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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Deftone
    Here's my pads after 11 months use. Don't be fooled these are way more comfortable even with them looking flat, the downsides though is the sound is warmer and sweeter, the change happens slowly over time so you won't notice but some may need to change pads every 5-6 months if they want to maintain the "fresh" sound. Not ideal because of the cost of the pads though.

  2. tafens
    I have chosen to perform pad maintenance once a year as a compromise between wear and cost.

    My pads weren’t as compressed as those in your image, but still noticeably so, and changing them gave a small but definite improvement. :L3000:
  3. Deftone
    They have a lot of hours on them And the fact I have a big head lol.
  4. Mike F
    I’m going back over some of the older posts from this thread and found this. I’m going to add some more about this sometime in the next few days or so. I have now heard four different HD 660 S headphones (two of which I’ve decided to keep!) and I already own two HD 650’s which are separated in age by a few years. The whole issue of differences between headphones in current production, different production runs, and small tweaks over a number of years is very interesting, and I have some observations which I will share when I have more time. Meanwhile the HD 660 S continues to grow on me! I’m glad that Sennheiser decided to change the design (for the worse in my opinion) which is what finally made me buy them whilst the old style was available. Apologies to everyone who’s been following my posts that it took me so long........!
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  5. Mike F
    Like I said, I’m reading through some old posts. Involving is what the HD 660 S seems to do better ultimately for me than the HD 650. I’ll try to explain why in a future post.
  6. equalspeace
    Been grabbing the 660s over the HE500 consistently over the past couple if weeks. The 660s has become my everyday listen. It’s just got so much going for it, just enough bass, great detail, excellent mids, good stage, comfy and easy to drive. Hard to go wrong w the 660s
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  7. ipcress
    Apologies if this has been asked before but I’ve noticed that there are 2 different versions of 660S available on amazon UK the originals at £390 the other (newer version in stock 9-Nov-19) at £321.21?

    Does anyone know what the difference is?

    The £390 ones do state they come with 2 cables, whereas the £321.21 just says detachable cables, maybe is doesn’t include the 4.4 Balanced?

    It also says “New improved transducer design for very low harmonic distortion”.

    If they are new and improved why are they 17% cheaper than the original ones??
  8. Mike F
    They are exactly the same except for a small change to the plastic moulded parts. If you're not familiar with the 6 series headphones you probably wouldn't even notice the difference. I personally prefer the old styling, probably because it's been the same since they introduced it in the mid/late 90's with the HD580 Precision, a headphone which I still have and use. I just prefer the look and feel of the more rounded edges on the old ones. I have NO idea what's going on with the pricing. If you're not bothered you the small style difference, just buy the cheaper one. The drivers are the same! Included cables are the same as well.
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  9. ipcress
    Thanks for the that, seems like a no brainer to go for the cheaper ones then :)
  10. donlin
    Seems odd that the new version would be cheaper. Maybe the original is already a collector's item!
  11. Mike F
    Why do you think I snapped up two before they became unavailable......?! :wink:
  12. donlin
    It can happen. I sold my original Joseph Grado Signature HP1000's a few years back for $1800.00 (450.00 new). Then sold just the wood box that the Grado RS-1's originally came in for $800.00.
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  13. ipcress
    A possible investment opportunity then.................think I’ll go for the new and improved cheap ones and put the saving into the DAC pot :wink:
  14. HipHopScribe
    More likely just a quirk of Amazon's pricing algorithms or different sellers listing at different prices
  15. Mike F
    I think he was mostly joking (and so was I)! :wink:
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