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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. iDesign
    The storage box supplied by Sennheiser with all HD820 headphones.
  2. FourT6and2
    Demoed these today at a Sennheiser store. Ran my Macbook Pro out to the HDV 820 DAC. Played the new Tool album (24 bit/96K). I was not impressed with the 800S. But the 820 was nice. Quite powerful. Reminded me of the snappy forward mids of the Focal Elegia. But with better (more) bass. Not sure how much of it was the headphones vs the DAC, though. Compared back and forth with my Sony Z7MII, which have more bass, but more of a scooped mid range. I like the 820. Hard to justify $2400 though. But I'm tempted, if I can convince myself to get a DAC as well. The HDV 820 seems nice I guess, but I have nothing in that price range to compare it to. Anyway, the 820 headphones seemed cool. They fit a little wonky though. Very loose. No seal around my ears.
  3. PY034
    All the three headphones you queried sounded very different. In short, the HD820 sounded clinical, HE1000v2 have this engaging sound signature that I find lacking in Susvara as well as HD820. I can’t comment on Susvara as I have yet to run it properly. I have not touch the HD820 since owning the He1000 and thus I have sold it.
  4. Law87

    what a coinkidink, I sold my HD820 and kept HE1000se...If I could keep both I would, construction on HD820 seems more solid though, even though its plastic...HE1000se already creeks at the hinges.
  5. Roger Dodger
    $2400 is expensive for sure but...take the plunge. In the headphone landscape that's dare I say mid price. Abyss and HiFiMAN are $$$$$ and $$$$. Sure the 820s fit a little wonky but when Dekoni release replacement pads that should transform the fit and seal (Like it did with my HD58Xs).
  6. selwin
    Finally i had the chance to try the hd820. $2400 you might as well burn youre money honey, way too much plastic to justify the cost:L3000:. fore that money i will give silver instead of plastic in my design at least, sorry to say senheiser but regarding to this one, you drop de :football:.:v:
  7. AppleheadMay

    Thanks for the very insightful review, too bad you can't afford it ...
  8. selwin
  9. AppleheadMay
    Well, you're certainly not a good businessman. Trashing the competition is the best way to lose customers you don't even have yet.
    Although calling you competition for a reputable and well established company like Sennheiser might be a bit far fetched.
  10. Hoegaardener70
    Hm, I owned the HD800S and tried the HD820 many times. Whereas I have certain criticisms (towards the midrange), the design most certainly was not one of them. Until this day, the HD800S is the most comfortable headphone I ever owned which is a design achievement on its own. They also turned out to be amazingly durable even after years of use, and I am sure the HD820 users will enjoy the same level of endurance. Yes, there is plastic in it to keep it light, but mind you, plastic is not plastic. Again, the HD800S looked like new after years of use. I hope you can say the same of your designs.
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  11. Law87

    "way too much plastic to justify the cost" ....most headphone out there are covers in plastic, it save weights and increase comfort with minimal clamping force. Weird world this is, this guy buy headphone to look at it, most people use it to listen to music :D
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  12. FourT6and2
    I like how they sound a lot. However the fit doesn't work for me. Very loose. I have to keep my head perfectly still or else they fall off. And I couldn't get a good seal. The ear cups are huge and basically lay on my cheeks, leaving a 1/4" gap under part of the cup. Shame, because they sound great.
  13. jude Administrator
    Having a good seal is typically more important the more closed a headphone is (and it is absolutely critical with the HD820).

    I think the large size of the HD820 (combined with the relatively shallow cushioning of its earpads) will contribute to an ongoing wide variation in impressions and reviews of this headphone. The HD820's earpads are so large (in terms of the real estate each covers) that it's rather more likely to run into nooks and crannies on heads/faces/necks/jaws that compromise the seal. On my large-ish head, I'm fortunate to get a good seal with the HD820 -- it's also very comfortable on me.

    As if variations in personal preferences aren't enough, HD820 impressions and reviews will also be subject to variations in fit and seal than perhaps most headphones.
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  14. FourT6and2
    I can see that. The fit was the only issue I had with them.
  15. Tsukuyomi
    I actually enjoyed the HD820, and the HD660S respectively, i wasnt a fan of the 800S, 800, 700, 650 or 600. :frowning2: idk why.

    But sennheiser is known for their plastic designs, this is to keep budget withing an attainable reach, keep it light and assembly as easy and fast as possible to get units out.
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