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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. jude Administrator
    The driver is new to the HD600-series platform, but it is based on the HD700 driver. While I'd imagine changes/optimizations would need to be made to adapt it to a completely different enclosure and chassis, it is based on the HD700 engine.
  2. Levanter
    Thanks for the initial impressions and graph. From the FR it looks like they bumped up the bass and mids of the HD660S compared to the 650, however treble wise it looks almost the same/slightly more on the older 650 (except nearing the 20k region)?
  3. Pedro Oliveira
    In terms of build quality, are they any different from the hd600/650? Same old plastic and metal headband with just a new paintjob and new logos or something was reinforced in anyway?

    In terms of sound quality, from what you say this is clearly an upgrade to the hd650....

    Where does this leave the hd600 and 650 now? The hd600 will still remain the neutral referente it always was? The hd650 should now be overlooked and people should go straight for the 660s?

    Do you think that the 600/650 will prettybmuch keep their relevance with this new entering or do they start to feel a little dated?

    In terms of scalability, being that the hd600/650 are 300 ohms do you think they scale better with better sources or despite having a lower impedance the hd660s does as good as their older brothers?

    On the other hand, being now 150ohms, something like a fiio a5/e12 is enough to make the hd660s "sing"?

    Cheers jude.... :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
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  4. FastAndClean
    Hd700 drivers are high quality, fast and clean, that is good news
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  5. PeteMtl
    The problem with the HD700 seems not to be the driver, but the driven/enclosure match which contributes to the 6khz Spike. In fact some mods adding absorbing isolation to the driver and enclosure does diminish the 6khz spike on the HD700. Moreover, on Jude’s graph of the HD660, there are no trace of a 6khz spike (at least not to the same extent) which further valids the theory that the 6khz spike on the HD700 is not caused by the driven itsself (if the driver on the HD660 is the same or derived from the HD700).

    Jude’s graph show that the HD650 and HD660 are more alike than different. Maybe a 1 or 1.5db more sub bass under 40 hz, maybe a 2 or 2.5 db more in the mids region, which further flattens the frequency response (does it make the HD660 mids sound closer to the HD600?), slightly lower highs over 9 khz at certain frequencies and extended super highs (which you would probably not hear that much) well above 15khz. In fact most of these are subtle differences on the graph and the main difference seems in the mids, not much in the sub bass or extreme highs...

    A quick (too quick) conclusion regarding the graph would be that the HD660 has the sub bass, bass and lower mids of the HD650 and the overall mids of the HD600, with highs and extreme highs not that different from the HD650. Jude says it sound a bit clearer overall, is it because of the mids that are more balanced to the rest of the FR? Jude may you look further on all this ?
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
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  6. RiflemanFirst
    I'm really liking the initial impressions & FR measurement from @jude and definitely looking forward to a more in depth review. I suspect that Sennheiser has done it right with the HD660S, but I want to watch/read a couple different reviews before buying. Whenever they become available, that is!
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2017
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  7. FastAndClean
    Transients will be quicker than the hd650, that will contribute to the cleaner sound, not only the measurements
  8. FastAndClean
    That will be very nice headphone indeed, the hd700 have strong dip in the upper mids (around 2.5khz) and now with the hd660 the mids are present in that area, that will improve the vocals drastically
  9. chimney189
    This is exciting.
    I'd love to do a side-by-side comparison of these with my Audeze LCD-2 Pre-fazor.
    The ergonomics of the 6XX line is simply unbeatable.
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  10. Pink Freud
    @jude : how is the treble in comparison to the hd650? Is it more neutral/realistic (for ex do hi hats sound clearer?)? It's the only thing I would change in the hd 650...
    Thanks a lot!
  11. Zojokkeli
    Comparison with the almost similarly priced LCD-2C would be very interesting too.
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  12. trybeingarun
    If the 660S worked just as well with SS amps as 650s are claimed to do with tube amps (I have no personal experience) it would definitely be a huge plus.
  13. phthora
    I've been waffling on buying an HD700 in the near future. Looks like the decision just became a lot easier. 660S's for me.

    Now the question is: are the 650's worth buying alongside the 660S's for any reason?
  14. ubs28
    Interesting measurements from Jude. Looks like the HD 660 S might be more neutral than the HD 600 as the HD 600 really is missing sub bass ( you cannot be neutral if you are missing frequencies).

    It seems it also it has that dip in the treble like the HD 650 which gives it a bit more of a forgiving sound.
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  15. Rob80b
    Although measurements don't tell the whole story... : )
    Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 12.53.14 PM.png

    The inclusion of the 700 driver technology is a step forward though IMHO.
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