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Seeking a new pair of IEM's for Conwon J3

  1. Tmaster100
    Howdy all,
    I am seeking a very nice pair of IEM's with a budget of up to around A$250.00.
    The music i listen too includes Trance, Dance, Hip-Hop and some Easy Listening.
    I have some RE0's but find they lack bass and seem to have low sensitivity due to the high impedance so any suggestions would be fantastic.
  2. yello131


    Have you heard of Ortofon e-Q5? I believe this earphones will suit your needs. They do not have a mind blowing bass like other pair of IEMs I have (Radius DDM) but for 250USD you can grab a deal now, it is being offered at discounted cost by Dimitri from by Musica Acoustics.
    P.S. I posted the info on the 'Deal alerts' thread  on Dimitri's request.
  3. Tmaster100
    No, i haven't heard of that brand before here in Oz but i will check it out now.
  4. yello131
    I believe this site is in OZ-land on  Ortofons
  5. Tmaster100
    Thanks yello131.
  6. Redmetal1897
     I'll do a 1-2 line review on the phones I have used:
    HJE900: Good quality bass with some serious kick, slightly recessed mids and sparkly treble. Above average extension all round. Would be a good choice for Hip Hop and Techno
    FA Silver Bullet: Wide and spacious with very lush crystalline sound bordering on the warm side. Good bass depth and clarity. Mids are just about right (maybe ever so slightly recessed) while the trebles are clear and sparkly without being sibilant. Good for all kinds of music
    Ortofon E-q5: Neutral sound hinting at the warm side. Rich textured mids and bright detailed treble. Bass is as natural as can be, no artificially enhanced bass. Music sounds like you are listening to it live, transparency is phenomenal. Good for classical, vocal driven, instrumental, songs with many components and layers, rock metal etc. Not sure it is ideal for bass heavy genres, but for example if you listened to techno, the transparency will really make the other elements of the song come to life.
    Miles Davis: Another mid focused IEM, with rich detailed mids, with almost a honey like texture. The bass is deep and well extended, not as much kick as the HJE900. The treble's are also well detailed without being sibilant. Good for Jazz, classical, blues, techno etc. 
  7. proedros
  8. Redmetal1897
    If you are within the first 20, Dimitri is selling them for $250 US and plus, hes got great customer service, he'll help you out if things go wrong outside the warranty period etc. I'd contact him at musica acoustics first if you want to go for the e-q5's.

  9. Tmaster100
    Guys, i purchased a set of HJE900's today,  hopefully they will arrive next week and after some burn-in i will comment in the appreciation thread.
    Thanks for all your help.
  10. Tmaster100
    Well the useless (insert swear words) only Australian supplier has let me down with a constant changing delivery date and despite all their lies i decided to tell them where to stick my business.
    With that out of the way i again i am now back to square 1 and still seeking a great set of IEM's but with the limited options we have here downunder (Australia) i am at a loss on what to buy.
    I have considered the DDM's but too many have fitment issues with them. Any other options are welcome and i don't mind importing them.
  11. Tmaster100
    Well after yet another let down with two more suppliers i ended up finally receiving a set of the Panasonic HJE900's from the UK and so far i am impressed with them. It's the only IEM's i have had that require little to no EQ to sound great on the Conwon J3 and they haven't had their burn-in yet.
    Granted, the sound is a little "tinny" but from reports this will subside on burn-in but so far the Panasonic's have been a great recommendation, when i could get some that is!
  12. Redmetal1897
    Try some triple flange tips, they eliminate the sibilance completely 
  13. Tmaster100
    Ah, i have some triple flange tips and i have some Comply T400's also. Do the Comply T400's fit the HJE900's?
  14. Redmetal1897

    Never tried them so wouldn't know, but you could try stretch them out. One thing I should mention about the triple flanges, they eliminate the sibilance but they really emphasize the bass. Fortunately the J3 has an awesome eq so I would advise just eqing them down a touch


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