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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. les_garten
    Beware of the 2 from Crutchfield as well.  Make sure to check them against the Fakes comparisons as well.
  2. tom159

    Thank you for advice I understand what you mean. It seems buying the new one from authorized retailer is the sure thing.
  3. Dobrescu George
    There should be many authorised resellers in every country, try to go with the list of resellers from Sennheiser's own site for best protection [​IMG]. They usually also offer good prices as well!
  4. franzdom
    If it's too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true [​IMG]
  5. jwbrent

    Check Amazon, I bought mine new for $668. I confirmed the authenticity and I'm very happy.
  6. kuebler
    I was - and am - in a similar situation: Some 2 months ago I purchased some used IE800 for $200, only to realize with the help of the fake IE800 thread, that mine were fakes. After first having been extremely pissed off, I noticed a remark of Rob80b, that his fakes were sounding astonishingly close to the real IE800, barely distinguishable.
    And indeed, I found mine sounding very well. I compared them with my Sony MDR-EX1000, which was the last non-BA flagship IEM from Sony and had got very good tests, also here in Head-Fi. My fake IE800 sounded quite similar, but in my view even a bit better. So we are definitively talking about high quality sound. But the question whether a real IE800 might sound even better, did nag me over the whole time, and so today I took a long journey to a Sennheiser dealer with IE800. The result absolutely stunned me! Trigger warning: true audiophiles may feel shocked or worse from what I have to say... 
    I found the real IE800 significantly worse than my fake. I'm aware, that I'm talking about one of the very best IEMs, and never would I claim to know it better than Sennheiser or others. But this does not change the fact, that for me the real IE800 sounded somewhat dull in comparison, much less desirable for myself, in a mixture of music genres. The salesman, quite young, did also a test, but he found the real IE800 better, finding my fake too bright. This may make sense, because at 67 my ears' frequency response is definitively weak in the highs. But this applies to listening to the EX1000 as well, and it also applied to my former listening to my HD 800, which I used for years until 3 months ago (so I can't any longer compare). 
    I feel no longer interested in a real IE800, regardless of the price, and my present worry is only, how I would be left if my fake should brake or get lost. Because I know, that there have been plenty of fake variants, I have no chance to get a reserve. For which I would pay again $200 in a heartbeat...
    To cut a long story short: If you, tom159, find your fake sounding "amazing", then you may consider to just keep and enjoy it. Otherwise you run the risk of adding significant money and losing much subjektive pleasure!
    The more subtle message behind my post: you won't automatically enter "audio nirvana" by shelling out the money for a real IE800...
    Just my 2 cent...
  7. jwbrent

    Do they fit securely?
  8. davescleveland
    In the ear yes perfect. In the pocket, not so much
  9. tom159
    Thank you for your advice.  I'm thinking about it since it can produce really great sound and I still have 25 days return period.
  10. tom159
    Are you referring Gift Depot.  I saw only one that would be right.
  11. Mr-Nice
    I am not happy at all with Sennheiser Customer service support and this will be my last purchase from Sennheiser 
    As I mentioned earlier few days ago, that suddenly the right side of my ie800 stopped working. I have bought it from a guy who bought it from Belgium, and I have no receipt, and now I reside in Israel for few months and when I contacted the importer they said they need the receipt. I do not have one as I mentioned earlier and I am sure its less than 2 years old. The importer told me that they will charge me if they will fix it as if it was not under warranty. And also might not do anything and they will treat me like a person who has no warranty at all.
    So I sent an email to Sennheiser Europe HQ few days ago, and so far no reply what so ever 
    If i pay premium price for an iem like ie800, I should not have to go through this hell just for a lost receipt, and that a serial number should be enough to warrant repairs. What bugged me most is the Sennheiser HQ who did not even reply at all.
    This is really really bad customer service for a company of that caliber
    I am so disappointed more than words can say. Really bad customer support, compared to other companies who are hailed by their customers service here.
    Word of caution to any new ie800 purchasers, read my case and know that you are not in for a treat if you have a damaged ie800 and lost your receipt
  12. les_garten
    Usually warranties require a receipt of proof or purchase and are only good for the original purchaser.
    These are your issues, not Sennheiser's
  13. Mr-Nice
    What you said is just non sense with all respect.
    I had an HP laptop that broke on me and I just gave them my serial number and they did not ask for receipt
    What you mentioned, is a lame excuse for a company to screw over their customers
  14. les_garten
    This ain't HP
    You don't get warranties like you want them.
    You get them as they are.
    Have you even read this?
  15. beowulf

    I've had some brands replace my stuff without the receipt, however, in ALL those cases the product had been launched much less than two years ago, e,g. six months or so. That alone showed it was impossible to be over the warranty period.
    The IE800 have been launched at more than 1 year (or two years, if you consider the warranty period in the EU), so they can be out of warranty period. That's how it works. The HQ might even help you out, but under those conditions it would mostly be for a matter of courtesy. It's possible that from the serial they are able to know the production batch/date and consider that.
    Always get at least a PDF of the receipts whenever possible, especially for products that were released more than 1 or 2 years ago.
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