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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. zuber
  2. jwbrent

    I, for one, will be very interested in an improved version of the IE 800 even though I just got mine a month or so ago. 
    Improvements I would like to see:
    1) a fully detachable cable although with the tiny design, this may be impossible
    2) a bit more bass—I like how the bass improved with playing time, better detail, but I miss the awesome bass I heard when they were brand new, especially with EDM. An 8-9mm driver?
  3. yangian
    Any impression of 800 vs. Compfire Vega?
  4. Kunlun
    Briefly and from memory, Vega's have more overall impact all along the FR. The whole moving-air dynamic-driver thing is on steroids for the Vega. Music is super alive. The bass has more quantity and the mids are fuller and warmer. The Vega has monster bass and well extended and well controlled, edging the ie800. The treble peaks at something like 9khz (Ken's graphs are perfect for me in that they are exactly what I hear, which is not usually the case with all graphs) and then a roll-off which is not sudden. In fact, I can hear test tones at 16khz for the Vega so it can reach well above. However, the thinner ie800 also has better treble extension in the high regions. I think the detail retrieval on both is excellent for dynamic drivers. 
    Vega, of course, has a much better cable, but the housing is larger.
    I'm a fan of the ie800, so it's in my heart, but the Vega is the one I'd recommend to a person who wants a V-shaped, highly detailed dynamic driver (for the better cable, at the least). It's a achievement. 
  5. yangian
    Thank you! So Vega is more V-shape than 800?!
  6. Stephen George
    as a long time owner i find the tighter the seal, the more bass...this buds have tremendous bass..but you have to have a very tight seal
  7. Dobrescu George
    Whoa! Very nice comparation! This makes Vega a really hefty choice for those who want less treble [​IMG]
    I'm on the camp who would pick ie800 for it's daylight clear treble, but it's good to know that there are other options that sound great! 
    I wish for a better cable sometimes. As much as I like the feel and design, I wish the mid connector wasn't as heavy and I really wish that the cable itself would have a bit more dampening at the portion that enters the ears. I probably won't be getting any other IEM soon, but if a new ie800 appears and if they adapt a new cable, that would be great!
  8. obsidyen
    Ok, some people didn't believe me when I wrote this. I don't want to say I told you, but... Go to the link below:
    Click "Produkt" and you will see "IE 800 S" in the list. I believe official announcement is imminent.
    I was considering buying an IEM these days so this is good news to me. I hope the cable is easily replaceable, the highs are smoother and lower mids are fuller. IE800 driver is underutilized in my opinion, the tuning isn't very good.
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  9. TeknicalXtacy
    Don't see it.
  10. kuebler
  11. tracyca
    Received my replacement ie800 and WOW! Out of all my IEM, AKGk3003i, Dita truth, Akg n40, to name a few, the ie800 is my favorite and is a True Masterpiece! The ie800 & ALO CDM is a pair that brigs out the full Dynamics to match its wonderful highs. Whoever thinks ie800 is thin sounding try this combo.
  12. obsidyen

    Could you compare IE800 and N40 in terms of sound signature?.. Thanks.
  13. tracyca
    N40 is Similar to the 3003i with more bass bloat and half the detail retrieval . The highs with ref. Filter is ok but to my ears I perfer the ie800. The n40 has some great dynamics. The ie800 outclasses the n40. The n40 for its price is a exallent IEM for its price 280usd at razordog Audio. Plus it has the detachable cable. It is more derable with its build materials. Now the ie800 has a more punchy tight bass, and with the midrange and highs it protays the music with a magical range that opens up the human scenes like no other IEM I have tried. When I listen to ie800 it over powers me with emotion and I feel the music. With tech advancement the lower price IEM are catching up to the TOTL. And with the ie800 price for a flagship compared to the more pricey IEM its a great part on sennheiser but would love if the price drop but not the quality.
    obsidyen likes this.
  14. tracyca
    Now n40 with high filter and with bass eq it is more to my musical sound sig

    . 20170211_151226.jpg
  15. tracyca
    Sorry for the out of focus picture, this is not one of my talents.
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