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Schiit Two Channel Clubhouse

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by mr rick, Apr 5, 2017.
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  1. Tim van der Leeuw
    As far as I know, the Vidar and Aegir are not qualified for 4 Ohm in monoblock-configuration. Hence they go into protection so easily in that configuration.
    That's a pity indeed, it would be much easier to find speakers to pair them with if they would be qualified for 4 Ohm in a monoblock configuration too!
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  2. Tim van der Leeuw
    Quite a nice comparison, I'm wondering what pre-amp was used with the Aegir and the Vidar? I remember from reading the blind 4-way pre-amp shootout (https://audio-head.com/a-four-way-schiit-shootout-freya-s-vs-saga-s/) that selection of pre-amp can also have quite an impact.

    And what speakers were used in this comparison?

    From the way you write it up here, it seems that Aegir gives the best SQ but Aegir is not doing that all on it's own! :)
  3. yonson
    Correct, they are not officially 4 ohm mono rated. In my experience Vidar is quite close (has never been an issue in two channel). I've only ever been able to push one (of the three) of mine into over-current protection, and that is basically running it at 11 on my center channel during intense battle scenes etc... while watching movies at or above IMAX levels...

    I haven't personally tried Aegir yet because I already know of guys with 4 ohm speakers that easily go into over-current in 4 ohm mono configurations. I am still most likely going to order a single Aegir to run at 4 ohm stereo on the system I posted a couple pages back, I "think" it would be a perfect fit...

    I REALLY hope their next 2 channel amp is 4 ohm mono qualified....
  4. Tim van der Leeuw
    What kind of speakers do you have in that system?
  5. terminatetrails
    Salk speakers (not sure which ones); and looks like Freya S from the pics.
    From my personal experience preamps are essential and can have a major impact on transparency, imaging/soundstage. I much prefer running my Hugo 2 through an OG Saga before my Aegir rather than running dac direct to the Aegir. Not even close. There are obviously better pre's (including Freya S and +) but the Saga can't be beat for the money.

    Here's a corresponding voice from someone who actually makes this stuff:
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  6. yonson
    Dynaudio Focus 340
  7. Alcophone
    Now they are listed: http://www.wharfedale.co.uk/evo-4-series/
  8. Tim van der Leeuw
    Thanks, yes I saw it yesterday on their website.

    Now the hardest part appears to find a place where I could listen to them before making any purchase decisions... It seems that there are not many places in the Netherlands that sell Wharfedale!
  9. yonson
    Pushed Vidar into over-current protection this morning (4 ohm stereo) after I had it cranked for around 45 minutes (was working around the house), the side of the heatsink on the hottest part was just under 70C, power cycled it and it was fine...
  10. artur9
    Was that in mono-mode or stereo-mode?
  11. yonson
    Single Vidar in 4 ohm stereo.
  12. Tim van der Leeuw
    In my ongoing quest for (high-efficiency) bookshelf speakers I've stumbled across Omega Loudspeakers. They can do with as little as 2 watts of power although come out best when given a bit more - like 6 - 8 watts, according to their designer.

    Now I'm wondering, does anyone have any experience with these speakers in combination with a Schiit stack? I'm thinking to hook them up directly to my Jotunheim via some conversion-cables; if possible to connect, the balanced output of the Jot should give enough power for these speakers.

    Anyone who could say if that's advisable or not?

    I think they would also pair well with an Aegir and I wonder if anyone who has any experience with them could comment on how that would improve their sound, compared to being driven directly from a DAC or headphone amp?

    I'm looking specifically at their Compact Alnico Monitors (https://omegaloudspeakers.com/colle...ts/compact-alnico-monitor?variant=32172350732) but experience with their other speakers is also welcome!
  13. wout31
    Looks like a very non conformal speaker builder. Very interesting to read the thoughts behind the design and build. If you get any further with this brand I would like to read about it here.
  14. artur9
    I don't know anything about Omega but single driver/crossover-less speakers are a rather special breed. My CA Minx are like that and the clarity is amazing. Role Audio has some similar designs: https://www.roleaudio.com/sampan If/When space comes at a premium single-driver transmission line speakers are what I'm getting.

    One other thing. There seems to be quite a following for their DeepHemp subwoofer on another board.
  15. grokit
    Hi there... I'm introducing myself to this thread because I've read the 1st dozen pages of it, as well as the last half dozen or so. Still catching up!
    Okay the real reason is because I'm currently tracking my fully-loaded black Ragnarok 2 through the interwebs, and I'm super-excited :)
    It says on schedule, but with USPS on my end you never know. I can't wait until tomorrow, fingers crossed...

    I've had PA speaker amps, some decent receivers, and an old Rotel integrated way back in the day, but never anything like this before. All my high-end gear has been for headphones. Although it's been a bit of a saga getting to here, I feel like I made the right choice in the end. For starters it'll be driving a pair ~70 year-old Lansing furniture grade floor standers. They're still fully functional, and they did scale up nicely with my first attempt at a better amp than my old Alesis pro audio unit. But they've definitely seen better days, I'm sure the crossovers need to be recapped at the very least. They're super efficient, but I'm feeding the Rag 2 through a preamp so I can attenuate that input. For now. I'm already formulating a future speaker migration/Ragnarok relocation strategy so I can open up these old Lansings at some point. I plan on getting a bluetooth receiver for the RCA input, and have a pro audio FM tuner that will work with the 2nd balanced input. The USB input will be from my laptop. The phono input has me thinking about a second turntable at some point. This hobby never quits!

    My long-range target speakers are JBL's recently-updated L100 Classics, anybody heard those with a Ragnarok? While I'm slightly more interested in romance than accuracy, these seem to offer both. In that same vein I like some of Klipsh's Heritage line, primarily the Forte III and new Cornwall IV but the latter are especially huge, and the former have passive 15" rear-firing bass transducers that my neighbors might not appreciate. For these reasons I am also considering the Heresy III, but I think the JBLs may be a better match with the Ragnarok anyways. The JBLs are too large to be considered real bookshelf speakers, but they would sit nicely on top of my old Lansings if need be for a while, and then possibly transition to their angled floor stands in the future. I could also look at real bookshelf speakers and then transition to stands, but I don't want a subwoofer.

    Besides the speakers, I anticipate hearing my beloved HE-6's at their very best, and am seriously looking forward to auditioning an AB-1266 at some point in the future.

    One of the post-war Lansings I have now (lol, but they have massive sentimental value!)
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
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