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Sennheiser ie80 in full sized cans

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by huckle, Jan 9, 2015.
  1. Huckle
    Hi guys,
    I've just listened carefully to all my headphones, and, sadly, my favorite tend to be the Sennheiser ie80... At least tonight.
    "Sadly", because I'm not really an in-ear guy...
    So my question is simple : to you, in which full sized open cans will I find the ie80's sound signature ?
    I'm thinking about Beyerdynamic T90, even Hifiman He 400i, but what would be your pick ?
    Many thanks in advance for your answers,
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Maybe this can help. I had to substitute the IE8 and HE400 since the newer versions aren't in their database yet, but assuming they aren't too different:
    1. T90 has a very strong response in the upper treble with a deep dip at 5khz. 
    2. HE400 has a flatter bass response. AFAIK, the HE400i has a smother midrange, but its strength - very accurate (ie very "fast") bass - is still there.
    3. HD650 nearly parallels the IE8's response, including the slight dip at 5khz and rising back up to the same range past it, then dipping againat around 11khz then going back up. 
    Your best option is still the HD650. Get a powerful amp that won't easily distort, and then just EQ the bass. A wideband EQ boost(or cut) is a lot easier than fussing around managing or imitating dips and peaks in the midrange and treble.
  3. Huckle
    Wow. This really helps. Many thanks for your time.
    Hd650 really seems to fit the ie80's signature... For months, I tried to avoid the Hd650 because I thought it was pretty close to my ATH AD 900x. But I tend to find its lack of bass (and body) a bit annoying, these days... I'll finally could be another Hd650 lover !
    This said, I got to admit the dark signature of the Hifiman remains an option for me. I read the newer version has a brighter approach though... And finding a shop to try it will be impossible mission where I live...
    T90 is definitely out, and it's a shame because I really find it attractive...
    Again, thanks your answer !

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