally, again hard to put in words [​IMG] 
    You've tested X5-3 after all>? Curious if you've liked it [​IMG] 
  6. AndrewH13

    Glad you found a good sound with the ifi. Listened to their ss/valve combo at recent meet, but unfortunately it didn't improve anything to me over my Hugo. There were no X5iii's at meet, would like to have had a go as potential transport to my ordered Hugo II. But not keen on their Co-ax socket, so sticking to my X5i with a nice dedicated socket that's compatible with my cables.
  7. Galm
    Can anyone recommend a good cord upgrade for the ie800s?  Like a little longer, maybe a mic, but similar build quality.  While the stock cable is short and microphonicy, it's very very sturdy.
  8. BB 808
    Something like this?https://www.audiosanctuary.co.uk/sennheiser-rcs800-smartphone-microphone-lead-for-ie800-earphones.html
  9. Galm
  10. BB 808
    Me too. I've wanted these when it was announced a couple years ago but I've never seen them for sale on USA websites or dealers.
  11. Galm
    So do you have any alternates?  With them and a mojo in my pocket it's the perfect distance to just barely tug on my ear a little, which is super annoying and ridiculous.
  12. deltronzero
    Can anyone link me where to pick up extra IE800 OEM earfoams?  I swear some of the decisions on IE800 are just so anti-consumer that it frustrates me.  When I contacted them regarding the replacement foams, basically no response, well...then why the hell did you make it proprietary?  Now I can't even find it on their replacement accessory page. IE800's are basically useless without a good seal...so thanks for my $800 paperweight Sennheiser...
  13. PhilW
    Www.audiosanctuary.co.uk :)
  14. gerbi
  15. Dobrescu George
    You mean rubber tips, right? [​IMG]
    Ie800 doesn't have foam tips...
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