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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. Eduardo C
    I used to have the HD800S but had to let them go, there was a bite (stridency) I could not stand, specially noticeable with piano solo and violin. On the other hand the HD820 are perfect for me. It’s the same Sennheiser house sound only smoother.

    The HD820 sound better with the Sennheiser hdvd600 than out of the PassLabs HPA-1. I was not expecting this since the HPA-1 is clearly superior with all my other headphones, specially the Audeze LCD-4.

    I am enjoying these headphones very much.

    *note: After further testing I am not sure anymore that the hdvd600 is better than the PassLabs HPA-1 with these headphones. YMMV
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
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  2. bluebair
    Has anyone tried the hd820 pads on the hd800/hd800s yet? Ive been wondering if i should get some dekonis or wait for 820 pads to be available separately. Thanks!
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
  3. iDesign
    I'm looking for a spare Pentaconn cable from the HD 820. Do any HD 820 owners have one they are not using and interested in selling?
  4. Music Path
    Me too, have same question
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  5. skootb
    so do these really leak a lot, or is it all dependent on fit and seal?

    I'm looking for a closed back headphone for work, but need coworkers 4 feet from me to not hear what I'm listening to
  6. chimney189
    I'd definitely buy these headphones if they were $1,000 cheaper.
    The MSRP is somewhat unnecessary...
  7. Beagle
    Not interchangeable.
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  8. bluebair
    How so? Dekoni's hd800 pads say compatable with hd800 and the hd820. Why would the dekoni's work on both, while the hd820 pads not?
  9. Beagle
    I tried the 800 pads on the 820 (to try and solve the inconsistent seal) and didn't work out.
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  10. bluebair
    Interesting. Well I guess this answers my question. Ill just pick up some dekoni sheepskins or hybrids
  11. Music Path
    Well bad they arent interchangeable, i like their material and build more. Seem and look more durable. They remember me the Sennheisers orpheus pads or the hifiman 1000 ones.
  12. soullinker20
    luckily I didn't have issues with the seal. but these are very comfortable and still lightweight.
  13. Mathieulh
    I would just get the MDR-Z1R (which I did), they sound much better than the HD820 and are actually cheaper. I would probably get a HD800S to complement them though, although I am leaning toward a pair of Stax instead.
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  14. AppleheadMay
    It baffles me how anyone can even compare that Sony thing with anything from Sennheiser at any pricepoint. Or with any decent headphone for that matter.
  15. Mathieulh
    It baffles me how someone can claim anything sounds good just because it comes from Sennheiser.

    Just to enlighten you, Sennheiser released a lot of rather bad sounding headphones in the past, ever heard of the MM-550X (probably the worst sounding pair of Sennheiser headphones ever made) ? The HD598? (although some like the neutral wide soundstage signature, but the lack of bass just makes them average sounding at best, and I am not a basshead).

    They also did release great sounding products like the HD600, HD650 (though some may argue, sounds slightly "muffled" but that's because it pushes vocals forward, which is just a different listening experience in my opinion), the HD800/800S or even the (overpriced) HE-1.

    That said, while the HD820 is decent sounding, it doesn't even get close to the listening experience provided by the Z1R (or even the HD800S for that matter), it's a decent pair of closed back headphones with a great looking design, comfortable and surprisingly lightweight, it's even good sounding (although, not impressive and nowhere near the sound provided by a HD800S or even a Hifiman HE4XX, and that's a $170 pair of headphones!), Is it worth its €2000+ pricetag? Hell no! I Daresay you can shed €1000 off that price to get anywhere near what would presumably be a good deal (and it might even not be, considering you can still get the much better sounding MDR-Z1R (which to be honest, has no contenders when it comes to closed back headphones at this time), or the HD800S (still much better sounding, despite the HD820 being based on the HD800S design!), or even a much better sounding pair of electrostatic headphones such as Stax along with an Energizer to drive them!

    Quite frankly, you probably never gave the Z1R a good listening or you wouldn't be trashing it. Yes, Sony has not always produced good sounding headphones, in fact most of them don't sound good at all, I daresay you don't want to invest in the MDR-1A or MDR-1AM2 which don't sound good in my opinion (and I do own these, I even drive them over balanced!), the MDR-Z7 are decent, although you can get better at an equivalent price range, they also do produce some pearls like the XBA-N3 (which are great sounding IEMs at an affordable price) or obviously, the previously mentionned MDR-Z1R.

    If you can't have an objective opinion, that's your problem, if you want to spend €2000+ on a subpar/average pair of headphones, good for you, I for my part, will be spending my money elsewhere.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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