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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. robo24
    I like the cable, especially the length. Can watch movies with them on my couch which I couldn't do if it was shorter.

    Re the 650, it was interesting to listen to the 650 through 820 last week at the Sennheiser store. I had just come from an Orpheus session so the 650 sounded worse than I'd experienced before. Everything after it was so much better than the one before, to my ears anyway, with quite a jump going from the 660S to the 800. It made me glad I recently sold my 6XX and HE-4XX to buy the EditionXX.
  2. rutter
    So vocals aren't good?
  3. Law87

    sounds to me like you want an engaging and forward-centric mids...go with utopia...you probably like it more. too fatuiging to me, HD820 is slightly less forward than 800s.
  4. rutter
    Have tried the Utopia, didn't like it. What I like are >$2000 headphones that make a drop of sense. Keep the euphemisms coming.
  5. nikhilthemeal
    If anyone is looking for a superb pairing for the HD 820, look no further than the iFi Pro iDSD Dac/Amp.

    It's a splendid pairing and really accenuates the soundstaging and layering capabilities of the Senns. The most open sounding closed back system I have personally heard
  6. Tsukuyomi
    I didnt like the feel, it felt kinda cheap. Also as you said i wish it was shorter too.
  7. Tsukuyomi
    I would agree, although i did enjoy rock/metal from some of the bands i mentioned that i demo'd on the headphones, I can see what you mean and I do prefer the DT1990 for rock/metal. (I'm not a fan of any grado cans, i dont like the build/comfort and sound tuning.)
  8. gordec
    For those how heard both HD820 and Hifiman stuff like HE1000 or Susvara, how would you compare the sound signature? I loved the HD800 with SDR. For some reason, the HD800s isn't as good as the original to my ears, but I enjoyed a very organic sound signature.
  9. Law87

    HD820 is very wide (sound stage) for closed but it wont reach level of that the HE1000se, I love both, if I could keep both I would.

    Didnt think HD800s was worth the upgrade over my Beyer T1, felt the mid were a little bit thin (I do like it a lot more than original HD800). HD820 is warmer than the HD800s but dont expect it to be HE1000se warmth. Being a closed headphone, there is also that inherent bass bump, but nothing obnoxious, far from it.

    Quality on any Sennheiser will outdo Hifiman, it just a track record from Sennheiser is alot better than Hifiman, no denying that.
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  10. Slim1970
    The HD820 is a even warmer sounding headphone than the HD800S’s. So if you thought the HD800S’s were organic sounding these have those beat. The added bass makes them sound fuller but they still retain all the detail of the HD800 series minus the treble spike.

    Compared to the Hifiman Susvara’s the HD820 loses out on ultimate detail, openness, treble clarity and 3D imaging. The Susvara’s are in a different league sound quality wise. The HD820’s are in my top 3 of closed headphones. The Susvara’s are in the top 3 of ALL headphones to my ears. That to me is the biggest difference.
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  11. Alex Soon
    DAP: Sony NW-WM1Z
    Cable: Stock cable 4.4 balanced
    DAC/Ampilifer: WA11 Topaz
    Headphone: HD820

    I reaches the musical land of no return........
  12. Law87
    caveat to my statement is that it need to fit your face good, some people have leaks and they claim it sound like there is no bass...mine fit my face very well, I experience rumble in the back of my throat when Bass is call upon.
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  13. Slim1970
    Yes, the HD820’s are not bass lite at all. They have plenty of rumble....
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  14. iDesign
    I’m looking for an HD820 storage box. Does anyone have the part number or one they want to part with?
  15. Law87

    the wood box? or you want a travel case.
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