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Sennheiser HD800 S Impressions Thread (read first post for summary)

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by shabta, Jan 19, 2016.
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  1. exhale

    I listen to a very wide range of music. I specified that one dance/EDM track because that's when it happened, sadly. But i listen to Buddha Bar, chillout, orchestral, oldies (like the real `70's and `80's), ambient, EDM (as stated above), rock, pop, folk (especially celtic folk music). I think i've spent around 50 hours with the headphones and i do agree that with certain recordings, they are breathtaking. No doubt or arguing here. I especially loved them with everything Enigma (all of which is ripped from CD's because i'm a huge Enigma fan).

    I will not post here after ending today's discussions, since i no longer own the headphones but again, i do not wish to harm anyone's feelings regarding them. This is just my experience with them.
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  2. llcook51
    I agree with Phronesis. I enjoy my HD800S immensely. People hear differently and enjoy different types and styles of music. That is one big reason that there are so many TOTL HPs with different sound signatures. No one-size fits all.
    Whatever HPs you decide on, may they please you and your ears.:L3000:
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  3. Phronesis
    I don't see how you can conclude that your hearing and perception are more "accurate" because your ear anatomy is atypical. What reference for "accuracy" are you using, and how are you testing? How do you know that you perceive things in the environment which others typically don't? Seems much more likely that the driver geometry and angled alignment of the HD800S doesn't work for your ears because your anatomy is atypical.
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  4. metsat
    I have listened to the HD800S for about an hour now since I received them and it is probably to early to make a judgment but to my ears I have never heard a headphone with better soundstage and instrument separation.
  5. exhale
    Because i have been told so :). At one point, i thought i was going crazy because i kept hearing little things which others could not. I could hear the giggle of a small child around the corner with wind blowing in my face. I could hear the small sneezes of my neighbors while my whole family was looking strangely at me. When i joined the army, during the compulsory medical tests, i was told about this and the doctor asked me: "Do you think you've been hearing things others around you could not?" and before i got the chance to answer, she quickly switched to "How many times have people looked at you like you were crazy" :).

    Edit: i've done several tests which were supposed to show my ability to hear 3D (positional audio, i think). I did a lot of tests and even today, when i go and see a new doctor, whenever that doctor sees how my ear canals are, smiles and asks me the same things.
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  6. Phronesis
    Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Seems that your anatomy gives you added hearing acuity of a certain type, but since that's atypical relative to the normal population, it may come with some drawbacks (such as the HD800S not sounding good to you), and of course human hearing has generally evolved to meet survival and reproduction needs in past evolutionary environments.

    I hope you recognize that, because your ear anatomy and hearing is atypical, it would be probably be a good idea for you to neither give nor take advice regarding headphones. You especially need to listen for yourself, and need to assume that what you perceive may be quite different from what most other perceive.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
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  7. exhale
    And this is exactly the conclusion i've came to. I bought these headphones at the (rather insistent) advice of a close friend, who thought he knew what i like and/or want and kept on insisting that these are perfect, for me. My lesson is learned. Thank you and to each and every other HD800 S owner out there (or here...?), enjoy your headphones!
  8. Arniesb
    These headphones can sound warm, harsh and bassy. It depends on system, also it can sound really harsh with noisy source. I would audition different setups too see if headphones is the problem.
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  9. llcook51
    From my listening experience, the HD800S is more sensitive to the source than many other HPs. While that can be a problem, it is also a reflection of its ability to discern minute differences and details. The "easy" solution: only listen to great material!
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  10. Arniesb
    Honestly man. In my present system it sounded harsh regardless of music quality. Topping Dx 7 as a dac or dac/amp combo. Had Arcam Irdac but it sounded way too colored. Later on Tried ifi nano usb 3.0 to bring more natural Sound and lower noise floor. It kinda sounded rounder in bass and lower mids, but very thin mids and highs. With Ifi nano usb 3.0 everthing sounded unbearably harsh even with amp like Violectric V280. My last chance before changing dac was to try usb cable that have separeted power line from signal line with good insulation and great quality conductor.
    So i got Wireworld Starlight Platinum 7 Usb cable yesterday and my God...
    I dont remember last time i didnt skip song, but now i barely had sleep after my nigh shift, because music sounded so organic so real so alive, resolving and detailed...
    I was laughing when reading about cables back in the day, but now i am truly a believer...
    If i would start my journey again i would buy quality usb cable after dac and amp.
    What you feed dac is what you get...
    Yes expensive cable, but it make music sound real which cannot be achieved with amp. Whith crappy usb music will sound flat regardles of amp.
  11. martyn73
    I'm not sure if a hyper-expensive USB cable made to industry specifications can improve signal quality to any measurable degree. A comparison can be made with an HDMI cable; no cable exists which can measurably improve signal quality and in the case of HDMI cables, improve acting. Perhaps using a tube amplifier to add second order harmonic distortion or using EQ software would be more effective than a DAC (which is supposed to be neutral) or a USB cable (which is simply required to transfer signal without loss)? If such a cable could be used to enhance output from my DSLR or improve my printed text then I'm a believer. Until then, my trusty Poundland USB cable will continue to heroically transport supply noughts and ones.
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  12. billerb1
    Uh oh, here we go.
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  13. martyn73
    Just my opinion, but I'd like to hear my HD800S or even SR-007A with a super-duper cable which features a bass de-flabifier, spun-silver plankton generator and an organic resolution de-encabulator.
  14. Whazzzup
    Well mine being a chord company Sarum t digital super array USB would fall in the premium category and sound quality enhancement is sidelined by skittle dispersion as well as a rf wave bubble that leaves my dac clean and shiny.
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  15. Matez

    Challenge accepted. On top of your wishlist it'll also distort space time continuum. Going to be pricey, you've been warned!
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