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SchiitShow 2015 Impressions

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  1. jsiegel14072
    one day they will invent a device that will allow you to pass information from the field (maybe even photos) with out going to the telephone office!
  2. 3 toes of fury
    BLARGH!   Someone make with the details!   Pretty please!?!!
  3. Khragon
    Mjonir 2
    Gungnir multibit
  4. ludvigrollover
    Hey guys on the scene, how come nobody's live blogging this?
  5. Norse
    Please tell us whats going on. 
  6. lukeap69
    Yeah, where is the live coverage? Streaming?   :)
  7. MrSpeakersPeter
    I'm never taking pictures at a meet again.
    Hardwired and AxelCloris like this.
  8. popthinker
    A tiny bit of info (including a pic), courtesy of computeraudiophile.
  9. alreadyused
    So basically this was embargoed until today so Computer Audiophile and other outlets could make the announcement. In return for positive reviews no doubt.
    And Schiit pretends to be a "different" sort of company.
  10. mangler

    I was under the impression it was more of a leak
  11. Khragon
    Mjonir 2 is hybrid tube amp, with ability to be pure tube, don't know what kind of tubes though.
  12. Shembot

    A lot of baseless assumption here.
    Argo Duck likes this.
  13. jinque
  14. Luckbad
    Lisst solid state "tubes"
  15. Shembot
    Ordered my Gungnir upgrade, now waiting for Mjolnir 2 to appear...
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