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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. PrinceOfEgypt
    Is the serial number printed on the IE800 anywhere?
  2. harpo1
  3. Stephen George
    just an embossed "S" logo
  4. cellarbro

    Serial number is only on the case.
  5. TeknicalXtacy
    How does the IE800 sound vs. a Etymotic ER4XR?  May be a strange comparison, but I am curious if anyone could oblige. 
  6. Dobrescu George
    Knowing the rumours about Ety, I would say that the first thing you would notice is ie800's great bass [​IMG] It's more in quantity but well controlled and very tight 
  7. Caruryn
    For a dynamic...
  8. Dobrescu George
    Still looking to try more BA's to be honest [​IMG]
    The ones I tried were not eactly what I was looking for nor exactly technically better than ie800 - tho they weren't in the same price category either so I'll abstain from writing on BA's before I find a pair that I like 
  9. jwbrent

    What about the A&K T8iE or the Beyer equivalent?
  10. ryanjsoo

    I can see what you mean, dynamics have a softer sound in many regards than BA earphones. I've been listening to the Oriveti New Primacy (hybrid) and have found that the bass is perhaps the most textured I've yet heard and also more extended than conventional BA Earphones can achieve. The ie800s are fantastic, they are also even more extended than the NP, but the Primacy is more linear and therefore no details are masked. In addition, the New Primacy has a really nice mid and high frequency response as one would expect from a good BA Earphone. I definitely suggest having a look, the cheaper price tag hasn't affected the performance at all, it's a great more neutral alternative to the ie800.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  11. cellarbro

    I just got myself the SE846 because they were on sale from an authorized dealer for 30% off. It will be my first pair of multiple BA drivers. My only other BA IEM is the er4PT but that's a single BA driver and leans way too neutral for me. (not to mention uncomfortable in fit so I had to sell it)
    I needed something with BA speed, edge and clarity with a substantial bass performance. I honestly didn't have the SE846 in my radar, but at 700$ brand new, It comes close to the range of IE800 so I want to give them a try.
    Ill report how they sound compare to the IE800 when I get them. Honestly, they sound like my cup of tea, I listen to electronic, pop, top 40's and need something very versatile.
    IE800 sparkles and performs really really well with rock genre's but thats not my main genre. I have been in love with the IE800's for their performance and their ability to make rock music fun and alive but my electronic music is missing a bit of life when listening to the IE800.
    I have heard they compliment each other very well because they do different things well. Ill report back late this week and early next week.
  12. Dobrescu George

    Thank you^^

    Looking forward for your thoughts! 

    I remember that @JaZZ  owns a pair of SE846 that he loves, but I also remember that he uses EQ to enjoy them. 
    This is one of my biggest fears, I would prefer to get a pair that doesn't need any EQ because I do tend to have peculiar tastes and from the reviews, it seems like SE 846 needs a ton of EQ to match ie800 and sound good in the upper registers. 
    kuebler likes this.
  13. kuebler
    I second this and would also be highly interested in your comparative review, maybe with and without EQing.
    BTW:  http://www.head-fi.org/u/359539/mr-makarov also owns both and may want to jump in here.
  14. TeknicalXtacy
    The IE800's intrigue me but I am concerned about their quirkiness.  All the issues with fakes, non-detachable cables, ability to stay in the ear etc.  I do like a neutral sound like an Etymotic.  Just tried the ER4-XR and found that the extra bass negatively effected the openness I experienced with the HF5's.  Not that they were bad, in fact they had a strong 3D feel, were quite smooth, with good separation, although not an overly wide soundstatge. Would really love something with good soundstage, good separation, and a somewhat neutral sound signature.  Don't really want something where one area of the frequency response dominates other areas, particularly bass.
    From what I have read the Shure SE846 is pretty bland sounding, but I have never listened to one so can't say form personnel experience.  Also, the midrange apparently dominates.
  15. cellarbro

    What kind of music do you listen to mainly?
    I bought the SE846 because the price was good but at the same time, I find myself not being able to listen to the IE800 for a long time because I am a little treble sensitive.  I do know and have heard the SE846 aren't as bright and sparkly in the treble region. I plan to use them for my on the go IEM since they isolate well ( I live in NYC so the subway is a must to go places and it's LOUD), and are supposed to be non fatiguing to listen to.
    I agree with you about not needing to EQ things but the SE846 also come with three tuning capabilities, Neutral, warm and bright. Adjusting the 1-8k region from what I remember reading. I started following the SE846 thread and some have reported that ear tips can also adjust the sound quality to a brighter or warmer sound signature. I have the FLC8S and I love the tuning features. They are approximately 90-95% of what the TOTL IEM are capable of. Need something that sounds great and friendly to logistics of traveling and do very little things wrong. The short cables on the IE800 and microphonic and average isolation make it a terrible IEM for the subway. If I turn the volume on the IE800 too high, my ears start to hurt after 5-10 minutes. They are so capable that they don't sound boomy or distorted, but my ears will be punished from not being able to tell that they were too loud for comfort. Hoping the SE846 will be a good carry around and do **** all day IEM. I also don't like to carry around a DAP and amp so the IEM that I have been looking for needs to isolate well, great bass and clarity, non fatiguing, and fun sounding all from my iPhone 6s.
    Not an easy task to meet ALL of these factors. They checked off everything in my list and I pulled the trigger.
    I'll write up a comparative review of the two when I have had at least a week or two to try out the SE846 and form a good opinion of them.
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