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Sennheiser HD 598 vs Audio Technica ATH-A900X

  1. KevinHNgu
    Whoops, instead of review of both, I meant someone who has them both and would compare/review them for me.
  2. KevinHNgu
    Another person would like to chime in?
  3. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I own the HD558. with the black rubber tape removed from inside the cups, so it's almost like the HD598
    and I own the ATH-A900Xs, with Velour ear pads.
    The A900xs are good musical closed headphones.
  4. noblemff
    For a start let me say that  HD 598 and ATH- A900X are headphones from different leagues and I am no expert in the advanced technicalities of the two.
    Tip - Both headphones does not require much amping as both have impedance below 50 ohms therefore make sure not to put big output gains on your amplifier. As they have lower impedance, output gaining is not required or recommended.. But better check out for yourself as output gains may be different on different amplifiers.
    HD 598 is  open back while the other is closed back. As far as sound goes ATH-A900X has more soul and richness in sound while compared to HD 598. Some might say that 598 could put you to sleep with its calm sound but I dont agree with that.
    Treble - ATH-A900X is of course the winner with good extension while HD 598 sounds dull even with boosted treble equalization.
    HD 598 has a major roll of on treble around 10 khz but has a veiled presence close to 20 khz.
    ATH handles treble superbly well without being sharp pumping the right amount of sweet  and smooth highs.
    Mids - Both has fantastic mids but again my vote goes to ATH as because of the liveliness and clarity of sound presentation.
    Bass - There goes again for ATH as it has good amount of bass and presence. HD 598 do produce some bass with proper bass boosting equalization, but when watching movies or playing games the driver might vibrate with heavy bass which I haven't noticed with ATH causing slight distortion.
    With some music ATH's bass could be bit overwhelming at times although but does not muddle the mids.
    Soundstage - When it comes to soundstage HD 598 feels more wider and airy due to its design, but ATH 's soundstage has got  good accuracy and depth.Although don't mistake me ATH's soundstage is pretty wide for closed back design.
    ATH reveals the layers in the stage hugely over HD 598s with precision.
    Transparency - ATH sounds much more lively and clear than 598 and thus has got better dynamics. Instrument separation is also better on ATH.
    Comfort - When you put HD 598 you dont feel like you put on headphone due to its light clamping and comfortable pads. You could put it on for hours without having to remove them from time to time. ATH has got strong clamping force and two wings that sits on your head which is not much comfortable for me, but isolates  sound better. 
    Overall I would say that ATH-A900X are better headphones in almost the same price range, although sometimes I crave for the comfort and airy lush soundstage of 598s.
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  5. KevinHNgu
    Thanks, I've decided to return my HD 598. I'll get the A900X, I hope that this is the right choice for me, thanks!
  6. KevinHNgu
    Reasoning, I'm obviously not an expert either, so I doubt that I'll be disappointed with the less natural A900X. I know both don't require an amp, though it would help, I already have one. I wanted a headphone that sounded as "good", doesn't have to be similar, and had a closed back. Thanks again noblemff. I've literally looked through all the profiles of people who reviewed the HD 558, HD 598, A900X, and AD900X and concluded you would help me the most. :)
    I just hope clarity isn't distorted at all, because I'm picky on that. I'll send the return in one day, if anyone thinks that the A900X isn't clear enough for me, please tell me.
  7. Headphile32
    I find my ATH-A900X have great clarity and also have a great soundstage for a closed headphone plus great separation of instruments and layers of sound.
  8. Sam21
    I have both the HD598 and A700x, and I prefer the sound of A700x...
  9. TeskR
    If you find the fit a bit odd with the ATH don't forget to do the hair band mod to the 3D wing support system.
  10. Lorspeaker
    some double-sided window tape...cut to the "right" length to hold the wings together.
    in case u are not satisfied with the AT...
    u can always send it back n try this out too.
  11. TeskR
    That seems like so much more effort than the rubber band/ hair band mod for the same sort of thing. [​IMG]
  12. Lorspeaker
    rubberbands n curly hair dont gel [​IMG]
  13. 0ffbeat
    Never understood why Audio Technica changed the wing pad system... the wing pads used on the non-X A/AD series provided much better support.
    Just use cloth wrapped hair bands or hair scrunchies. Bare rubberband tends to catch hair. [​IMG]
  14. KevinHNgu
    Yeah I've noticed that a while back, and I don't have a big head. Or least I don't think I do?
  15. yonatan
    Of the two I have only the ATH-A900X. I listen to them all day through the HiFi-M8 dac/amp. They have tons of clear, sometimes piercing treble and I have to EQ it down a bit. I'm not sure about the terminology but the bass is accurate and punchy, not boomy, and less fun. Maybe you can call it "dry". I came to like it because it lets you feel the texture of each sound.

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