Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. swmtnbiker
    IMO it's really, REALLY hard to top the Crack+Speedball with the HD 650, particularly at the price point. My 650 sounds great with the HA-1 as well, but that euphoric tube sound that I get with the Bottlehead is seductive and hard to let go of. However, good luck finding a HA-1. Your only option is to purchase used, if you can fid one, or a very expensive new unit from an eBay seller, typically in Japan. I have no experience with the Woo.
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  2. Thebb
    So, you're saying that I should just look to upgrade the cans along with the amp?
  3. swmtnbiker
    Ha! That's the Head-fi spirit! :) I wasn't suggesting, just voicing an opinion about the choices you put out there. Given the great synergy between the 650 and the Crack, and the relatively small investment in each piece, keeping both and getting a SS amp to compliment the Bottlehead might be worth considering IMO. That way you'd still have that sweet combo but would be adding the versatility of solid state amplification should you decide to branch out and get another set of cans. It all depends on your goals and finances.
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  4. Thebb
    TBH I am just trying to figure out what would be the next logical upgrade for an overall better sound. Lol, and I didn't mean to say you were suggesting anything, that kind of came out differently than what I thought.

    I guess it's hard to get that HD650+BH Crack sound pairing the HD650 with other amps then. I keep getting back to that.
  5. swmtnbiker
    That's been my experience, having owned the Crack for 5 years now and the 650 off and on several times during that same period. It's just that good.
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  6. raybone0566
    MY aficionado arrived yesterday. Fantastic with the 650's IMG_7878.JPG
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  7. castleofargh Contributor
    speakers? some convincing speaker simulation on headphones? a good EQ? finding the headphone you really like(means you have to try)? purchasing a few albums from a band you love? going to some place with a relaxing and amazing view? enjoying life more? a massaging chair? a fanless computer? double layer windows? ^_^ plenty of things to do.
  8. DavidA
    Can you just add a second amp? Split the signal from the Bifrost using a splitter like this:
    I would suggest a Project Ember, this way your investment in driver tubes for the BH Crack can be used on the Ember and the Ember is one of the most flexible amps around due to the adjustable output impedance and attenuation modules.
  9. Thebb
    I don't mind adding a second amp at all.. But was thinking of an SS amp since I've heard tube amps don't play well with low impedance phones. What headphones have you used with the Ember?
  10. DavidA
    Tried all my headphones: HD800 (okay pairing but not something I would recommend), HD700 (pretty good), HE560 (good but not great, prefer Lyr2), HD650 (good but not like the BH Crack), HD600 (same as HD650), HE400i (pretty good pairing), RS2e (good to great, depends on tube), Ypsilon R1, G1 and original (all are great on Ember), K7XX (decent but Lyr2 slightly better), EL-8 open (not bad but UD-301 headphone output is slightly better to me), LCD-2f (good to great, depends on tube), DT-990 premium (nice pairing but BH Crack is better).
    The Ember can be set with a 0.1ohm output impedance so its like most SS amps but since you can also change the output impedance to 35ohms and 120ohms its easier to match to most headphones.
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  11. pietcux
    How are Schiit tube amps compared to this beauty?
  12. gefski
    Tube amps per se don't have a problem with low impedance cans, normally it's just OTL amps that do. For example Bottlehead's Crack doesn't "like" low impedance, Bottlehead's S.E.X. (transformer coupled) is fine for low to high. Likewise, Woo has OTL and transformer coupled amps. And as mentioned above, Garage 1217 has amps to drive anything.

    That EC Aficionado above is gorgeous; I didn't know they had a new amp.
  13. shultzee
    I feel the Jot does a very good job with the 650's. Some of that may well be the Pagoda dac thats feeding the Jot.
  14. DavidA
    The Pagoda is one of the best DACs I've heard (still kicking myself for not buying the one that was on Craig's List for $400) but the Jot is a great pairing with the HD650, one of the best / better ones IMO for under $500.
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  15. Letmebefrank
    I use the Jot for my HD650s daily, it's a fantastic combo when fed by Mimby. I've heard my HD650s on a BH crack, no sb, and I preferred my Jot. The crack sounded great, don't get me wrong, but it was too warm and gooey. The Jot is so fast and clear, it really shows what the 650s are capable of.

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