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SE530/535 Acoustic Filter Mod: More SQ improvement than cables? Dampers!

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  1. kimvictor
    Nice pics! Post some impressions here! I'm going to compile some impressions and put in on the first post of this thread.
  2. ridethespiral
    My dampers came in the mail today :D
    I immediately threw in two brown (1k ohm) dampers and played the album I was listening to on my way home. As soon as the song started playing I was in awe. The soundstage sounds a little more open and airy with space between instruments (I finally understand what people mean when they say this!). This could be a placebo or just because the sound does seem a bit more balanced, but that's how I hear it. The most amazing part was not that the highs sounded better than the stock dampers, but the bass! The bass is so creamy and smooth and not as subdued. 
    I don't think I'm going to even bother trying out the 330 ohm dampers. I do have a feeling that even using the 680 ohm would sound better than the stock dampers. It seems like these are much higher quality than the plastic ones (which basically fell apart as I was removing them). It was a bit worrying when I went to push down the new brown damper that I accidentally pushed the fabric down to the middle. Simply removing the damper and pushing very lightly from the other end got it back right to the top though :)
    Now I just need to get a replacement for my cable which is cracking.
    Thank you kimvictor and Davee5!
  3. lzyboy
    Bit of a delayed update, but I ordered these dampers locally through the Australian distributors, http://micromax.com.au/
    These guys were brilliant, ended up being $1.10 each. I ordered 3 of each, so $25 total including delivery!
    To top it off, super fast delivery, courier was knocking at my door the next morning! Absolute champions!
  4. kimvictor
    Impressions! I'm waiting! I think I'll upload user impressions on the first post of this thread.
  5. mrbranch
    Any distributor in SG? Called up Mouser SG but their stock comes from the US, shipping is too expensive.
  6. M-13
    Wow cool thread. I think I'll be ordering all of them to see which one I like.
  7. M-13
    Just quick question. Is the same tool used for removing the filters also used to insert them? just stick them in an apply some pressure?
  8. kimvictor
    When inserting them, just push them in with fingers and slightly farther(push the side of the nozzle, not the mesh) with something sharp(but not too sharp). They just pop in.
  9. kimvictor
    You are likely to be able to get a pair of dampers shipped from China. IDK about dealers though.
  10. M-13
    Is there a right side to put them in? What I mean by this is, is there a top and bottom or I can push them in on either orientation?
  11. kimvictor
    It shouldn't really matter as the mesh is not directional, but I think there is a side that is curled in a little bit, and that side should face outward. Not so sure about that, so correct me if I'm wrong. I didn't notice any SQ difference no matter how I put the dampers in though.
  12. M-13
    IC, okay thanks. Also kimvictor I think you should change the title of this thread, or add "acoustic filter" and also "Shure SE530" along with SE535 you already have. I remember searching for a thread like this and nothing came up in the past after I broke my acoustic filter of my SE530 and then my SE535. I think it might help people who are searching as this thread is not exactly the most popular. Just a suggestion of course you don't have to do it. I think Shure calls it acoustic filter.
    Mariano3113 likes this.
  13. kimvictor
    The name has been updated!
  14. M-13
    Thanks Kimvictor! I ordered some dampers from Mouser and they shipped out yesterday. I will update this thread with my impressions. I only ordered the Grey, White and Brown.
  15. fabiobueno
    Bunch of dampers - U$ 10
    Shipping - U$ 35
    Taxes - U$ 37
    So, not that a cheap upgrade for me [​IMG] Not to mention it stayed 3 weeks in customs. Gotta love living in Brazil. Oh well. At least it was worth :)
    First I should say that my lack of coordination is astonishing. It was very hard for me to remove the stock dampers and I broke the Shure wax removal tool. Then I tried using a needle, as Whippler said. Still no good... and suddenly the needle slips off my hand, perfurate the mesh and go inside the iem /facepalm
    Fortunately, no damage was done to the iem itself. In the end I managed to remove the dampers, but both were completely destroyed in the process orz
    So I put the gray dampers. And listened. And listened. And listened more [​IMG] In fact, thursday I listened to the SE535 for 8 hours. I don't think I ever listened to so much music in a single day before. The SE535 went from the least favourite of my main heapdhones, to the most favourite!
    The sound is much more natural to my ears. Even with the increase in treble, it is still very smooth. But with more clarity and details. I think soundstage improved a bit, but not so sure about it. It is still small.
    What really blew me away, tough, was when I tried to listen some heavy metal. With stock dampers I wasn't too fond of metal on the SE535, I tought it sounded a bit muddy and congested. Now everything sounds more clear, and the guitars have awesome crunch, textures and details! Guitars remind me of the Grados, but without the fatigue. It's incredible.
    In short, I really loved the changes and I'd like to thank you people a lot for this thread! It made my SE535 much more enjoyable!!!
    I won't ever go back to stock again... oh wait, I can't do it anyway orz
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