Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tangsta, Sep 24, 2006.
  1. Jazzthat
    I am not an expert nor a ' veteran' but if you looked at oppo ha-1 then people reported that , Marantz dac 1 ( which i own and i am extremely happy with ) is as good but obviously with different sound signature .
    Marantz dac 1 has all you need to drive from low impedance to high 600ohm big boys.
    I simply love it with hd650.
  2. DavidA
    The tubes that were used is the reason for the HD650 sounding "warm & gooey" Depending on the tubes used the BH Crack can be made to sound fast and clear, warm and gooey and anywhere in between which is where the ability to roll tubes gives it and most tube amps an advantage over SS amps IMO. I agree that the Jot is a great amp for the HD650 but its a bit too bright for most of the other headphones that I tried it with.
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  3. Thebb
    What are your favorite BH Crack tube combinations and what characteristics would you say they bring out on the HD 650?
  4. donato
    You might want to also post on the BHC thread. I'm running a kenrad 6f8g and Chatham 6080WB
  5. DavidA
    currently have Telefunken 12AU7 and TS-5998. I pretty much stay with TS5998 or WE421a for the power tube since they are the lowest output impedance I'm told. The driver tube will run the whole 9 yards and I don't really have a favorite since over the last few years all I do is change them once a month (flavor of the month).
  6. Faber65
    Would you recommend the WA6 over the WA3 or the BH Crack for the HD650?
  7. Krutsch
    No. For the HD-650s, the WA3 is the better of the WA6. IMHO, it's also the better of the BH Crack. As always, your mileage and the tubes used may vary.
  8. Faber65
    Actually I was thinking of the WA6 as it can match also the other low impedance cans that I have.
    But yes, it there is big difference, maybe it’s better to stick on the WA3.
  9. Krutsch
    I solved that problem with another amp - the Lehmann Audio, which just sings with my other cans.

    Horses for courses.
  10. Okonkwo
    I've been an HD650 owner since 2006.
    For me, a Burson amp brings out the best in them. I'm currently running my 650's off a Conductor Virtuoso 2+ (8 watts per channel, with an integrated Sabre 9018 DAC). The solid state design of the Burson gives the 650's a nice bottom end punch along with very clear mids and highs. There's no woolly bass at all, and no trace of harshness in the mids or highs. Transparency is excellent - cymbal decay, spatial placement, etc. Everyone has their own opinion of what a good headphone / amp combo should sound like, and I respect that. My own personal experience has taught me that the best setups make you work a little - psychologically. I find that it's more satisfying to listen and draw the detail out of a recording myself, rather than having it served up to me. That's one of the reasons I like the HD650 so much. They bring you right to the edge of providing great detail, but stop just short of crossing the line into fatigue. All that being said, I do have a couple of quick bullet point recommendations:
    * The HD650's need power. The more the better. This has been said many times, but it's really true.
    * IMO, the 650's are designed to be run with a solid state amp. I ran my 650's with a hybrid tube amp for 5 years, and was never happy. Tube rolling almost drove me nuts.
    * There is a distinct difference between older and newer 650s. New 650's sound way better. Sennheiser definitely tweaked them over the years.
    * Leave your 650's stock. Don't change the cable. Don't pull out pieces of foam. Don't stuff blobs of Dynamat in them.
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  11. Faber65
    I agree on the Burson, even if it is one of the most hated brands in the web.
    And I agree completely also on the HD650.
    Anyhow I really would like to try the HD650 with a real good tube amp.
  12. Okonkwo
    I totally understand the appeal of tubes. They create a "bloom" effect that sounds almost 3-D ish. It's kinda cool, actually.
  13. DavidA
    What is a "real good tube amp" to you may not be to me so this is a hard question to answer. For me a Liquid Glass is a great tube amp and its ability to use such a large variety of different tube families is one of its main appeal. The BH Crack can be warm and gooey to clean and detailed and everywhere in between with the proper choice of tubes which can be said for the WA3/WA6 also. Its really up to you what you want out of a tube amp paired with the HD650, if you want clean and detailed without the tubby sound then a Valhalla2 might be more to your liking. For a warm tubby sound then the WA3, WA2 or Elise with stock tubes would be my suggestions.
  14. peter123
    I agree with the V2+ being great with the HD650, my favorite pairing as well after trying quite a few.
  15. snafu1
    I'm due to receive a pair of HD6XX's from Massdrop very soon. I would like to ask your recommendations for a portable amp.
    My DAP is a Onkyo DP-X1 and at 75mW at 32 ohms (unbalanced) I fear it will be under powered for the HD6XX. I like the Oppo HA-2Se. But it's possibly borderline on being under powered also. Anyone have any suggestions on something better in the same price range (doesn't have to include a DAC). Maybe the FiiO A5?

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