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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. comzee
    Sennheiser uses high quality plastics in their 6XX range, and even better polycarbonate in their HD8XX line.
    I think the build quality and durability of Sennheiser HD8XX range is easily better than HiFiMan, ZMF, and Audazee, with undoubtedly better QC as well.
    Don't let "wood" and "metal" trick you, it's not about what material is used, it's about manufacturing process, good design, and QC.

    That is, I assume you mentioned Sennhesier using plastics as a negative, which it isn't.
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  2. Law87

    would you rather have plastic and everything works as it should or my HE1000se with metals that creeks everytime the metal rubs? My HE1000se is a fine device but Sennheiser fit me perfectly, and doesnt scream "I make break on ya soon if ya dont take care of this metal rubbing"

    Again, whats matter is comfort and how it sounds, when I put on my HE1000se, it just a bit better than the HD820, but I would take the HD820 over hd800s, focal utopia.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
  3. Tsukuyomi
    To be clear im not saying plastic means bad quality, there are some ballistic plastics that are used in bulletproof windows and body armour.

    Im saying plastics do creak and rattle as much as other materials used for building headphone frames. I have a pair of dt1990, they dont creak or rattle at all, build like a german tank. That being said, when i demod the 820 and 660s i didnt hear any rattling but i did hear creaking when i was placing them on my head. My head isnt large its if anything average size. But, throughout listening i didnt hear any other build noises. So in my book, thats a plus.
  4. jude Administrator
    I found this old post I made about the HD800's chassis back in 2009, just after it was launched:

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  5. selwin
    I do not have any problem with plastic at all. just saying that corbon fibre flakes also does the trick. is more high end:thumbsup:
  6. AppleheadMay
    That's a nice 180 degree! :ksc75smile:
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  7. samuraivoodoo
    how does it compare to hd800s? i'm out of the loop
  8. Tsukuyomi
    I found the 800S smoother and more taught than the 800. If that is any consolation. But theyre not vastly differenent despite what most people will have you think. Id say the 800s is maybe 25% better than the 800. Maybe even 15ish %. Its really up to you if you wanna spend more for slightly better.
  9. Law87

    is this a joke or did I miss something?
  10. selwin
    audeze, carbon-fibre on their headband
  11. FourT6and2
    Now that I've descended into the rabbit hole that is high-end headphones, I picked up a pair of HD820s to A/B against my others (Sony Z7M2, Focal Elear, Focal Elegia). Sound-wise, the HD820 are clear winners. The tonality is perfect, the low-end is punchy, the mid range lets guitar breath without sounding too crunchy, and the highs don't seem to be harsh. The frequency response on these is great for my preferences. And I like the included cables—three different options, all plenty long. Most stock cables are too short, so this is great. That said, one glaring problem is the fit.

    Absolutely the worst fitting headphones I've tried. It's just me. My head is narrow and long, so there's barely any clamping force. If I move my head at all (up, down, left, right) the headphones slosh around. If I open my mouth, swallow, or yawn the headphones move around. I have to remain perfectly still and that's no bueno.

    If I put slight pressure against the ear cups with my fingertips, it's perfect. The sound is awesome. Bass hits like a sledgehammer. But just wearing them without holding them, there's less bass from the loose fit. If the ear pads/cushions were a little thicker I think that would solve the problem. This would put pressure against the headband, increasing clamping force. I contacted Dekoni and asked if they planned on offering replacement pads but they said there hasn't been enough interest yet.

    Anybody else have this problem? Other than this, they're the best sounding headphones I've tried so far. The HD800S are nice as well, but the 820 are punchier and if I had to choose between punchy or airy, I'd choose the former.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
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  12. Slim1970
    You’re not the only one. They could clamp a little harder. Although they are not bad on my head. I love the sound of the HD820’s and fit my be their only weakness.
  13. robo24
    Weird dekoni would say that. I didn’t have any problem getting their velour from Massdrop installed. They immediately came off for ruining the sound. Seems like the others they sell for 800/S would work.
  14. FourT6and2
    800S and 820 pads are different and not interchangeable. The 800S pads are much thinner. If anything the 820 needs thicker pads. Or some other modification/trick to increase clamping force. Best I've been able to come up with is a giant rubber band wrapped around my head lol...
  15. robo24
    Nevertheless the HD800 pads from Dekoni fit my 820 just fine. They indeed are much thicker than stock 800 pads, but as I recall about as thick as the 820 pads so probably wouldn’t help with fit. I believe Sennheiser at some point actually suggested using a rubber band to clamp them together when not in use so that they fit more snugly. I agree that they really should have more clamp force and that this has really harmed the reviews they get. Some get little bass and describe them as honky without a good seal. I do see they mention only the 800 and not 800S, but I thought the pads on those two were the same.

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