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Sennheiser IE8 Headphone Connectors (for DIY cable)

  1. B_Rich
    Long story short, I have some IE8's on the way from a forum member here to replace (battle against) my TripleFi's, and I'm really interested in building my own cable for it.  My disclaimer is that I've never built my own cable before, but I'm very experience in the diy world (car and home audio projects are a big hobby of mine).  I know there are debates about sound quality, but I'll be honest with you guys, I just think they look beautiful (normally I'm not one for cosmetics, but I like my pretty wire), as long as I don't get worse sound from the new cable, which I don't think I would.  Obviously the only problem now is to find a connector for the IE8's, so I came across these on ebay:
    Does anyone have any experience with these connectors?  Think they'd work for a diy cable?  I'll be honest, I did just go ahead and order a pair, for $11 it doesn't seem too bad (providing, I have to wait 2-3 weeks before they get here lol).  I just figure I'd see what everyone thought of them
  2. B_Rich
    Well, I suppose I'll be finding out for myself then haha.  I'll have to report back with my findings.
  3. Scanlia
    How did it work out for you?
  4. B_Rich
    The pins were too large to fit into the IE8 housings.  Scrapped the whole project after about $50 invested.  I suppose if/when I get some decent cans down the road I'll give this another go.  Still rockin the IE8's, just with the stock cable (which, in reality, is probably a better cable than a diy one that I'd make anyway).  Live and learn :)
  5. tygamehk09
    The pins can fit to both IE8 and IE80. I use this pins connector for my IE8/IE80 custom cable.
    I have made hundred of IE8 cable already. All fit well and using the same type of connector.
    Otherwise customer will complaint.
    Here is some hints for the DIY IE8 / IE80 connector
    1) The pins position is same as the UE pins, When top look of the pins. The left pins alway the positive.
    2) Remove all the unwant plastics on both pins and shield.
    3) Using the cutter to smooth the surface inside the shield
    4) Cut the lower part of the shield to fit the larger diameter cable.

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