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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. -ImageX
    Precisely.... but for cheap. I couldn’t resist even though I already had a pair of “650s”.
  2. XERO1
  3. Brahmsian
    Is that really an HD700 driver? Read at some other forum: "It's a[n] HD700 driver...tuned for a less peaky, more neutral response."
  4. Solrighal
    Kinda heavy on the ears though.
  5. Charente
    I've been following this thread with some interest. As a confirmed HD650 owner ... these have scaled wonderfully as I have climbed the equipment ladder and my hope is that the new HD660S will match well with the equipment I have now ... so, I'd be keen to read any impressions of the HD660S paired with a Schiit Mjolnir 2, noting that the impedance is now down to 150 ohms. The HD5xx series (also 150 ohm), which I also have, did not match as well with the MJ2, IMO ... in my experience it does much better with a LYR 2 (same tubes). Clearly the HD5xx series are not in the same league, but worth noting, I thought.

    Looking at the detail description on the AudioSanctuary website (UK) they specifically state ... "The HD 660 S features a new transducer design" ... so by (speculative) implication this is not a modified (tuned) HD700 driver or any other existing driver.

    My own preference would be a wider soundstage and although the MJ2 does deliver 'credible' bass thru the HD650, it would be nice for a better grip of the bass-line. Am I asking too much ?

    EDIT: Correction, the HD5xx series are 50 ohm
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2017
  6. Ali-Pacha
    This. Such a refreshing news in our world always craving for the kilobucks FOTM :)

    Contrails and mulveling like this.
    From pics 660s, has new center hole cover. Thats nicer than using black foam as in 6xx.
    Few minutes ago I try some alu covers, no impress result 20171014_174237.jpg
  8. Desdinova12
    The method they use looks very similar to the HD700's cover. It's a fine mesh . I wouldnt be surprised if it had a drive related to the 700 if the methodology is similar
  9. mtoc
    of Course not, it's new, copywriter doesn't lie
  10. Jodet
    I have three questions for Jude and Ty for when they get their review samples (which I hope will be soon):

    1) Are these better than the 600's, or is it still trade-offs?
    2) Are these better than the 650's, or is it still trade-offs?
    3) Are these better than the 700's, or is it still trade-offs?
    Luminette likes this.
  11. ubs28
    Will be a nice upgrade if they manage to get the technical performance of the HD 700 into the HD 650.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  12. obsidyen
    I agree... Technically HD700s are amazing headphones. That peak in the lower treble region makes it impossible to enjoy them for long sessions, however. Keeping HD650 sound signature and adding HD700' technical performance to it would make this headphone a must buy for me.

    Part of me wishes that this new headphone was HD750.
    Malfunkt likes this.
  13. Pedro Oliveira
    I very curious and from the impressions of a user on the "meet the hd660s..." thread they seem like a nice blend between the 600 and 650. I do not doubt they will become a hit but the price will have to drop a bit before that. At their msrp you can basically buy both the hd600 and 650 new right now.... At least in spain you can....
  14. Audioholic123
    Just a guess at this stage but I think the HD660S will be much closer to HD700 in performance/sound quality and not HD650.
    Why? because the drivers of the HD660S are very similar to HD700 drivers.
    And to think that HD700 is cheaper than HD660S..
  15. RiflemanFirst
    The HD660S MSRP ($499.99 USD) is the same as the HD650 currently. Hopefully sellers like Amazon will cut the price down to ~$300-400 whenever they get them.
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