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SE530/535 Acoustic Filter Mod: More SQ improvement than cables? Dampers!

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  1. FuriousSam
    Hi all,
    First I would like to say thank you for introducing these Knowles dampers.  Now I put in the white ones and I am loving it so far.  My only problem is that I can't retract them back out without poking through the mesh and the noodle method almost broke the plastic neck (I put too much force on it).  I contacted mouser for the extraction tool and they quoted me US$255...
    So any suggestions in removing the dampers?  I put the side with the curving end in first...
    -- Sam
  2. mrbranch
    I have a hard time taking off the stock dampers. Glued to the sides of the nozzle, mesh already damaged. :frowning2:
  3. kimvictor
    For me, they just popped right off. Stick something thin and sharp. You might have to smash the mesh original filter to get them out as they are glued. But once the glued filter is out, all other filters should go in and come out easily.
  4. mrbranch
    Was able to remove but the nozzle almost broke.

  5. Mooses9
    Very interested in this mod, as i just picked up some se535. but afraid of maybe breaking the nozzle or disfiguring the nozzle. ect.....but very interested in how the filters change the sound signature
  6. kimvictor
    It's not that hard to remove the filter. The change is dramatic. Much more noticeable than cable upgrades or anything else.
  7. Mooses9
    what filters did you find most notable also what was the sound signature of the change
  8. kimvictor
  9. Mooses9
    what were the sound signature improvement
  10. Bimbleton
    If this works, this'll be the cheapest audio upgrade to date. Very exciting!
    Just to clarify, in order to get the stock dampers out the first time with a wax tool, will I need to punch right through them and dig them out from underneath? Or is it better to keep prodding them with a needle till they break?
  11. kimvictor
    More exciting sound. More bass and bit more treble. Still great mids though.
  12. kimvictor
    First method would be the easiest. That's what I've done.
  13. Solude
    Don't think I saw the detail so...
    This is what the dampers do.  Keeping in mind that the bigger the damper value, the more veil comes in.
    Also can anyone confirm that the Ety tool can reach the original filter or is it in too deep?
  14. Solude
    I'll add that going red or deeper... just get a Westone :wink:  That's their signature and it's what I'm trying to leave since this area is the presence region and the difference of a UM3X pulled up 6dB and stock is insane.  Unfortunately it's already pulled way down, the damper is glued in permanently and the only brighter damper would be gray and not nearly enough to take it out of the mud :frowning2:
    So I was originally thinking ER-4PT but between fit concerns and the gut feeling that it would need some bass boost... I'm back on the 535 fence.  Red or Bronze... stock or Knowles.  Anyone know if the Ety one fit?  Stock one looks to be the same plastic and not metal.
  15. plyr
    Just ordered browns, grays, whites and greens...
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