Sennheiser GSX 1000 / 1200 Impressions

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  1. Damion50
    I already have a set of 1060's and just ordered the GSX 1000 and cant wait for it to get here!! Hoping its a good match, I was thinking of either the GSX or a Schiit stack!
  2. stolendiagram
    Can anyone recommend a headset to go with this? I currently use an astro a50 for gaming and chat. If I disable the headset's virtual 7.1 would I get an improved sense of it through this?
  3. Damion50
    I upgraded from a set of Astro A40s to a set of Monoproce Monolith M1060's. These set of cans are amazing look up reviews by Z reviews on youtube for them, disclaimer he is reviewing the first run of them and they have fixed basically all the issues that were pointed out in said review. The general consensuses is that the m1060s are the giant killers, your getting top not sound quality for a low price point.
  4. CooloutAC
    Just got the gsx-1200 today. Its going back tommorrow. The very very first thing I noticed was after loading up bf1 setting it to surround and playing a match, after I threw a nade in front of me and died, I saw the nade explode but heard no sound for it!!!! Immediately my heart sank. Right then and there I knew this was actually a downgrade from my mobos onboard sound. ugh. I put it to large speakers and I still feel like I'm missing sounds.

    1. First of all everything sounds very muffled. I believe I have everything set up right according to directions, but it sounds very very low quality sound.
    2. Also the front jack amp from my onboard sound card is way more powerful then this thing for my game zero headset! I mean my windows volume with my onboard at like 25 with my headset at 50%. With the gsx I have to raise headset to full and windows over 50%, putting it to 100 is not even very loud.
    3. The passthrough speakers only work for 2.0 stereo so I can't passthrough to my surround sound speaker setup?
    4. I don't like using the mic on it. I find the mic sounds better from my onboard jack, the mic output is super low on the gsx at full volume.
    5. Also to get 2.0 hd stereo with the gsx means changing the windows playback device to stereo. But then the problem was when trying to switch back to 7.1 windows told me the device was not supported so I had to reboot the machine and replug the gsx so it would let me put it back to 7.1.
    6. The side tone setting has no affect at all. I mean it literally does absolutely nothing and I think its a fake option.
    7. The equalizer presets are not very good. would of been cool if we could of set our own equalizer. The e-sports one is super tinny all treble no bass, not enjoyable at all, and the movie and music ones don't don't differ much and make everything even more muffled.
    8. The chat mic volume slider only changes the volume of the mic itself. but not how loud my voice is in the headphones? How do I even turn off my voice in the headphones? (even though its so dam low at full volume to begin with)

    The positional audio does sound better then surround headphones I've tried (arctic 7, logitech). and you have the ability to remove or add reverb echoing effect to your liking. So you don't get the tin can effect. But I feel like I am missing sounds that I would hear when using my onboard card playing the game in stereo. Like I said I use alot of nades and when i'm dead I listen for it explode and see if I get a kill after death. With the gsx 1000 I sometimes don't know if I got my nade off cause I don't always hear it, so something is very wrong. Plus everything sounds so muffled and low quality sounding. I felt the same way about razer's surround software. It made everything muffled. This is giving me the same feeling. Changing the sound focus to the front seems to make the gsx sound less muffled. (probably why they have it that way by default) But at that point I feel i might as well just stick with my onboard sound. Anyone who has a pc powerful enough to play bf1 apparently doesn't need a sound card or amp, mobos are good enough nowadays they power up to 600 ohms on the front jack, especially gaming ones.

    For over 200 dollars? Sennheiser is out of their minds. I lost respect for the company. This is not worth it. My onboard sound from my mobo seems to be all I need. I can vouch for an ALC 1220 realtek chip with sonic studio, or thx stru studio. The positional audio using these software for surround with stereo in game seems just as good for positional audio as any "surround" solution but at much higher quality bitrate with a more powerful amp. I really was hoping for this one... :frowning2:

    For $50 dollars maybe, probably not, but $250!?!? .... jokes.

    I wasn't planning on returning my game zero headset. But after using this gsx 1200 I might as well return them too i'm so disgusted. for 400 dollars I can a set of nice studio headphones and a cheap mic to go with my mobo and it will blow these pieces of junk out of the water for a much better gaming experience. I'm not sure I will ever buy another sennheiser product unless I can find another pair of hd202's for 10 bucks...
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  5. happycamperjack
    That's really weird. I got a mobo with Realtek ALC1150 and Ti NE5532 for AMP(support up to 600Ohms), and GSX1000 blows them out of the water. I tested them in a variety of FPS like CSGO and open world games like Witcher 3, GSX-1000 sounds very good and accurate in 7.1 mode, and fun to mess around with to enhance the sounds in game. What headphone are you using? And did you mess around the speaker output from windows? (16-bit 7.1 output and 24-bit 2 channel). I did have to daisy chain my GSX-1000 with a AMP as it doesn't have enough power to drive my HE-400i, but same as my mobo.
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  6. CooloutAC
    Just played another match of bf1 with the gsx 1200, saw lots of explosions I did not hear the sounds for. This is a garbage product.
    I use 24 bit default dvd quality with my onboard. I'm using a pair of game zeros. Its an asus supremefx 1220 chip with dual op amps on front and back jacks. But what really makes it sound good is the sonic studio software. I've also had previous gigabyte and asus boards with thx tru studio software that is also good.

    The volume is not whats bothering me so much. Its the fact everything sounds muffled just like razers crappy surround software, and I just played another match where I saw lots of explosions that I didn't hear the sounds for!!! If i put the sound focus to the front it doesn't sound as muffled. but then it doesn't sound as surround

    Apparently the gsx only does 16 bit in 7.1, maybe that accounts for some of the differences I'm hearing in quality. Another issue could be not having a custom eq. But I think it goes beyond that and this feels like a scam product to me.
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  7. happycamperjack
    You might still want to get a Schiit Amp. GSX's output is on the weak side. But the signal is very clean, a great DAC.
  8. happycamperjack
    Stick with the 7.1 @ 16-bit. But honestly you should consider upgrading your headphone before DAC. Maybe grab a pair of HD-600 from Massdrop, HE-400i, or if u got a bit more cash, get the M1060.

    PC World did a test on your headphone in conjunction with GSX-1000 and they seems to like the combo a lot.

    I'll test out BF1 when I get home though. Which sound setting are you using in game for BF1?
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  9. CooloutAC
    Ya I think I should return both of their products now... I tried out some surround headphones and they sounded like cheap tinny garbage. So i picked up the game ones which sounded decent. But I wanted something more noise isolating for my noisy house, gso I exchanged them for the game zeros which imo sound just as good as the game ones (less soundstage). I was so worried cause the majority of reviews said they sounded tinny compared to the game ones, but I found that to be incorrect. Slightly more bright but a good eq adjustment can make them sound identical and was very happy with the game zeros. But now I have a feeling I can do way better for the price.

    Are any of those headphones you recommended closed back? And now that you mentioned they lie int he mobo specs, I should probably not risk it by getting anything over 300 ohms to use with my onboard.
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  10. CooloutAC

    in bf1 I put it to surround sound, and tested headphones and large speakers.

    I made sure to configure set as default the audio and communication gsx devices. setting gsx to 7.1. I've rebooted disabled other sound devices. I'm not impressed man. this is a downgrade from my mobo audio. I think part of the issue is that not only can I customize the eq on my 32 bit onboard sound card. But I have custom levels for reverb and everything else, surround, voice clarity, bass. etc... Maybe its the gsx presets are the problem.

    If anybody has used razer surrounds software and felt it made everything too muffled. This is no different.

    But like I said, seeing explosions in the game and not hearing the sounds for them? That is shockingly bad. And it explains alot.
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  11. Damion50
    Is it easy to just bridge? Like PC to GSX then to AMP then to headphones?? I am new to the whole audiophile world lol, I had logitechs and a40s lol but got the M1060's based on a review by Z reviews he said basically best headset under 1000 you can get for either music or gaming!
  12. CooloutAC
    Ya that pc world reviewer is one of those I would not listen to. He is another one saying the game zero lacks the bass the game one has. Thats totally incorrect. Maybe he is another guy not realizing his front jack has no amp or his case connection sucks. Because I have just tested both. and the game zero has great bass. In fact the game zero I thought sounded better cause it had more clarity in the mids and highs. Of course I always eq adjust everything. But the bass can pound just as much as game one. In fact you would not be able to tell the difference besides the sound stage. So right of the bat. That is poor review from someone who has no ear and doesn't adjust levels. Reading these bogus reviews Is why I got the game one first lmao...
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  13. CooloutAC
    thats another problem there is no optical out connection. And I believe if you use the stereo passthrough, you can't do 7.1 or have any effects. i dont know how the hell the poster above me is supposedly doing that. This thing is severely overpriced. I think sennheiser lost their minds. The slightly lower levels then my onboard amp is not my main issue. its the fact it sounds like muffled muddy garbaged compared to my onboard audio... I don't care how good I hear footsteps behind me if I'm sacrificing the quality of everything else.
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  14. happycamperjack
    That's a great start man! Yea for the M1060 you absolutely need an extra Amp to drive it as planars usually have pretty low power sensitivity to drive to enjoyable level. It's very easy to daisy chain, just headphone jack to headphone jack. I got a Fiio A3 (portable amp) to daisy chain it as I bring them out sometime as Macbook Pro's internal DAC is pretty meh.

    What GSX does that Schiit stack can't do is HRTF. HRTF absolutely necessary for gaming and movie watching.
  15. CooloutAC
    I just like to add I'm a musician obsessed with sounds. And I'm an audiophile, not because of how much money I spend, but because my ears can tell the difference in sounds.

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