Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the smoothest sounding headphone setup in the world?
That would be HD 650 with WA2 and 6AS7G tubes, master.

No, no no...hd650, lyr and Lorenz tubes. 

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I can hear them clearly on my little dot IV. I can also hear them clearly on my STX as well as on my marantz integrated. HD650.

How odd. I have the STX and I can hear them but not clearly. I also tried 3 AMP's including the intruder over the weekend, but couldn't hear them as clearly (Intruder was the best) as I'd expect to based on my audition.
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Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is the smoothest sounding headphone setup in the world?
That would be HD 650 with WA2 and 6AS7G tubes, master.

No No...HD650's and the CSP2+ with a Jan Sylvania 5U4G and a trio of Genalex 6922 Golden Lions....
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It seems like the last few pages in here have been about equipment for the HD-650 and not so much the sound (which is ok!). I'll post some further listening impressions since i'm bored. I'll try to be brief:
These are definitely more revealing of source quality, bitrate than my HD-600/580 and 598. This is totally opposite of what I said before with my 2nd pair. Maybe it's due to the ODAC?
Most all detail can be heard, even recording hiss, but all that crap I don't want to hear doesn't feel like it's shoved in my face.
Even coming from the Q701, the treble is fine. I don't think these sound dark at all. Sure, they sound like they have less treble overall.
I find these more engaging and fun than the HD-600. Just a tad more fun than the 580 (I won't go there). The winner here is the extra bass presence, thicker mids and vocals do sound more forward. Not just male vocals.
The soundstage of the 650 is much better than that of the 600 to me. I don't even need to A/B this. The 600 probably has a larger soundstage, but the 650 has it beat when it comes to most areas. Feels as if some instruments on the 650 are coming at me from to my left and right of me and slightly behind my head. Never got this on the HD-600 or 598 as much. I do feel like you can almost detect what type of room the recording was made in. Feel like i'm there almost. All the tiny details are there for me.
Some say these are boring. I can see this. So far for me it depends on the recording. With my Q701 and old DT-880, this always seems to depend on the recording. As hard as it is for some to believe it, these do sound fairly well balanced. No, I wouldn't use them in a studio. They don't seem too colored at all with my setup.
The bass on this pair and with my setup is incredibly well controlled. It's never bloated. I can't even detect much of a mid-bass hump. If there is, it doesn't show up unless the recording calls for it. It doesn't seem to make any of my recordings bassier than I remember. I think there IS some stuff that is less present on my Q701/HD-600, but I think it's just that the 650 has better bass extension. These certainly don't seem bass heavy at all. My last pair definitely was! Maybe it was a lemon. The bass quantity for me is about the same as my DJ100. These have more mid-bass I imagine.
There also seems to be more variation between recordings with the 650 than the 600. Why? I don't know. I'm talking mostly about recording quality. With some tracks, the difference is small. On the 650 it's also easy to pick out 128kbps tracks. Some lower bit-rate tracks sound fine, but it depends more on the recording quality.
The only trouble spot for me is there seems to be a small peak in the lower mids. It's rarely there and could be made worse due to the recording. I also heard this a lot on the PX100-II. I think here it's due to needing a bit more use to smooth itself out. This is with any amp or DAC.
I buy a lot of my headphones because they do well with female vocals. These are perfect. They never sound recessed or anything like that. It varies a little with the recording. Sometimes they're distant or very up-front.
I'm still a bit confused why these are considered "laid-back". I guess it's the treble.. my Q701 is no less laid back sounding than these

Of course the Q701 sounds a bit more less forgiving with treble happy/harsh tracks. Maybe that's what they mean..
You know it's pretty annoying how you've had 3 HD-650's (not for very long) in your lifetime and they all sound different. This pair sounds exactly like the version I had that really impressed me. It had a paint defect and the replacement sounded much worse.
I think this will be a good alternative to my Q701 (that i'm never selling). So far I'm preferring the 650 to the 600/598 and 580.
Oh yeah..for whatever reason, the HD-650 is a bit more "musical" with my Total Airhead from Clip+. I think the only reason I say this is that the mids sound even more forward. Soundstage seems a bit more closed in. I imagine it's just that the Micro Amp and ODAC are much more neutral. The Clip+ is probably warmer than the ODAC too I imagine. I've heard some say the HD-650 sounds good with CMOY amps too. I have an E11, but i'm really worried about even trying that with it.
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Anyone here know where I can buy the Sen HD650 headband that shipping international for cheap?
Thank you.
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No, No, NO.... Hi-rez lossless to PS Audio D-LinkIII to Lyr (Lorenz Stuttgart) to Silver Dragon cable to HD650s to ears, while Hawaiian breezes gently caress both my margarita and the bikini-clad body of my latest girlfriend, Kate Upton.
Yes, the HD650 is that smooth.

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OldSkool...Wake Up.....

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