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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. sehnsucht
    Ok. Out of interest, which of those two pictures shows the new styling?
  2. Mike F
    The one on the left.
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  3. sehnsucht
    Ok, thanks. Makes sense - those are the ones Amazon UK delivered last week. Sennheiser's website is odd - they are selling both pairs - the old design they want an additional £50 for but are throwing in an Apogee Grove dac/amp (which looks like sells for £250+ usually) but this is £479, whereas the £429 for just the (new) headphones compare unfavourably with Amazon's £331. Do they need to get rid of the old ones that badly if there's only a cosmetic difference? I doubt many people would notice the difference - all I can see is that the dots which let you "feel" the left side have moved and there's an L/R under the logo on the driver.
  4. equalspeace
    Between the 660s and my HE500s idk which ones I like better. Ultimately the HE500s have the edge in technicalities, but the 660s come close and they're a helluva a lot lighter. Perfect combo!
  5. Mike F
    How about musicality? As headphones are for reproducing music I’ve always thought that to be more important........
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  6. equalspeace
    I honestly am not sure just yet.

  7. OrganMonster
    Hi @Mike F,

    The closest I came to listening to the 650 was when I purchased a new pair of 650's five years ago during one of those big Black Friday sales. Unfortunately the right channel was dead on arrival and I sent it back for a refund. So I never actually listened to either the 600 or 650.
  8. Mike F
    You should give them another try. The HD660S has some advantages over the HD650, but you might prefer the sound signature of the latter. To me it’s more tonally correct, and in fact FWIW the FR is flatter. Depending on what you’re listening to and at what volume it can be the better choice. It’s main disadvantage is that it requires better amplification to perform well.
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  9. equalspeace
    Finding the 660s is really good directly from a DAP, but even better with just a little push from my portable amps. The iBasso PB3 brings so much neutral clarity and speed out the 660s. The Fiio Q1 Mk2 more midrange brilliance and lushness/smoothness.
  10. bizkid
    I'm on the fence of trying the HD660s. In the past I have owned the HD580, HD600 (multiple times) and the HD650 (2x). I remember having some magical moments with the HD600 but I never liked the HD650. Can't remember anything about the HD580. At the moment I don't own any of the series. What I like about the HD660S is that it's easier to drive. I have no plans for getting an amp. I would run them off my phone or my audio interface. I like my vocals to be a bit forward as that is what I hear over my studio monitors. Most vocals are mixed forward in modern music and I don't want my headphones to hide that. I'm not sure if the HD660S will deliver. What do you guys think?
    By the way this turned out to be one of the better and interesting threads on headfi, big thumps up to everyone posting here.
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  11. flyer1
    Go for it!

    What you describe is what I found with my Hd660S/WM1Z.
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  12. GearMe
    Yep...he really is a 660 advocate!
    It's a good thing when someone can find a set of cans that brings them closer to their music. :)

    That said, I'd side with you on the 6XX at ~1/2 the price for best bargain.
    Will be replacing my 650's (gone but not forgotten) with the 6XX in a month unless the 660 goes on a significant sale during Black Friday

    My biggest takeaway re: the 6 series is don't sell them...you'll just end up buying them again. :wink:
    Second biggest takeaway...I don't regret getting rid of my HD800 or HD700 -- fwiw.

    Regarding 6 series build...meh
    Apples and oranges but I just picked up a new set of closed cans (Denon AH-D5200) for late night listening sessions and they were $329 from Amazon UK. Different sound sig and use case but they're definitely a very nice set of mid-tier cans that I'm really enjoying and the materials/build/etc. blow away the 6 series.
  13. pietcux
    I think you could look up the term Bauhaus to fully understand the ingenious design of the HD6XX frame. Jonny Ives could not have done better. The absence of the paintjob of the HD600/650 on the HD660S makes the design choice even better.
  14. GearMe
    Hmmm -- eye of the beholder, methinks.

    Grew up with a lot of that 'design choice' in my childhood house including furniture...ugh!

    Even if I thought it was cool looking (meh), it sure wasn't comfortable in my experience. I know which one of these I'd settle into for a long listening session :wink:


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  15. equalspeace
    Listening to the 660s with the 10ft 4.4mm cable it comes w really makes a difference. That cable is so well-made. I had been using a stock 3.5mm cable that had been modded to a 2.5mm termination. Anyway the 4.4mm with a Sendy Audio adapter directly to the 2.5mm output on the dx150 is producing bliss on a grand scale.
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