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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. syke
    I am just as baffled. How can that Sony thing compare to anything from Sennheiser? Such heresy!

    Alas, the truth hurts.
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  2. AppleheadMay

    Well, I don't feel enlightened at all.

    And I don't declare phones good just because they come from Sennheiser, I just decided I liked them better than other brands after over 10 years of trying and buying many highly regarded headphones and I like the diversity they have within the brand.

    I did own the Z1R for months and the accompanying dac/amp for a few days (it sucked just as much and is highly underpowered). If you checked my profile you wouldn't have had to guess.
    I tried to listen to it and compare it to anything else I had at the time (of which many non-Sennheiser phones).
    I simply can't understand how anyone can declare a pair of phones with REALLY over-emphasized bass and treble and COMPLETELY sucked out mids even remotely decent.
    It sounds completely off compared to a a well-balanced pair of phones and even if I do enjoy some fun and colered phones as well this one isn't fun at all, it just sounds completely wrong.

    And who are you to declare your opinion objective and mine not? (Not that mine is, nor yours for that matter, opinions are subjective by nature.)
    Everyone has to agree with that Sony phone being the holy grail and no-one can think it sucks?
    I think both opinions are needed so people don't buy it blindly like I did only to realise it has been a complete waste of money.
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  3. Drumonron
    I own the Sony Z1R and the Senn HD800, they compliment each other quite nicely. The Sony Z1R are fantastic at blocking out unwanted noise while presenting lush mids and precise lows with lovely highs. The Senns are there for their airy details and wide soundstage. Couldn't live without my Z1Rs...they will go down as an all time best in time...all in good time.

    Our ears do not capture things the same, please do understand, but this is not the headphones fault. Sony really outdid themselves when they produced the Z1R. Such an amazing closed headphone - a real treat. I've had countless listening sessions side by side with my HD800 and the Z1R does not miss any of the details that the HD800 presents. Have no idea where people get the impression of the Z1R giving too much bass - this puzzles me and makes me think they have not heard the HP at all.

    Meh, carry on.

    Now, please understand, I'm a Senn guy - have in my possession the HD600, HD700, and HD800 but did not get the HD820 because I simply cannot imagine it beating my lovely Z1Rs.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  4. Maelob
    Please let’s not make this a Z1R back and forth polarizing discussion.
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  5. soullinker20
    Yup. Both have their own merits. Happy to be able to have both.
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  6. soullinker20
    does the 820 need a lot of burn in?
    comparing to my Z1R the highs on the 820 are like shelved for me. the high mids compared to Z1R have not much presence and not exciting. These are just my observations and not using the z1r as benchmark. I felt the 820s are not lively for me but has a very comfortable sound that I can listen to the whole day.
  7. purk Contributor
    I own both the SDR modded HD800 and the Z1R together both for over a year and I much preferred the HD800. The sad truth is that the Z1R falls short of Sony’s previous flagships to my ears. I do agree that the Z1R has an elevated bass and tad hot in the treble. I love its expansive qualities for being a closed headphones, still my recabled CD3000 was even more expansive when I compared the two side by side. The SDR modded hd800 out of my ECP Ravenswood can stand toe to toe with the top end electrostatic system. I also preferred the HD800 over the Z1R out of both the golden Walkman 1Z and TA-ZH1SS amp. Back in the 1990s to early 2000s, the older Sony flagships all have more of a reference sound tuning with airier and expansive soundstage with near neutral bass response. The R10, CD3000, and SA5000 were all like that. That all change with the Z7 and Z1R. Sound like the HD820s has missed the mark on this one.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2018
  8. soullinker20
    i thought there was a lot of midbass lacking on the 820's vocals. sometimes it sounds weird or hollow. it still sounds natural but off on some songs.
    the Z1r sounds about right for me on that area.
  9. Bern2
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  10. gryphonos
    1. Would like to ask you guy's, what do you use as case/bag for the HD 820 when travelling?

    2. My comment on HD820's SQ: taking into accout that each human has a different sound perception, personally, I can't find any particular disadvantages of this headphone. As a former ambitious musician, I think sounding as close to live music as possible is the most important quality of a headphone. In this regard, HD 820's bass, mids and highs sound realistic to me. I mostly appreciate the presentation of width and depth of the space, resolution and transparency.

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations of a case/ bag for HD820 !
  11. Dobrescu George
    1. I don't think those were made to be portable in any way, I'd carry them in their main box for best protection, where possible :)

    2. I haven't heard them , so I won't comment... I hope they have a live bass though, I trust the midrange and treble would sound close to live, but metal music tends to have really strong bass live, I'm curious to hear them :)
  12. 329161
    I think the z1r has a lot of character and the 820 is relatively boring and continues Sennheiser's track record for making disappointing closed headphones. Im referring to the Momentum and wireless lines.
    Just my opinion, not flaming.
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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  13. chungjun
    You might want to check out HippoCase product range.
  14. QueueCumber
    I’ve been using this:


    Very happy with it. It comes with a carabiner that I hook onto my backpack so I don’t have to take up space in the backpack when flying...
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  15. Virtu Fortuna
    I agree.
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