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SE530/535 Acoustic Filter Mod: More SQ improvement than cables? Dampers!

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  1. davee5
    Here are the Mouser part numbers I used and I got only the "right" parts in the mail.
    Gray 721-BF-1999-000
    White 721-BF-1859-000
    Brown 721-BF-1860-000
    Green 721-BF-1861-000
    Red 721-BF-1921-000
    Orange 721-BF-1922-000
    Yellow 721-BF-1923-000

    Everything is a little clearer on their PDF catalog page, where they're all nicely grouped so you can see what's what.  More intuitive than the search page for sure (though, obviously less searchable).
    I got my green dampers in today, and while I continue to be thrilled with the brown ones I will post a review sometime this weekend or early next week.
    Happy modding,
    :: Dave
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  2. Whippler
    Any other place to get these?, mouser only ships with fedEx 20€, or UPS 28€  :/
  3. davee5
  4. kimvictor
    Thanks for that info! Can I post this on the front page of this tread?(I'll credit you ofcourse)
  5. ridethespiral
    I just placed an order through mouser for 3 of each: grey, white, and brown. I wanted to see if I could get out the damper and of course I managed to stab the stock one haha. Oops. Guess that committed me to the purchase :)
    $20 shipped to Canada. Not too bad I suppose.
  6. fabiobueno
    Nice! Just got a SE535 and I think it could have a bit more treble.
    Gotta order some gray dampers :)
    ...And maybe some white and brown too. Just for curiosity sake =p
  7. lzyboy
    Awesome! Thanks for this. I'll have to see my local Australian distributor stock these as shipping from Mouser is $40AUD! Ouch!
  8. davee5
    Alright, so my green dampers came in and I auditioned them pretty briefly against the browns.
    Green / 1500 ohm:
    Thumping bass but with relatively little sacrifice of soundstage.  These are heavier and less crystalline than the browns, but nowhere near as muddy as the reds start to get.  Not bad, but the greens really pull back from that mid-forward Shure sound and crank up the bass.  Fun, but way too colored for my stock setup (if you need more bass, maybe try EQ?).  The highs are still there, but they're taking a distinctly backseat to the bass and you need to strain a bit too much to hear the details.  An acceptable setup, but not for me.
    For my personal rig, the browns stay.  That said, I would consider the greens an option for someone who really wants to punch their low end through the roof without losing the rest of the music.  Green seems like the floor of a usable hi-fi setup, any higher resistance you are going to really start missing out.
    A reminder of what we're talking about regarding tone shaping, refer to Rinchoi's sweet charts here: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-TWX_XiD-gRM/UYaCcpX0TeI/AAAAAAAAGAU/Y7Irw52aWYM/s1600/damp.jpg
    I'll edit my original post to include the green reviews as well.
    Looking forward to listening notes from the rest of the modders cropping up here!
    Lastly, while I'll be holding onto the whites, grays, and browns for future messing around that does leave me with a bazzilion orange dampers and a few reds, yellows, and greens I'm not going to keep. 
    To share and share alike, I propose the folllowing:
    I will mail all my extra dampers to the first person in the USA to PM me (sorry non-'Mericans, I'm lazy with postage). No charge, but I'd suggest that individual offer the same to others in turn, paying forward any unused dampers.  So, any Americans want an envelope full of bassy dampers?
    :: Dave
  9. Whippler
  10. kimvictor
    Read my first post. Just use a wax loop.
  11. PakoBoy
    can someone make a video, how to remove the damper.
  12. Whippler
    the loop didn't work(the shure one that came with the iems)  got em out with a needle tough, mostly intact :)
    Damn, these are bright without any dampeners, time to order some from mouser...
    Well kinda nice without damper, with bass boost I on arrow 4G. but with stock i'm better of with treble boost I. I think i'm gonna like the grey dampers a lot :)
  13. kimvictor
    I would not use them without dampers as wax can go into your drivers. Dampers are the only protection.
  14. Whippler
    Yeah just tested for couple songs, put the original dampers back in for now, and placed an order for a set of dampers from mouser :)
  15. Whippler
    IMG_1921.jpg IMG_1917.jpg IMG_1914.jpg
    Got some dampers :) Still testing tough.
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