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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Mr-Nice
    Well this means I will sue any sales person who will not tell me loud and clear I have to keep my receipt for 2 years in case of warranty, as I as customer do not have time to scan their multiple links to know the conditions of warranty 
    What a lame excuse to screw up and cover for it
  2. migasson

    I work in retail in Australia, and the consumer gets nothing without proof of purchase, and certainly not for the second owner.. I think your expectations are too high. You buy second hand, you take a risk if it breaks...

    Good luck suing a salesperson... its common knowledge that you need proof of purchase for warranty..
  3. BB 808
    You need to eat some humble pie and contact your ex-friend for that receipt.
  4. Dobrescu George
    Sennheiser were great with me. You gotta be more patient when writing them an email (?).
  5. holden4th
    I'm travelling to London in April and would like to audition some IE800s. Where could I go to do this? I'd prefer an authorised Sennheiser dealer.
  6. cellarbro
    Any genres or particular songs anyone here would recommend for IE800 listening? I find that I am discovering new music that I didn't used to enjoy just because the way they are presented on the IE800.
  7. migasson

    Lisa Salvo - I Could Have Been a Castle
    Lindsay Sterling - Any album
    Tindersticks - Any album
    Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse and Experimental Jetset Trash and No Star
  8. Dobrescu George
    I strongly suggest we don't do this [​IMG]
    Music tastes can vary from Lady Gaga to Offspring to Amon Amarth to Coffinshakers to Leningrad to Maroon 5, to Eminem to Akira Yamaoka to Five Finger Death Punch to Painted in Exile to Mojo Juju to La Dispute to Protest the Hero to Muse To Maximum the Hormone to Electric Six to KORN to SOAD to Machinae Supremacy to Silva Hound. 

    The point is that I just listed a few of the bands I listen to and love with ie800. You will like at least one and dislike at least one from that list, no matter what headphones you use [​IMG]
    That is because the tastes within a single individual and especially between different individuals can vary way too much to just say that a song sounds great with ie800. 

    I can keep telling you about more bands if you want. 
    And the songs mentioned above are quite good - I would listen to those as well! 
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  9. migasson

    ​Ha. I'd rather talk about music suggestions then debate endlessly about what headphones are best, why people should purchase product "x" over "y" talk audiophile bollocks about texture, dynamics.. about "oooh you need this amp to get the best of product "x" over "y"  lol haha. I think that's my cue to leave this thread and Headfi in general....

    Goodbye folks:)
  10. Dobrescu George
    Not at all! 

    I also love talking about music, it's just that you have to have a very open mind before doing this! 

    There are a few threads dedicated especially for this and while stalking them I learned about many amazing bands that became my daily listened bands! You should check those threads out if you're curious about music. 
    Also, I do think that you recommandations are very good, I meant mostly that we should avoid derailing things too much ! 
    Don't feel bad about it, but people spending 700$ on a IEM, or who will spend 700$ on one are probably gong to want to know amps, textures and dynamics.
    Lately, I'm unable to enjoy music at all with a headphone or speaker that's opposed to my tastes - so equipment matters a lot.
    Then again, there are 5$ that I find very good - so it's not a matter of price but a matter of taste and preferences, always seek and do what you love [​IMG]
  11. kuebler
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  12. Dobrescu George
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  13. kuebler
    Very true! But let's keep our expectations low until they have responded, for not getting frustrated...    [​IMG]
  14. Dobrescu George
    I won't get frustrated even if they don't release anything at all - I still love me ie800 quite a lot! [​IMG]
  15. kuebler
    Does anybody know, whether there is something like Sennheiser's RCS 800 (i.e. their standard 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter cable, but with mic and remote control) is also available from third parties? At a lower price than Sennheiser's quite "ambitious" 130 bucks? On AliExpress I didn't recognize anything like that.
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