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Seattle Meet Saturday Sept, 7

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  1. ruthieandjohn
    @Ham Sandwich ,

    Great...I’d love to hear the LCD2 Classic (I take it that means pre-Fazor? At least one respected reviewer prefers them to the Fazor version.)
  2. Ham Sandwich
    The LCD-2 Classic is a current production LCD-2 with no fazor guides.
    I also have a rosewood LCD-2 rev 2 model from 2011 before Audeze did the Fazor guides. It's the true "classic".

    I like the sound qualities of the new LCD-2 Classic compared to my old 2011 version. So I've been bringing the new version to meets instead of the old version. I could bring both if you're curious about what the Audeze fans were jamming to in 2011 and want to compare them.
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  3. shoubhik
    Does anyone have campfire audio cascade headphones?
  4. ruthieandjohn
    @Ham Sandwich , be great if you had room to bring both...else bring your favorite, the current Classic. Thanks!
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  5. gulag_me
    @Ham Sandwich have you tried the Apple Type-C to 3.5mm dongle? I'm gonna be bringing mine, if you haven't
    So I will bring The Cayin IHA-6, Mytek Brooklyn, Senn HD800's, Senn 660's. Per usual all cabled up, fused up, and tweeked up. Then I have portable gear too. On the fence with that though. Periodic Carbon, Fiio M9, Chord Mojo, Fiio BTR3. But bringing the Bose Soundwear. I listen to those most lately. The rig is always a work in progress. Never settle......
  7. Ham Sandwich
    I've got the Apple USB-C headphone dongle. It just doesn't have enough power to drive the headphones I want to use. Which is a limiting factor with most of the available dongles. Not enough good sounding power. The Hidizs dongle has reasonable power but sounds more and more harsh the louder you play it. It really sounds like arse, and harshes my mellow.

    iBasso now has a DC01 dongle (balanced and 113 mW @ 32 ohms which should be enough for me) and a DC02 dongle (single ended with wimpy power that I will certainly find inadequate). I need to investigate the iBasso dongles. They're about $75. Otherwise it looks like I may end up with something like the iFi xDSD at $400. This future without headphone jacks is inconvenient and will force me to spend more money. The good part is that once I find a suitable solution I'll be set for future phones, chromebooks, tablets, and laptops to have suitable and consistent headphone sound with all of those devices.

    Meets like this are good opportunities to try things and get advice. Which is a big reason why I go to meets and bring gear. Meets are a place to both learn and share.
  8. DecentLevi
    Does anyone have the iBasso DX 220 DAP? I'd like to audition it. Also I'll bring the Focal Spirit Classic.
    Lots of gear and people. @BIG POPPA please do chime in on venue space. It's just a library conference room - how much is the capacity and table size, number of outlets??
    Chill dude, done this more than anyone else. We have space. Just get your gear and bring it. Bring a rig and show other headfier's what you are listening to these days. This is what we do.
  10. Yetsters
    Hey, thanks for setting this up! I might be able to make it along with a friend or two, if we're welcome! We don't have a ton to offer with summit-fi (or anything above $1k really) but what we do have that may be of interest is:

    Focal Elex
    Audeze Mobius
    Audeze LCD2C
    MrSpeakers AFC
    Tin Audio P1
    Beyer DT 1990
    Monoprice M1060C
    And a H 6XX if anyone somehow hasn't heard it yet

    As for source gear, we have almost exclusively bottom line Schiit stuff (I've been meaning to upgrade though I haven't got around to it) so I can't imagine it'd be worth bringing except 'maybe' the Vali 2 with some tubes. There's definitely no guarantee we'd make it, though, as I'm a lot closer to Olympia than Seattle so It's a bit of a drive, even with the Ferry. I do have a Fiio A5 and an LG V40, though, that I'd definitely be bringing.

    Edit: I also heard the was the SR1a at the last meetup, any chance of that re-appearing? Myself and a friend are incredibly interested in that, especially after hearing the K1000 at Bottlehead HQ.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
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    Bring friends, more fun with a posse. These meets are fun. A lot of gear to audition and Vets to answer questions.
  12. ruthieandjohn
    I see two Sennheiser HD6xx’s and one HD660. Anyone able to bring a Sennheiser HD600?
  13. gulag_me
    I may be able to. Is anyone able to bring an HD580?
  14. antdroid
    I am getting iBasso DC02 for review, but its still in China. Not sure when it'll come, but should be there by then. I also have the Razer THX dongle and apple usb-c. Check out the Radsone ES100 or Fiio equivalent if you havent already too! I have the ES100 but its pending sale. Not sure if ill have it by then either.

    I'm also getting a DX220 for review as well, but also coming from iBasso directly and then to a dealer to me, so it's unlikely it'll be there for the event. :frowning2:
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  15. gefski
    I can bring 600 and 650.
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