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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. cellarbro

    Vega's are also very very good. They are similar to the IE800 but in my ears they seem to do things just a little better.
    Probably not worth double the price considering that the IE800 can sometimes be bought for around 600-700. They are magical sounding and in my opinion, when I heard the vegas I preferred them to the sound of the noble audio Encore and Katanas. 
  2. gerbi
    At least now I have a pair of IEM that I know I like. I've decided that I until I have the opportunity to travel and test some more options (hopefully Japan in September) the IE800 is going to be "it"!
  3. jwbrent
    One of the qualities I like about the IE 800 is the small size. Coupled with the lightness of the ceramic casing, these are very comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. I've owned other headphones/IEMs that sounded great, but in the end the comfort factor, or lack thereof, did them in.

    I expect my IE 800 is a keeper ... although the new special edition version sure looks inviting. :D
  4. audiophilehelp
    Was going to buy the IE800, but found a deal with Andromedas
  5. Dobrescu George
    That new version!!! 

    I'm so curious about it [​IMG]
    But yeah, the comfort on ie800 is unbeatable. I also had many IEMs in the past, from small ones to extra large ones. All in all, ie800's comfort is really good! 
  6. AudioDwebe
    Curious about the Dior Homme, myself, and just shot an email off to Sennheiser in Germany asking for availability date and price for US customers. Their site had them listed at 699 Euros, which is encouraging.

    And with so many fake, knock-off and grey market ie800's, I figure the only place I'll get (another) one is from Sennheiser directly, as I'm sure the the fakes will be released at the same time.
  7. Audioguy94
    Well i actually prefer the IE800 by a lot. Funny thing is, i bought thr SE846 first as the majority of people preferred the SE846... there was a poll and 65% of people preferred the SE846 so i bought that. And i was very happy with it but i was curious about the IE800 so i bought that a year later and my SE846 was in for repair at the time but ive just got it back and wow what a downgraded sound compared to the IE800... the IE800 beats the SE846 in all areas with the exception of bass. The detail omg. The moral of the story here is never buy something based on a poll and reviews. Always test before buying whenever possible.
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  8. gerbi
    That is the magic trick!  I was tempted to get the Vega but without the opportunity to test them I wasn't prepared to spend more than twice the price of the IE800 despite the good reviews. I now have my IE800 and I'm happy until I can test something else, but I will still keep the IE800 this time.
    I feel that sound signature preference is extremely personal just like food taste...for example...I don't like seafood[​IMG]
  9. Dobrescu George
    Totally good to keep this in mind! 

    It is possible to approximate what you'll like based on sound descriptions rather than preferences. For example, I know that I wouldn't like something smooth so I didn't go for SE846. On the same thinking, I wouldn't fancy a more anemic sound and the big nozzle, so I avoided AKG K3003 as well. I need ie800 and this is what I got!
    the comfort of ie800 is a big thing for me - many IEMs didn't work with me in the past due to the big nozzles.  
    I love Seafood...
    But I also love ie800 [​IMG]
    Really really really don't buy anything without testing! 
    I generally trust Sennheiser a lot with their signatures since I know most of their high end range, but I vastly prefer HD600 over HD650 and I actually don't like HD650 [​IMG]
    What you like and enjoy is extremely objective!!! Never and I mean never buy anything without testing!!! 
    I discovered that I don't really like some headphones but like others. Nighthawks get amazing rating, I disliked their sound. LCD-4 I like. LCD-2 not. LCD-X yes. 
    I can properly describe everything for who is interested and give a helping hand, but for what I like personally, it is a different matter [​IMG] 
  10. Dobrescu George
    Anyone ever wondered what would make ie800 climb up to the sky and heavens of sound quality? 

    It is named iFi Micro iDSD BL! [​IMG]
    I am listening to iDSD BL + ie800. 
    Dudes. If you ever want to bring ie800 to its ultimate sound quality level, like the absolute top, try it with iDSD BL! I've never heard them sound so freaking awesome! This wicked witchery black box just made ie800 sound even better than they already sounded like! I am not just impressed. I am shocked. I am ready to stop searching for anything DAC/AMP. iDSD BL just changed the way ie800 sounded like to something even better. 
    The texture are even better, the treble is shining through with all its energy and the mids... Man... The mids are sweeter than ever! 

    I never thought I could love ie800 even more [​IMG]
    A side note: I have lost sleep over the last two days - running on 2 hours + 3 of sleep in the past 24 hours. it is morning already and I can't go to sleep. I have been listening to iDSD BL with 99 Neo from Meze then I thought I should see how iDSD combines with ie800... I guess I'm not sleeping tonight anymore [​IMG]
  11. Dobrescu George
    Seems that it is possible for ie800's transient response and textures to get even better than they are in general! [​IMG]
    iDSD BL does some kind of witchery that makes music sound even better! You just have to hear it in person to believe it and understand it! 
  12. PrinceOfEgypt
    What transport are you using with BL
  13. Caruryn
    What kind of tonality are you getting with black label?I had the BL in my sights sooner than most members here but reviews like that http://www.head-fi.org/products/ifi-audio-micro-idsd/reviews/18005 make me a bit apprehensive on clicking the buy button.Would make more sense for me to wait for chord 2 even though it's 4x the price.Glad you found your perfect match with ie800 though.
  14. Dobrescu George
    My lappy (Custom P775 work/game station) and my smartphone, Xiaomi mi max. I will probably want to use FiiO X5ii as well, but I don't know for sure how to use it yet [​IMG]
    I don't know what to make of that review to be honest. BL doesn't really affect the tonality of ie800. Or at least, if we're talking about the mid range, iDSD will make it sound more natural, the mids will not be changed much, but they will be a bit and for the better [​IMG]
    It makes the sound fuller, have more body and more lush. Everything sounds way more in its place and the music is extremely vivid. And I mean incredibly vivid. I need a bit more time to find better words to describe the sound [​IMG]

    There is no trace of mid recession, if that is what you're concerned about. I like iDSD BL way more than Mojo, but I have no idea how Hugo2 will sound like. I loved the first hugo! 
    To me, Mojo sounded cold and unnatural regardless with what it was connected. Its midrange was not recessed but the tonality was a bit off, especially coming from something as sweet as iDSD BL.

    About the top end of BL:
    I was in X5-3's tour.. FiiO X5-3 sounds smooth. That is a really smooth DAP that will eventually make the top end sound smooth.
    BL is fairly neutral for me and while it is not harsh, the details are all there! The soundstage expansion goes way beyond what ie800 sounded like with virtually anything, the instrument separation got even better, the transient response is even faster, you can hear even more instruments than with a typical source, and music body improvements are all so worth its price with ie800! 
    iDSD BL + ie800 is one wicked pairing, that's for sure! 
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  15. tf10charged
    i say mojo+ ie800 is the best portable combo i have tried. those looking to unleash their ie800 can give mojo a try. 
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