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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. up late
    the hd820 and z1r graphs have significant differences, and why bring tyll into this discussion when you know that he has retired from reviewing headphones? it is unlikely that we will ever know if he has actually heard the hd820, let alone what he thinks of it.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
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  2. Mark Up
    When I listened to them they struck me as well balanced, more so than the FR Graphs. That said, I didn't spend hours and hours with them, those defects may have shown. Graphs are interesting and not always accurate. The Sony MDR-1A, stock, has a very full range sound. No big dips, not overly bright or rolled off, solid sub bass, with a mid bass boost. I'd changed those stock pads to Meze 99 pads. The treble is similar, the mids slightly more forward (in a good way) and very low sub bass is increased. These are some of the best headphones I've heard for pure sub bass enjoyment. The mid bass is about the same, but due to the increase in sub bass and true mids, comparatively it can seem to be less and is better controlled too. Brought them to CanJam 2018 to compare to cans. They are a reality check. Brought them to Dekoni's booth. Listened to the Blue Fostex mods they have now which were great but the subs did roll off a bit higher than I'd like. Put MY Sony cans on the dummy binaural testing head to get measured. It'd shown a large roll off just under 100 hz. That is simply not possible.

    They're legit headphone enthusiasts, and I don't doubt the quality of their gear. For whatever reason, seal or I have no idea, they were not getting any accurate measurement. Also, Tyll stated, with FR curves, that the Audio Technica ATH-M50X had a bit less treble than the prior version. I'd tested several pairs of those against a few older pairs, and the treble I heard in those newer cans was the same if not even a bit more than the old. Other reviewers stated that. The graphs show a reduction I simply didn't hear. The graphs show the new ATH-M50X actually to be a warm sounding headphone, not the V shaped monstrosity it actually is. There are also many on the HD-58XX thread saying they can have a bit too much treble at times. Actually I agree but I'm hyper-sensitive to treble so HD-650 can be a bit trebly at times for me too. The majority will disagree with us, the graphs for the HD650 will show it having similar levels of treble as the ATH-M50X, which is nowhere near what you actually hear. Most of the time graphs don't lie, I had heard and seen that, but clearly there are exceptions to the rule.
  3. up late
    pitting one's subjective perception against objective measurements seems misguided to me. while our ears and personal preferences are the final arbiter in this hobby, we are not infallible. i regard headphone measurements as indicative rather than absolute. sometimes what i hear aligns with the measurements and other times it doesn't, which is fine given that i'm the biggest variable in this comparative exercise.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  4. Beagle
    hardly surprising when you haven't heard them
  5. qtiefi
    How is the comfort of these compared to hd800s?
  6. Beagle
    About the same, maybe slightly heavier. Pads are bulkier but very comfy.
  7. money4me247 Contributor
    Comfort is good, basically the same ergonomics as the HD800s. The HD820 is noticeably heavier though in direct comparison.
  8. up late
    that's both petty and beside the point (which is all too predictable) as i was commenting on the problem with listening to any headphone and then comparing that subjective experience to a graph of its measured performance
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2018
  9. Rchandra
    I think I am going to wait for sennheiser to work on a planer headphone they did recently file a patent for a planer design I believe. I think that I would personally feel better spending $2400 on a planar then on a dynamic driver. Especially from Sennheiser. I will wait and see but man this headphone has been such a roller coaster for myself. I hated them then loved them then eventually realized that I don't need them. Only because I have a hd800S and a z1r. I think the hd820 is awesome and I really do think that if people should spend more time with them to realize how good they are. But for now I'm gonna sign off on these and wait for another beast to come into town. :)
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  10. Bastianpp
    hello, the speed of the driver from hd820 how fast it is?

  11. GREQ
    How good is your throwing arm?
  12. QueueCumber
    Correct answer is: How fast do you like it?
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  13. Beagle
    actually it is to the point. it's an 820 thread. it's out there, go buy or demo then come back with something useful and on topic. No need for speculation any longer.
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  14. QueueCumber
    They make an ignore button for a reason. Some folks like to instigate arguments and grate people the wrong way for their own gratification. The best option is to remove their ability to do so. That’s what I do at least.
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  15. up late
    no, it is actually beside the point. @jude posted his measurements of the hd820 a couple of pages back, which a number of people who are yet to hear it have commented on and i don't see you trolling them. in fact, the majority of posts in this thread are from people who haven't heard the hd820. so for the third time, i look forward to auditioning the hd820 and i will post my impressions here, but i won't have you dictating the terms under which i can post in this thread in the meantime. contrary to what you may think, i don't speculate about headphones and you won't find me whining about them either.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
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